Proof who is behind the DDOS

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    So here is the proof posted by an individual on shit forums about the source of the DDOS attack, claims that this IP connects 50 times to his pool in a day. Well guess what you idiotic moron, that is the IP of one of the Network explorers widely used in Burst. That is correct, a Network explorer and guess what it lists??? That's right, your pool. Oh I'm gonna go ouit on a limb and say, that's probably why it's asking for /poot/mininginfo just like in your screenshot. But I may be wrong, it might just be Luxe tht has disguised a DDOS tool in our very own Network Explorer that everyone uses.

    So we are going to use the same logic as these two twits and say, we have found the DDOSer and it is Luxe... Only idiots like Hitachi are that stupid. Case in point:

    So once again Hitachi, the useless idiot that you are, maybe you should help others figure out problems with their sites instead of trying to make propaganda and display hate speech as you do becuase you are only making yourself look like a bigger moron. You are not gettting any more fans this way, and you certainly wwon't get more usage of your shit forums, you are pretty much limited the select number of idiots talking to each other ( 4 or 5 at last count) and maybe 1 or 2 decent folks.

    I have a better idea on what you should do haitch. You should ejaculate in a cup, send it to your father with a long letter apologizing and returning the cup to him to refund your dad of the ejaculate he wasted creating you.


    Interesting thoughts about the newhassets and the way the account was "hacked" included on page 8-9.

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    @Marc The account that emptied my asset was the same account that compromised a number of other accounts and cleaned those out. You accusing me of being a thief ? Maybe you should hang out with your friend who was the the only other person that had access to both Crowetics and my pools passphrases - and cleaned them out.

  • Out of all the Network explorers out their BN morons not one acts like yours and dddos's all pools. Why after 4 years of operating a pool I have a problem now its because of your Network explorer. So what is it really doing.

    Edit.. For the record the BN explorers are with a different IP Address and the ones located in Texas don't behave like this. So BN has admitted their Server is using that OVH server further clarifying the truth be know.

    Edit... For the record BN this isn't about Haitch. Its about a server Ddosing a pool

  • @Burstde said in Proof who is behind the DDOS:

    Out of all the Network explorers out their BN morons not one acts like yours and dddos's all pools. Why after 4 years of operating a pool I have a problem now its because of your Network explorer. So what is it really doing.

    The reason there is because other Network explorers don't list your pool as far I'm concerned. At least doesn't and thats the only one that came to my mind right now. And if that 1 Request every 30 Second, 1 Minute or whatever is the reason your server overloads, you should consider an upgrade immediately as 1 Additional Miner would have the same effect on your pool. I'm getting the same requests from the networks explorer, the load is as big as any 1 gb miners load (who doesn't send in nonces only checks what block you're on) that is pretty much as to say google is ddossing you.

  • @Burstde Defend them, NEVER, Are you crazy... I am stating simply that It's doubtfully AG ip because obviously he will take measure to hide his ip/info and that he would more than likely pay for others to do it. NEVER did i EVER defend the scum, he is the reason BURST is not thriving, all he did was once cause a pump, nothing more, he ruined it and he is the cancer of the community and coin.
    Nothing would please me more than to see him go down in flames for his pathetic and childish actions, his dictatorship and his ponzi schemes.

  • @Snoops okay okay I'll strike that comment then.
    @Menaxerius There are very few burstcoin explorers that list my pool this is correct thought the ones that do don't bother me and haven't been a problem. used to list my pool back in the day however never an issue here even then. The issue has always been the amount of hits from a location unknown to who it was as we know now thank you for the increase efforts of the underlying facts.
    The ones that have been said to be explorers don't list my pool however if you say it was an explorer than ip addresses associated with still register with Cloudflares sevices as being problematic. Besides the pool was never part of Burst nations so they have no reason to include me in their explorers so kinda of strange it is an explorer

  • @tross where can we follow this new coin development?

  • for a shit forum BN seems to visit very often.

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    @darindarin They seem to be my biggest fans .... 😃

  • @crutsy Maybe it is about Bram Cohen poc coin.But I havent seen any update on that for a good few months now.

  • @tross said in Proof who is behind the DDOS:

    @Burstde I would just block the whole country! You can white list a miner!

    Great idea

  • I'm new to Burst, and am really excited about what this can become, but when I read a string like this I begin to wonder what I've gotten myself into. When I first got in, I was over at BN, until I read some very distasteful stuff, and saw an even more disturbing video. So, I came over here to see what the vibe was like, and initially, it was good. But now I read immature stuff like this and a start to get those same old feelings. Look, I don't know the history of the feud, and quite frankly, I don't want to know it. What I do care about is whether or not this feud will lead to the downfall of something I have come to really believe do most of you. So I would like all parties involved to swallow some of their own individual bullshit and figure out how to get along well enough to let this phenomenal coin be all that it can be. I think it's time to stop the High School bickering and put on your big boy (and girl, if applicable) undies and let's all try to make a shit load of money!

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    @selobde There is no "feud" per se - they at BN talk crap about me and these "shit forums", and occasionally I'll respond here to their more egregious BS, but mostly I ignore it. The people here know how it is over there. But basically it comes down to the would be Nazi's of Burst attacking me over untrue BS - or for a more modern comparison, North Korea vs New Zealand. You'll find here a community of people who care about Burst, occasionally get into spats, but don't have to worry about being censored - unless you really offend my sensibilities, and that's not easy. Free and robust discussion, co-operation, analytical discussion - that all happens here.

    Stick around and I think you'll find it's a very different community from BN.

  • @haitch That is what I'm counting on!!

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    @selobde Feel free to browse though existing threads, and threads and posts to come - you'll find a very different vibe here.

  • @haitch @selobde I like the vibe a heck of a lot here more than BN!

  • BN sucks and they only want to promote them self so they can make money.
    burst-team is much more for the people / community and Burst it self.

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    @tminer0315 @Zohtar Personally I don't give a damn about what what Mr Taco and Fuckus have to say, they can abuse me all they like - I'll just carry on doing what ever I can that's best for the coin. The community here seems to back my position. The hate and fury can exist over there .......

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