[OUTBURST] Multi-Stream Asset by Entriquit

  • No idea why my wallet sync keeps getting stuck. I will clear DB and start downloading blockchain from the beginning.
    Just a heads up payout may be delayed another day or so.

    Again apologies for this, I will be working on setting up an OUTBURST dedicated PC and miner to ensure this does not keep happening in the future.


  • Got the payout completed tonight:

    Burst Earned from Asset Sales: 0

    Burst Earned from Mining Operations: 45.6
    30 Burst payed out in dividends
    1.6 Burst sent to mining reinvestment wallet
    0 Burst reinvested in Burst Assets
    0 Burst Sent to Alt Investment Wallet
    14 Burst to cover tx fees and maintenance.

    Burst Earned from Assets: 22
    12 Burst payed out in dividends
    5 Burst Sent to mining reinvestment wallet
    5 Burst reinvested in Burst Assets
    0 Burst Sent to Alt Investment Wallet

    42 Burst paid in dividends
    6.6 Burst reinvested in mining upgrades
    5 Reinvested in Burstcoin Assets
    0 Burst Reinvested in Alternate Projects
    14 Burst For TX Fees & Maintenance

    OUTBURST (4831287691742257120) Total found assets: 100000, Assets to be distributed: 10000
    Summary of proposed distribution of  42BURST to 10
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 118718227 (Tue, 29 Aug 2017 13:17:07 GMT)
    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    4960, BURST-8BZA-X4LU-HSN6-DWGGA, 20.832
    1920, BURST-RZY5-3ZE9-WUFJ-FGUFK, 8.064
    1000, BURST-ACGB-YGHQ-G9ZL-5XD7U, 4.2
    700, BURST-PEAS-CEXY-N63L-CBTMG, 2.94
    332, BURST-JMGU-9TT8-389G-2QJ72, 1.3944
    328, BURST-9NPV-Q5ZX-V73C-9RYSM, 1.3776
    260, BURST-8A94-ZHKM-DNQE-F8GEP, 1.092
    250, BURST-J6NB-GNA3-PZ4Q-8DPNY, 1.05
    150, BURST-GNEL-UTS5-SRYA-BNUZ4, 0.63
    100, BURST-UTMZ-6GGV-ZHGX-8ATP9, 0.42

    As previously stated, the payout is a bit lower as we have not met min payout threshold with our new pool since switching a couple weeks ago.

    Once all of our drives are plotted, we will reach this min payout much much faster.

    Don't forget to check out our new website: www.outburst.espio.co


  • The two extra 1TB external drives I had are finally finished plotting. I will be working on formatting, and beginning to plot this 6TB Western Digital drive this evening and tomorrow. This will bring us up to ~15TB

    Just sent payment for 3x8TB external drives from @rds. This will bring our asset up to a total of ~40TB when fully plotted!!! This purchase used the majority of our asset reinvestment fund, but nearly tripled our mining power!!

    I also donated about $120 of my own funds to this purchase.

    I will also be purchasing an OdroidXU4 that will act as a dedicated rig for this asset. With this all being said, I have released another 10k shares @ 2burst each, representing the new additions to the asset.

    If you have any questions, let me know! Also, don't forget to check out the newly updated website!

  • Payout & update video dropping later tonight/tomorrow morning!

    Stay tuned!

  • Alright, 3 more 8tb drives arrived from @rds this morning!

    Will hopefully get around to making that update video today or tomorrow. I got a better camera so they will be better quality now too 🙂

  • Sweet! Thanks for the update!

  • Payout #12 Completed:

    OUTBURST (4831287691742257120) Total found assets: 100000, Assets to be distributed: 10001
    Summary of proposed distribution of  143.245BURST to 11
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 120898499 (Sat, 23 Sep 2017 18:54:59 GMT)
    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    4960, BURST-8BZA-X4LU-HSN6-DWGGA, 71.04241576
    1920, BURST-RZY5-3ZE9-WUFJ-FGUFK, 27.50028997
    1000, BURST-ACGB-YGHQ-G9ZL-5XD7U, 14.32306769
    700, BURST-PEAS-CEXY-N63L-CBTMG, 10.02614739
    332, BURST-JMGU-9TT8-389G-2QJ72, 4.75525847
    328, BURST-9NPV-Q5ZX-V73C-9RYSM, 4.6979662
    260, BURST-8A94-ZHKM-DNQE-F8GEP, 3.7239976
    250, BURST-J6NB-GNA3-PZ4Q-8DPNY, 3.58076692
    150, BURST-GNEL-UTS5-SRYA-BNUZ4, 2.14846015
    100, BURST-NNK7-5EKB-49CK-HN9SG, 1.43230677
    1, BURST-L3NQ-V6B2-5GHU-7WJRL, 0.01432307


    • One of the addresses seems to have given an error. Let me know if you did not receive payment and I will double check and make sure you get it.
    • Update video will finally be uploaded later today - I decided to put it off for another couple weeks as there have been so many changes going on I thought it would be better to include them in one video instead of making several.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Looking good, thanks for the update!

  • Alright, so due to the plots being switched over to the new rig, then switched over to POC2 we did not meet the pools payout threshold yet.

    So I will be compounding today's payment into next payment. New video will be up tomorrow or next day going over the progress of plotting all the new drives and switching over to POC2.

    Apologies again for any concern, this is a weird time for the asset, as I am also in the midst of moving to a new city. However, rest assured, once the move is complete, and all our new drives are finally done plotting (it's taking forever lol) it will be smooth sailing from there.

    Thanks for understanding.

    Also, I just realized some of the information in the OP, the whitepaper and our website is now outdated. I will be getting around to updating all of that before the next payment comes 🙂

  • Payout completed a few days ago.
    64.4 BURST paid.

  • @eq said in [OUTBURST] Multi-Stream Asset by Entriquit:

    Payout completed a few days ago.
    64.4 BURST paid.

    What is going on here? No word or payouts for 3 months.