BurstBoost Club - closing, buyouts announced.

  • @redfury What about the folks that traded their shares on AE?

    You wanna be fair? Why don't you return us 1 Burst per share as you sold them to us and all are happy.
    I mean you are abandoning this asset because you have something better to do, even though this is not what we were promised and what you would call professional.

    I gave you 10000 Burst (C7ABF wallet) for 10000 shares and I would very much like to see those back, considering the circumstances. I definitely wouldn't have bought those shares from you, knowing you bail on us few weeks later.

    Be fair, bite it and return all the Burst your share holders have provided you with.

  • @emers man, you might don't understand how is this working. I'll try to explain to you.
    If we will go your way, someone who invested when BURST was 500, will get less, compare someone who invested in with 300 price.

    Speacially for you, simple:

    1. You invested 5 000 BURST on 010/09/2017 - it was 200$ (example)
    2. You got payed already with our 21 weeks payout - around 3311.25 BURST.
    3. Now i'm selling GPU's and will payout to that investor - 130$ (3136.31 BURST - using 03/02/2018 prices)
      Total: 6647 Invested 5 000 BURST - got 1 647 BURST profit. Fair deal.

  • @redfury Well, I understand what you are proposing, but I do not agree with it (reasons in my previous post).
    Plus, it is going to give you some mighty headache to count this per investor, including all the AE trades.

    Anyways, I will wait for what you come up with.

  • @emers i'll hire people who will make this for me, dont see any problems. Really, let's see results first.

  • Finished counting USD equivivalent of invested BURST in this asset.
    Took information from here: http://x.burstnation.com/asset/5298936854101771076
    Here you can check results: per Wallet investments in USD

    I need an advice, how it would be better to make those buyouts.
    Send BURST directly to everyone by hands? Or make personal buyouts offers in asset, but i dunno how.

    P.S. selling my rig with 73Tb plotted space, 16 cores, 16Gb ECC.
    Only in Russia - pm me. Кому интересно - пишите в личку.

  • @redfury How does it look with the sale of the GPUs?

    Regarding buyouts, you could ask people to put up sell orders on the AE for their shares?
    You could - post the final balance the asset has from those GPU sales -> establish ratio per invested $ -> post a final table showing which wallet gets how many $ -> lock in the exchange rate to Burst on any Exchange you are using -> ask people to put up sale orders for that amount of Burst.

    I mean I find your way a bit unconventional. Why do you care about people exchanging the shares on AE? You could simply solve this whole by putting all the money together, count a buyout price in Burst per Share, post a massive buy order on AE and be it.

  • Plus people are still exchanging on the AE... I don't see your solution work for everybody.
    It's like chasing your own tail.

    Post some data please, how is the asset standing at the moment and I say, let's have a vote on how to close it.

  • @emers they can exchange how much do they want. All investments counted. I'll make 1 buyout order for the whole amount. So everyone can sell their assets.

    Vote and e.t.c. is not effective and working here, lost of time.

  • @emers said in BurstBoost Club - closing, buyouts announced.:

    I mean I find your way a bit unconventional. Why do you care about people exchanging the shares on AE? You could simply solve this whole by putting all the money together, count a buyout price in Burst per Share, post a massive buy order on AE and be it.

    Yes, that's how i'll make it.

  • @redfury Ok, great.
    Can you provide some more info or at least timeline/deadline, until when you want to do it?

    I mean we have shares, for which we are not getting dividends - certain urgency would be appropriate.

    Hoping to get this resolved as soon as possible.

  • Thanks for the hard work on the asset @RedFury , please lets us know what and when is the final decision

  • @RedFury
    Week gone and still no update?
    Didn't you want to have this closed by 9th of March?

  • I guess it is high time to try to nudge Dmitriy the right direction through some other channels of communication?
    Since his asset is verified, I would like to get some more details on Dmitriy, in order to contact him.
    Found myself additional email on him, listed as a technical contact on his burstboost domain, will try that one.
    If someone of the asset holders has Facebook, you could try to ping him there as well - this is him https://www.facebook.com/dmitriy.e.
    I am also trying @Blago, since he might know more about him, as they have here some history of communication.

    @haitch could you provide us with some personal information on RedFury, so we can get our money back?

    Trying to keep this without emotions, but this is pretty much it for me in regards to verified Burst assets on this forum.

  • @emers it become a scam now?

  • @atkinsonkano Didn't want to call it scam after 2 weeks of silence, but RedFury's behavior is anything but professional.

    Anyways, @Blago replied me that he was in contact with him longer time ago (over Discord, where he is off now) and has not been communicating with him since.
    And I didn't get any response on my email.

    @haitch could you please respond with some information on RedFury, so we can try to get in contact with him?

  • admin

    @emers Yeah, I'm going to email him - if I don't get a satisfactory response I'll dox him.

  • I try to message him on discord on weeks ago, but he didnt reply anything 😞

  • @haitch guess you didn't get any satisfactory response from him?

    Btw. outside of now trying to get him to return us our money, we could also try to find out how to report him to authorities in Russia?
    Wouldn't it make sense to build a list of authorities dealing with such cases all around the world? I have seen someone posted the contact details for Spain last week was it?

    Also, I would like to mobilize the asset owners who are reading this forum and willing to try to get our money back to contact me via PM here, so we can get to it.

  • admin

    @emers I didn't get a response to the first one asking for an update, I've emailed him again for an update, and explicity put in this time that I don't get a decent update soon I'll be releasing his details.

  • admin

    @haitch Still no response from @RedFury so:

    Egorov Dmitriy Igorevich
    113b/185 Gorky st
    Vladimir city

    [email protected]