ANN: HalogenV1 Burst Asset (10K Bitconnect contract, 135 Mh/s GPU + 28TB HDD mining, 2 BTC Trading Account, Burst Asset Dividends Payout 70% weekly)

  • Seeing as how @RichBC got kicked out of Hexabot I cannot in good conscience support referring any more people there at this time. If you want to sign up I will honor my referral bonus shares payout if you use my referral but in all honesty I suggest you not do it. I don't want to expose my holders to unnecessary risk.

    BEWARE, you are signing up at your own risk if you do so.

    Disclosure: I still have funds there for now so I am hoping for the best.

  • @Halogen I will share more info when my Deposit has been confirmed on the Network. They have sent it but it's been 18 Hours now and because of the low fee they paid and the current state of the network I am concerned that it will be returned and further discussions will be needed.

    That said I would be happy to be still invested, albeit on my original plan of get your Deposit back ASAP and then play with the House Money.

    More when the Deposit get's confirmed, until then I do not want to be seen rocking the boat.


  • @RichBC That being said I am going to be cautious with referring people there at least until your deposit is in your hands. I've had transactions stuck out there before for quite awhile. If you want to speed it up I suggest you check out a service to have it sped up. Might not be worth it for the amount you invested I don't recall how much it was.

  • @Halogen I have already put the transaction into both of these.

    But never used them before so do not know how well they work?


  • Well, I know now that RichBC got his deposit back so everything "might" be ok there.

  • Divvy this week is about 129,000 Burst or so.

    My system is currently at a standstill while my Armory wallet is building the BTC database. Divvys will go out on time through another computer but since I don't have Office on that computer, the spreadsheet updates and bonus shares will be delayed until Armory is done building the database on my main PC.

    *Side note:

    I have an offer out to someone for an R9-390 8GB for the Eth mining farm. If it goes through it should bring mining up to approx. 190MH/s because I will need to build another PC from parts I have and will be able to finally put that 270X in as well. Just need a new P.S. for it.

  • thx for info. and how much shares there are?

  • @Brushek There are currently 300K shares in circulation. Check out the Asset ID in your Burst Wallet. Thanks.

  • I'm glad to pass along the following information:

    week 1 investments have seen a 21% return on investment so far.

    Week 2 investments have seen a 19.9% return.

    Week 3 investments a 18.6% return

    Week 4 investments a 14.8% return

    Week 5 investments a 8.6% return(we are currently starting week 6)

    Thanks for the confidence guys.

  • @Halogen Is the bonus still available?

  • one more week i think

  • @itguypw Yes bonus is still available but only up until this Sunday then it's over.

    As a reminder to everyone this is final week of bonus share giveaway. For the final week for those of you with more than 10K I will be allowing you to benefit from having more than 10K.

    Any amount owned over 10K will be allowed a bonus as well.

    first 10k - usual 3%

    amount above 10k:

    1000-4999 - 1%
    5000-9999 - 2%
    10000 - 3%

    Basically, above 10K will reset your bonus shares to default level and you can get extra shares above 10K now.

    REMINDER: Bonus is only until Sunday then over.

  • Reminder this week is the last week for bonus shares.

    Any amount above 1000 shares qualifies for bonus shares in the following way:

    1000-4999 - 1% of shares owned
    5000-9999 - 2% of shares owned
    10000 - 3% of shares owned (first 10K)

    As well, any amount owned over 10K will be allowed a bonus as well.

    first 10k - usual 3% as above

    amount above 10k:

    1000-4999 - 1%
    5000-9999 - 2%
    10000 - 3% (capped)

    As well, giving bonus shares for Bitconnect and Hexabot referrals.

    As always, don't invest what you're not willing to risk losing.

  • Last reminder if you want bonus shares, or just plain want to get some extra shares before this weeks payout. Deadline is 6PM today when I lock in this weeks recipients.

  • @halogen I'm ready :).
    Do you have an estimate like last weeks, as to what we can expect? maybe that will incentivize some people to buy just a few a more shares 😉

  • @keyd0s I have not sat down and went through the numbers yet. $$$ value should be equivalent but number of Burst may fluctuate due the different prices for Burst and BTC compared to last week. I think BTC has dropped about 1k since last week maybe?

  • Just got home from shopping. Doing divvys now. Stay tuned.

  • @halogen Anxious, Can't wait!

  • @ambro Divvy is about 135000 Burst just FYI. Coming shortly, then I will do last bonus payments.

  • I got Bittrexxed guys. They literally chose today to revert my Legacy account to unverified so I cannot withdraw. Luckily I have enough free BTC to transfer to my other account and buy the necessary Burst to payout. I'll put a good fee on it so it transfers quick. Adding an extra 5K coins to the divvy for the inconvenience of it(assuming my free BTC covers it).