Multiple BURST announcements & what to expect going forward

  • Hello everyone,

    The last few months in the Burst ecosystem have been packed with action, to say the least. We had both good and bad things happening, but I noticed we entered a period of pessimism in the community that negatively affected the price and volume of our coin and the general vibe. A few devs and key members left when drama was at its highest. We have seen a few people claiming that Burst is dead. I will explain in this post that this cannot be further from the truth.

    Core development has not stopped, and to quote @daWallet, "I have never seen so many people reading the burst core code as today". Old developers are still at work and new talented developers have joined them and are now working on the Core, infrastructure and tools. The Proof of Capacity Consortium (PoCC) have already released new tools on their Cryptoguru website and on GitHub and are actively contributing to move Burst forward. Community members like @ryanw are doing an outstanding job in providing new websites and services to the Burst community.

    With that being said, the lack of transparency from the development team is an issue that was brought up several times in the past. I believe we need to improve communication between developers and the community to avoid the confusion we have seen in the last months. I am going to do my best to reach that goal of better communication within Burst.

    From now on, here is what you can expect (at first) :

    • I am going to manage the @burstcoin_dev twitter from now on.
    • I will be doing weekly Burst reports every sunday where I will recap everything that happened in Burst during the week, both in terms of development and inside the community. Those reports will appear at least on the Burst-Team forum, on the GetBurst forum and on the blog website and may be in the form of videos in the future.
    • Generaly speaking, I will try to improve the external look and communication of Burst. I believe we need to restore confidence in the coin by managing it in a more professional way and encouraging community engagement.

    A new official Burst website is going to be launched very soon to replace the current This is what you can expect :

    • A new, more neutral domain name that will better reflect the nature of this website.
    • A new, better and cleaner design
    • Explanations on Burst, on Proof-of-Capacity, on all Burst features
    • A much awaited roadmap
    • How to & tutorials
    • And much more !

    And this is just a glimpse at everything that is going on. What everyone needs to keep in mind is that Burst is a community effort, and is improved by every contribution of every members , no matter how small. We need more positivity, and to just set everything that slows us down aside on the road to making our coin greater. A lot of good things are coming and the next months are going to be very exciting.

    Thank you and see you on sunday for the first weekly Burst report 🙂


  • woah new forum and a road map 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • @Gadrah_ you had me for a minute. I liked what you were saying.

    However I don't think a new forum is a good idea. The split was the start of most of what you see now. Especially claiming it as official. How am I to know this is not another BN undercut. Another site will add more confusion.

    This and your now one of the second ppl or entities trying to revive burst which looks good on paper. We have yet to see any vast improvements. Sounds like a good sales pitch to me. This makes me nervous and to proceed with caution. Especially with new ppl and already drawback with pocc. Could be a great ruse .... let's hope not. This is the new challenges going forward in the climate that BN created.

    Good luck to you, and your efforts to revive burst.

  • @crutsy its not a new forum but website itself 😉 atleast thats what i understood 🙂

  • @crutsy There will not be a new forum. There will however be a new website as described in the OP that will replace the current There will be a new domain name because we believe that is not suitable for an "official" promotional website and not the best for SEO.

    The Burst-Team forum will still exist without any change. If you are talking about the GetBurst forum, it is a forum already created a few weeks ago by @ryanw when this one was offline to provide a place where BT-BN drama is not allowed.

    There is no such thing as a split or undercut planned. You are talking about "reviving" Burst but the thing is Burst never died. Burst-Team developers are still working on the Core and they are now joined by new developers including the Proof of Capacity Consortium. I have no direct affiliation with BT, BN or PoCC, I am just a community member working to make Burst better in certain areas.

    No offense to you, but your negative view of things is what we are trying to change in the Burst community. This is what I talked about when I said "we entered a period of pessimism". This post is not meant to split, it is meant to gather the troops under the Burst banner.

  • @Gadrah_ btw at first i didnt recognize you 😃 change of profile pic does that 😃

  • @Gadrah_ I stand corrected as I misread that. I'm all for it go you!

