ANN: HalogenV1 Burst Asset (10K Bitconnect contract, 135 Mh/s GPU + 28TB HDD mining, 2 BTC Trading Account, Burst Asset Dividends Payout 70% weekly)

  • Payout will be roughly $2750 USD when I sort out everything.

  • @halogen thanks for the very nice payout !!!

  • @halogen OK so to summarize.

    Before Xmas Dividends were going to be paid in the New Year give or take a Day.

    24 Hours ago it was Divvy will go out in 5 Hours.
    20 Hours a go it's going to be $2750

    So are you here just to taunt us or are you actually going to pay the Dividend and get back to managing this Asset?


  • @richbc payout will be 200 walnuts and a picture of a middle finger I fear.

  • He is selling his shares with different accounts in dust prices just be aware stop buying through exchange !

  • @raptor You are absolutely right, several accounts directly linked to halogen have been selling shares for Days at knock down prices, while @Halogen comes back here taunting us with payments that are not being made.

    @haitch move this scumbag to Scam assets immediately. I honestly thought he was ok.

    I suggest that no more Assets are allowed to promote here, it's impossible to know which are legit and as most seem to be hell bent on ripping us off then not allowing any would be better than what is being done at the moment.


  • admin

    @richbc Moved it to Concerned for now, no payment soon and it goes in Scams

  • @richbc asset exchange on here, should be like investor based games on bitcointalk LOL

  • Definitely a scam. Used shill accounts to sell more Halogen shares that were sold on exchange in the last couple of days.

    Shares were supposed to be capped at 300K. If you go to, and then scroll down on the bottom left it tell you the number of wallets holding shares, first three holders have more than 350K shares, so obviously something's not right.

    I did a little research and discovered that there were a few wallets that were used in the last week or two that got an asset transfer from asset issuer wallet, and then sold them on the asset exchange to squeeze a little more Burst from people.

    Here are the following wallets that are associated with and used to sell more Halogen shares.

    BURST-XE94-2FHD-YG5D-CJQ5V (looks like first wallet, sent 5 burst to activate the Halogen asset wallet)
    BURST-3CR4-8LNG-49BM-8MRBT (most recent wallet created on 12/30/17 and then had shares transferred in from the CJG5V wallet that have then been dumped along with AM2EH wallet (shares were transferred from 8MRBT to AM2EH that were then listed for sale on the exchange as well))

  • @haitch Oh, and while youre at it, put your good friend CCMINER on the same list, no?