Never ending story lol

  • I ran a test pool server on a vps and posted in the other good guy forum. 10 minutes later I get an email you are being ddos. I move test pool to my home server. Now after restarting the vps it is on idle. So for last 6 hours they have been ddosing nothing lol

    DDOS isnt free so its costing some idiot money for nothing !

  • @tross I wish all those fucking ddosing SOB's would STOP IT, what's the point of fucking up all the pools!

  • admin

    @Tate-A If you're not with BN, then you're against BN, and must be shutdown .......

  • Did you see @haitch that you are in cahoots with a known botnet perpetrator... @NSA is one as per misterburst... but looking at the evidence he produced it was a little shaky and dates were from 2016. Anyway... I wish they would stop the shiznit slanging and let's get on with it... I was going to post about it there but i needed somewhere else to go bcz they will ban me as soon as I so. So tired of this shiznit and i'm new to it... I can't imagine how you must feel. Fuckers! lol sorry you can edit that or delete.. lol Anyway glad to see you back.. I figure sooner or later the truth will come out.. but it amazes me how many people fall for BN BS!!! I thought about trying to do a pool myself... but im on the wrong side and can't afford any crap... lol

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    @kingcajun I heard about. I can assure anyone that their whole allegation is BS, just more typical BN BS.

  • @haitch Man what can we do... anything? How can we fight back? Or should we just wait till they quit? It is obvious to me that their pools rocked on through the DDOS and they benefited from taking you and others down bcz users moved over to pools of theirs. I hated to see the new 0-100 pool go away... so much so that I just hastily joined it again... lol.. few blocks behind... So what's the scoop on that pool? Should i just stay connected and it will catch up?

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    @kingcajun The wallet is re-syncing, it'll be caught up soon. It's likely that it won't display properly due to CloudFlare, but it will be operational.

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    @haitch Seems that CF has fixed their issue with websockets - pool is operational and displaying properly.