    People have the right to be pessimistic after being bent over so long. It's just a cautious approach. I have always view my self as a realist, taking in as much info as I can. Some may view this as pessimistic.

    Shit I hope I'm not a negative Nancy around here lol.. I try not to get carried away

  • @crutsy No problem it was just a misunderstanding. Thank you for your support 🙂

  • @Gadrah_ That's a positive and informative post! I look forward to see what becomes of it. Grats on new profile pic 🙂

  • admin

    I checked in my conversation history with Gadrah_ and I see that it goes back a full year now. He has been contributing to this project quietly but very effectively over the last 12 months and he never asked for any credit or mention. Not many of you know that I designed and put content on, because there was no better website. (I am no designer or Web Developer but it seems I love to bite the bullet ...) But every Burst website before has been full of broken links and losing content every update.

    The new served well back in the day when Burst was way smaller but now it's time for something fresh and professional. Gadrah always helped me with the colors and charts with the current site and since some months he is working on a complete redesign. It looks incredible! Also he added and is still adding more content on top of it.

    The last two difficult months the community had to grow up and hopefully realized that this project can't be run solely by a handful of people. I welcome every new website, forum and resource that has been launched the last weeks. @ryanw deserves respect for building and helping out the community as many others new active people these days.

    Since some time now the Twitter, Youtube and other public communication channels need much more attention than I can offer. Burst grew too big that this can be done as a side job next to coding, testing and support. I see the task Gadrah describes above in very good hands with him.

  • admin

    @Gadrah_ Just to clarify, the us in burst-team was not meant to signify USA - I'm a kiwi after all, but "us" the burst-team .......

  • Good news, it is great ! Good Luck

  • @gadrah_ Thank you for the very informative post, you have hit the nail on the head, especially regarding updates from core and dev teams. In the past, the lack of transparency unfortunately created a vacuum which engendered much negativity and doubt in the community.

    Regarding the new, more neutral website, this idea sounds professional and accessible to hopefully more people who will get involved in the Burst community.

    To lay aside the childish nonsense that infected the community in the past is frankly a breath of fresh air.

    Burst must put forward a unified, sustained and professional foot forward, as well as create links within the financial and business markets to really accentuate its prime operative, efficient status as a legitimate crypto currency.

  • @Baron I 100% agree, there is a lot of room for improvement in those areas but we are working on it. The lauch of the new website will hopefully be the start of a new era for Burst where we can start focusing again on the things that matter. The community needs to step us as well and start being involved, advertising and creating value around our coin.

  • @Gadrah_ I am so happy to see it all move forward. Thank you for this ray of sun shine. I am so happy to be part of BURST and the BURST family. Great work, great attitude, great person and great new pic.. Love it all 😉

  • @daWallet it would also be nice to see websites like wikipedia edited with a "community links" portion which could possibly remain updated by community members so as people join or leave we will be able to keep active links to resources for folks in the event something does go down temporarily or more...

    it would be a way for those making websites of various things to showcase them in a central place, I imagine what the "new" burst website would be as well... links to that new website, links to the various forum websites, links to the various software programs, etc etc... I think we just have a lack of communication that was attacked and showed how much we need to rebuild that base level for those events...

    a "community links" portion where pools can add basic information on their own, rather than for one person to constantly check and update them, take the load off those trying to maintain information and allow the community to freely edit it and share that work... just trying to find a way others can join in without having to be "authorized" to do so and alleviate some of the time it takes to do menial things like that would let those with other talents focus on those things, like programming... 😉

  • @Darkbane I am in the works of creating a site like this should be avaiable in a week or two

    im looking at various site version and will make a choice on one

    then will need to find a host and domain put it behind cloud flare

    so give me some time for homework and alittle extra cash to spare

  • @Darkbane piggybacking off that idea, there are open source Wikipedia style websites that allow people to write articles and stuff, just like Wikipedia. Why not use one of those, and maybe restyle it?

  • admin

    @kev626 I offered to host a wiki a while back if others could manage it, didn't get any responses

  • @haitch ah really? Never heard about that. I would've helped out...