New thstake asset!

  • @gpedro @tomahawkeer yeah, I saw that asset swap thing

  • Update:

    1.29 Million bitbean have been bought and sent to the wallet. We still have about .9 BTC waiting for more bitbean purchases. The wallet total is now over 10.1 million.

  • Update:

    Still have about .9 BTC out for buying the remaining bitbeans. Prices just not budging much.

    Next div day is on or around September 5th, I will be waiving the maintenance fee for that div payment. 85% of all stakes will be paid out as the div at that time. And as always the remaining 15% will stay held in wallets to keep increasing the ability to stake.


    An additional 2+ million bitbeans have been added to the wallet. Open orders are still out to purchase an additional 10 million, waiting for more buyers at that price. Also of note, Diamond coin has started staking and while small amounts, it is worth more than any other coin.

    As always you can keep tabs on how the coins are doing by visiting the links in the initial post for all wallets.


    HYP is set to be delisted at Poloniex. This is the largest coin within the asset and would leave it without a large exchange. It is still available at cryptopia, however getting booted from poloniex is huge to say the least.

    Opinions or thoughts ??? It has lost over 40% today alone. I know a lot of people are sending requests etc to poloniex to keep it active, however it is hard to say if it will happen or not.

  • I think sell it and stake another coin. Just my thoughts, rather than losing more or losing it all. Or exchange it back to burst. Can it?

  • @tomahawkeer said in New thstake asset!:

    HYP is set to be delisted at Poloniex.

    Why on earth would they want to do that?

  • @Propagandalf dont know, its a great coin and the past couple of days has been really staking well. Its a shame that they did that because the price to tank :-\ Hopefully the user feedback will cause them to re-consider.

  • Well, there was a pretty big dump yesterday, however, the coin has pushed back up to almost 30 satoshi, it had been as low as 19, however previous trading was around 48 satoshi. Completely pissed off at poloniex for doing this. There are other places to trade HYP, and I will make arrangements to do so, however Polo is the big dog.

    I don't know how many other members of the burst community were into HYP or not, however, if this has pissed you off, please feel free to go to poloniex and submit tickets to support about it, as well as do coin requests for it. Maybe if enough people are doing this, we can get them to keep the coin on the exchange and see the price move back up.

  • @tomahawkeer Its all about volume for them, not much volume on a staking coin. They want volume to catch their fees.


    We are still waiting on buys to go through for the remaining BITB. I can raise the price, or cancel and look into buying another coin, or more of coins that we already have.

    Hyperstake while, it is THE highest %APR return coin out there, is currently very low due to its future on poloniex, however, the coin isn't dead, and can still be exchanged on other exchanges. It could be a good time to buy more of it since it is pretty cheap atm. Thoughts?

  • @tomahawkeer said in New thstake asset!:

    is currently very low due to its future on poloniex

    If that is the only reason why the coin is depreciated, and if it has a promising future otherwise, then I would say it is a good time to buy more and hodl (long-term thinking). For more short-term profits, investing in another coin could be a good idea if it takes a while for the value of Hyp to appreciate. I don't hold a particular perspective as regards assets I'm invested in, since I both hold and sell.

  • @Propagandalf

    That is a thought. I have been doing a little bit of HODL mining, and am slowly working towards 100k future coins (once they mature). The issue with mining is that coins dont mature for a full year now. We could buy some with remaining funds, and just have them funds every 3-4 weeks, as it is good returns.

    How would you guys feel about adding HODL? This is also a coin I am considering using for a 2nd staking asset and / or increasing thstake share amounts. I want to get divs paid for august before I do it though so I can examine how divs will be with current coin values. HODL is a consideration.

    Do you guys think we should use remain funds for HYP since it has dropped considerably, or keep holding them for more BITB?

    We have gotten another 100k purchased, however still waiting for some bit sellers to show up at current price. We could raise our buy price but it will make a difference in how much we get obviously.


    An additional 167,xxx has been purchased and sent to the wallet. Still have an open order for BITB however, hoping we start to see some more action. Still have approximately .57 BTC outstanding for buys for BITB.

  • Just grabbed me 20 of these, since im poor 😃 Thanks for an awesome asset there @tomahawkeer


    Over 700k more bitb were sent to the wallet, however, I am also in the process of getting dividends paid, so there will be some withdraws happening as well. Still a good bit outstanding, however with the prices moving more lately we should have everything bought up pretty soon.

    Dividends will be done ASAP, hopefully well before the September promised time. (September 5)

    Also please note, that this will be an 85% dividend as I am waving the first maintenance fee which is 5%.

    If you have any questions let me know.

  • Also, there is an issue with the OKCash wallet not showing the total wallet value properly or something. I have posted in the announcement thread on bitcointalk in regards to it if anybody would like to follow it. Also the blockchain explorer for that is displaying the wallet as having less in it that it actually does. You can follow the thread here:

  • @tomahawkeer Have you solve it already?

  • @gpedro yeah I did, its fixed.

    Working on getting local wallet to work, to pay out dividend. Really disappointed with the amount. HYP getting kicked from poloniex hurts, and cost a lot in value. It is what it is though and will keep getting them monthly.

  • @tomahawkeer Oh ok i see the bitcointalk post xD
    Waiting for that...