POKER XD - A Poker Platform Only For BurstCoin (Released)

  • @zack It might be useful to have some info here on when people in various timezones can play and get some regular meet-up times organised. I'll drop by the poker room 13th Sept at 1430 GMT / 0930 EST, hope to catch some folk then. Meanwhile maybe people could put future times they would like to play in the chatbox in the table room. Longer term you might consider a diary section of your site where people can pencil in their availability.

  • That's a good idea @Art at least until there are alot more folks to play... - My time is usually after work - so closer to 02:00GMT for me - I'm GMT minus 8 (pacific time). Sorry but first thing in the morning on weekdays is harder for me (kids breakfast school wyfey coffee tv-news, etc).

    Maybe we can start a Google doc with availability... or maybe a game request tag?... or maybe we can open a discord channel for it (ooh, that's even better)


  • I agree with @ArthurPug I love poker but find myself busy and struggling to find people to play with. However if I knew times when people would be on I would gladly join in. I will be there in about 1 hour when you said you would be playing

  • @Rossman01 I'm usually up late so 0200 GMT is ok for me for me - I'll look out for you tomorrow 15 Sept. Longer term a diary doc involves a fair bit of organisation & pre-planning, while poker players are more inclined to spontaneity - so i would lean toward your discord idea as I always have that open. Could you set up a channel or maybe Zack would like to do one for his XD biz. @yottaphat i must have missed you but I'll also check in at 1700 BST 15 Sept The trouble with these freakin timezones is your date can easily be confused +/-24hrs with my date, so to be clear I'll be checking in 12hrs 21mins after whatever time your puter says I posted this 🙂

  • @Yottaphat @ArthurPug I am doing nights at my job so I am usually available from 9h until 21h GMT...

  • @gpedro my head hurts 🙂 just to keep it in impact typeface do you mean 0900 GMT to 2100 GMT? That's a long shift!

    If i read you correctly shall we do a bit of gambling @ 1600 GMT today?

  • @ArthurPug Yes that's what I meant... today is no good because I am still out of town and it's almost 5 AM in here but the days after that I should be good to go even if I prefered a bit ealier like 1000 GMT but that provably wont work for you right?

  • @gpedro yep i'm not usually up b4 lunchtime. & All the Portuguese players I know in London are sharks 🙂 If you want my hard earned Burst I could probably do 1300 GMT on a day I've been off the sauce.

  • @ArthurPug LOL I'm no shark... I just like to play sometimes for fun hahaha but yeah we can do that at 1300 GMT any other day than today xD

  • @zack Hi I have lost about 90 Burst - I bought in and sat at the table around 2100 GMT 19 Sept (no other players, waited about an hour) then wandered away from my computer. At about 0200 GMT 20 Sept I noticed the Poker XD tab still open and all my buy in had gone. Could someone have sat at the table and stolen my blinds? Are blinds forcibly posted without user intervention - surely not?! Could you check your logs please and try to find where my Burst went.

  • @ArthurPug Thanks for reporting that , i'll check the logs and get back to you as soon as possible , Just please make sure you Leave the table before you exit the website , as it'll keep you in until you broke .
    How ever i'll check that for you , and make sure to return the chips back to your account if it's a system's bug 🙂

  • Hi, I transfer 200 burst in your poker site before some weeks, but not yet received.
    nicknime: ne4obek

  • @ivo Please make sure to check it on the deposit and withdrawals page using the transaction number , it should be credited to your account instantly 🙂