jminer's deadline is immutable

  • Hi guys,
    I'm having little issue with jminer, I just simply cannot change deadline, it's always 216000
    I have tried following versions


    Latest release burstcoin-jminer-0.4.8-RELEASE
    Pre-release burstcoin-jminer-0.4.11-SNAPSHOT

    I also have checked their github, and there is no where I could find that 216000 deadline hard-coded

    here is my config file

    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # jminer is a PoC (Proof of Capacity) miner with GPU support for Burstcoin (BURST)
    # (openCL will also work with CPU in needed)
    # Requirements:
    # - Java8 (64bit recommend to use more memory)
    # - openCL
    # jminer would not be possible without openCL kernels and java code provided by 'burstDev',
    # he really deserves some tips for that!
    # Feel free to support future development of mining engine ...
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # NOTICE: your '' hasn't got to contain all properties listed here
    #         as long there is a default/fallback defined, mentioned in here.
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # - PLOT-FILES ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # plotPaths           - list of plot paths separated with , e.g. D:/,C:/,E:/plots,F:/plots (in one line)
    # (required)            the miner will treat every path as 'physical' drive and use one thread for it
    # scanPathsEveryRound - optional 'true' will check 'plotPaths' for changed plot files on every round
    # (default:true)        'false' will check only on start/restart
    # listPlotFiles       - optional ... list all plotFiles on start, If walletServer/soloServer is configured,
    # (default:false)       it will show mined blocks and drive seeks/chunks of plotfile, too.
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # - MINING MODE ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # poolMining             - 'true' for pool mining, 'false' for solo mining.
    # (default:true)            ensure to configure the chosen mining-mode below.
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # - MINING MODE - POOL ---------------------------------- ONLY NEEDED 4 POOL MINING -
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # NOTICE:
    # ensure you already setup reward assignment
    # http://localhost:8125/rewardassignment.html
    # numericAccountId        - first number in all plot-files
    # (required for pool)
    # poolServer              - format is inclusive protocol and port e.g. ''
    # (required for pool)
    # walletServer            - define local or online wallet, to receive and show last winner!
    # (optional)                if empty, winner feature will be just disabled.
    #                           format is inclusive protocol and port e.g. 'http://localhost:8125'
    #                           online use e.g. ''
    # winnerRetriesOnAsync    - number of retries to get winner from walletServer
    # (default:4)
    # winnerRetryIntervalInMs - time to wait until next retry to get winner from walletServer
    # (default:500)
    # devPool                 - 'true' for using devPools (V1 or V2), 'false' or empty if not
    # (default:false)           on using devPool please read NOTICE in description of 'chunkPartNonces'
    # devPoolCommitsPerRound  - how often the miner tries to commit shares to devPool
    # (default:3)               not needed for other pools.
    # NOTICE: 'devPool' wants all deadlines below a given target, this miner will only deliver
    #         one deadline per chunkPart, so it can happen, that not all shares can be delivered
    #         i suggest using lower 'chunkPartNonces' e.g. 160000 ... (1 result per 160000 nonces)
    #         play with that on same block to test if you get more shares with lower 'chunkPartNonces'.
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # Winner
    # devPool
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # - MINING MODE - SOLO ---------------------------------- ONLY NEEDED 4 SOLO MINING -
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # soloServer              - WARN! soloServer should be http://localhost:8125 or
    # (default:                 Solo means you send your PASS on commit results!
    # http://localhost:8125)    DO NOT try to use a online wallet or pool as Server!
    # passPhrase              - secretPhrase/password of solo mining burst-account
    # (required for solo)
    # targetDeadline          - min. deadline to be committed. e.g. 750000
    # (optinal)
    # triggerServer           - emulates open wallet, to prevent it from
    # (default: false)          falling asleep (not sure if needed at all)
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # - OpenCL -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # The miner uses openCL for most of the mining calculations, ensure it is setup correctly.
    # Instructions can be found e.g. here (thanks cryo):
    # You could also use that instruction to find your platformId and deviceId if needed.
    # platformId     - id of openCL platform on your system. one platform may have multiple
    # (default:0)      devices, the miner currently uses just one (in general not the bottleneck)
    # deviceId       - specifies the device used by OCLCecker, can be your first GPU,
    # (default:0)      in most cases it will not be 100% used. (depends on capacity)
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # - MINING ENGINE -------------------------------------------------------------------
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # refreshInterval    - interval of asking wallet/pool for mining info (in ms),
    # (default:2000)       to check for new block
    # connectionTimeout  - increase the 'connectionTimeout' on network problems.
    # (default:12000)      this timeout is used for all network requests.
    #                      if you use pool or online-wallet, the 12 sec. default may
    #                      cause timeout on committing nonces or getting mining info etc.
    # debug              - setting 'debug' to true will log additional information of the mining process,
    # (default:false)      that are not related to mining, but to miner internals.
    # writeLogFile       - setting 'writeLogFile' to 'true' will write all logs from console to a file, too.
    # (default:false)      the name of that file can be specified by 'logFilePath'.
    # logFilePath        - path (filename and optional directory, relative to miner location)
    # (default:log/jminer.log.txt)
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # - MINING ENGINE - APPEARANCE / BEHAVIOR -------------------------------------------
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # readProgressPerRound - defines how often the mining progress is shown per round
    # (default:9)            thats the 'xx% done ...' info.
    # byteUnitDecimal      - switch between decimal units (true): TB/GB/MB (divided by 1000),
    # (default:true)         or binary units (false) TiB/GiB/MiB (divided by 1024) -
    # showDriveInfo        - set this to 'true' to show info about every drive on finish reading it,
    # (default:false)        this is useful to find the slow ones ... can help to optimize your setup.
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # - MINING ENGINE - MEMORY USAGE ----------------------------------------------------
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # chunkPartNonces - staggerSize defines number of nonces per chunk.
    # (default:320000)  the miner will split chunks in smaller pieces called chunkParts.
    #                   this makes sense, to save memory and optimize speed.
    #                   in the best case chunkPart#1 will be checked before chunkPart#2 is
    #                   completely read ... depending on the power of your GPU.
    #                   if staggersize is smaller than chunkPartNonces, staggersize will be used.
    #                   e.g. play with +/- 160000 steps
    #                   NOTICE: for 'devPool': only one result per chunkPart will be committed,
    #                           without 'optDevPool' (witch is not implemented, yet)
    #                           consider using low chunkPartNonces size, to commit more.
    #                           (guess, there will not be multiple dl below target in small chunkPart)
    # readerThreads   - normally '0' means, the miner takes one thread per drive (plotPath) this is recommend.
    # (default:0)       choosing a other number of 'readerThreads' can be useful on memory issues.
    #                   For example, if you mine on 4 drives (plotPaths), you can reduce the memory usage
    #                   by setting 'readerThreads=2', this will reduce mining speed but save memory.
    # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • @x40st said in jminer's deadline is immutable:


    It says bigger than ( >) 21600 😃
    Problem solved, Iguess

  • @Daforce said in jminer's deadline is immutable:


    didn't get what you mean tbh

    the problem is that when deadline is higher then the target (in this case 216000) then it's not being committed to the pool

  • @x40st all systems nominal 😃
    The pool tells your miner that it only accepts deadlines lesser than 21600, your deadlines are greater than 21600, so your miner skips those deadlines because the pool would reject them anyways.

    Solution: you need to find a pool with lower deadline limit

    I hope this helps

  • @x40st some pools have limit, some are 24 hrs some are unlimited. in your screenshot it only means that the deadline found in your plot is higher than the limit so it will be ignored.

  • You mean to say that deadline 216000 comes from pool? I thought I should manually set deadline in my config file and if it's higher then pool's deadline, then pool will just ignore that requests

  • @x40st it doesnt comes from the pool, it is the limit of the pool. 0_1500196788872_burstninjaproof.pngthis is your deadline and 216000 is the limit.

  • @x40st your deadline is greater than 216000 so it will be ignored.
    Regarding the deadline in config, when you set it
    eg. 86000

    if you found a deadline higher then 86000 jminer will not forward/send it to the pool and will be filtered.

  • guys I guess we don't understand each other
    have a look at my config file please
    there I have set


    although deadlines found by jminer are not compared to target deadline 950400 I have set, but it is compared with 216000
    I don't know from where comes this 216000
    pool's deadline is 7 days (604800 seconds),
    deadline I have set in my config files is 950400,

    so, for instance in this picture there is a line
    dl '2243020' > '216000' skipped
    but it SHOULD be so
    dl '2243020' > '950400' skipped
    again because the deadline I have set by myself in jminer's config file is 950400

    where this 216000 limit comes from?

  • I can see where this 216000 comes from I guess, just double checked pool's deadline and they have changed it recently
    its now
    Our maximum deadline is 216000 seconds or 2 days, 12 hours
    means in this line
    dl '2243020' > '216000' skipped
    jminer compares my deadline to pools deadline and not targetDeadline I have in config file.

  • admin

    @x40st Targetdeadline in the config can be used to set a shorter deadline than the pool accepts, but not a longer one. The miner will not submit a DL that is greater than the smaller of pool deadline, and targetdeadline.