BurstBoost Club - closing, buyouts announced.

  • @RedFury
    Week gone and still no update?
    Didn't you want to have this closed by 9th of March?

  • I guess it is high time to try to nudge Dmitriy the right direction through some other channels of communication?
    Since his asset is verified, I would like to get some more details on Dmitriy, in order to contact him.
    Found myself additional email on him, listed as a technical contact on his burstboost domain, will try that one.
    If someone of the asset holders has Facebook, you could try to ping him there as well - this is him https://www.facebook.com/dmitriy.e.
    I am also trying @Blago, since he might know more about him, as they have here some history of communication.

    @haitch could you provide us with some personal information on RedFury, so we can get our money back?

    Trying to keep this without emotions, but this is pretty much it for me in regards to verified Burst assets on this forum.

  • @emers it become a scam now?

  • @atkinsonkano Didn't want to call it scam after 2 weeks of silence, but RedFury's behavior is anything but professional.

    Anyways, @Blago replied me that he was in contact with him longer time ago (over Discord, where he is off now) and has not been communicating with him since.
    And I didn't get any response on my email.

    @haitch could you please respond with some information on RedFury, so we can try to get in contact with him?

  • admin

    @emers Yeah, I'm going to email him - if I don't get a satisfactory response I'll dox him.

  • I try to message him on discord on weeks ago, but he didnt reply anything 😞

  • @haitch guess you didn't get any satisfactory response from him?

    Btw. outside of now trying to get him to return us our money, we could also try to find out how to report him to authorities in Russia?
    Wouldn't it make sense to build a list of authorities dealing with such cases all around the world? I have seen someone posted the contact details for Spain last week was it?

    Also, I would like to mobilize the asset owners who are reading this forum and willing to try to get our money back to contact me via PM here, so we can get to it.

  • admin

    @emers I didn't get a response to the first one asking for an update, I've emailed him again for an update, and explicity put in this time that I don't get a decent update soon I'll be releasing his details.

  • admin

    @haitch Still no response from @RedFury so:

    Egorov Dmitriy Igorevich
    113b/185 Gorky st
    Vladimir city

    [email protected]

  • @haitch @emers What could we do next?

  • Thanks @haitch - do you have any experience with reporting such cases to authorities? Are you invested in this asset as well?

    Just checked Dmitriy's Facebook and he made a post yesterday, so I am assuming he is sound and well?
    Knowing his social contacts, it is quiet easy to send out few mails / messages about Dmitriy's behavior hoping, it will come hunting him in his private life and hopefully coming here to return us our money?
    The only thing is, it would be great to communicate with them in Russian. I don't want to cause troubles for anyone, but if I compile an email or a message in English, would someone speaking Russian be willing to translate it? Dunno, @Blago?
    We could even put together few Burst for someone willing to translate for us?

    @atkinsonkano - I take it you are also invested in this asset. Have you taken any steps so far or would you be willing to help further on?

    Is anyone else reading this board invested in BurstBoost Club?

    I would like to put this in motion. If anyone has any ideas, what we could possibly do, please don't hesitate to speak up.


  • I do not know what can we do on the case like this, Russia are too far away for me.
    I found his facebook from the burstboost.club website
    https://www.facebook.com/dmitriy.e could we contact him via facebook?

    similar cases are happen always in burstcoin community?

  • for these, I'd definitely note about the dude and not invest in him again if its a scammer

  • does him running another mining business?

  • is it to late to get this? Just logging back on today.

  • @trmajnky he already left 🤔