Burst Bash with a twist!

  • Burst bash is something I started in Aug 2016. It was conceived to attract miners and reward current miners at the pool. My pool has roughly given away over 250000 burst over last 12 months! One month was devoted to ddos so it was not possible to have a bash.

    New day new pool new server so new Burst Bash! This month I will try something different. I plan to do this now and one more time at the end of month. In any case its extra burst for the miners!

    For 24 hours every block win will have an added bonus. For example instead of paying out (1498 + fee) it will be 1498+fee + 500 (1st Bonus) which is a total of 1998 + fee paid out to the pool! Then the next block win will be a little less. OK to keep this interesting I will drop the pool fee to 0% the last 12 hours!

    Its free burst no matter how you look at it! All you have to do is mine at my pool!

    The bash will start within next 24 hours so dont be late!

    Recipient: BURST-TK7P-PVWE-K2AC-45LZD
    URL: http://burstrenegade.zone port:8080


    Should you decide to stay at the pool it would be wise to send me Burst address and IP
    (Future security option)
    [email protected]

  • 00:08:10 Starting to pay the rewards for block 401352 ! Total reward: 2369.00, Total balance: 8707.56. Pending payments: 8417.37

    2nd Block enhancement award!

  • Sent additional 2k to pool and next 12 hours 0% pool fee!