Best value GPU for plotting

  • Dear team,

    as a laptop user I ordered a ATX case again (it's 10 years back I had a box under my table like that) and I will have a cheap A8-7600 CPU on it. I'm guessing it will be not fast enough to reac the maximum speed of plotting disks. I'm planning to plot just one drive at once. The prices for RX4xx and RX5xx cards are way to high due to PoW miners. Maybe a RX460, but costs still 120€. So what do you think would be a good fit regarding a video card with the best value?

    I'm thinking of R7 240, do you think this GPU is able to write 30k nonces/min so that it will be working at the limit of the HDD?


  • interesting questions, I'm looking to replot on a RX 460 4gb and I'll let you know what I get once I have everything set right.
    Maybe we can input info on a google doc to track or maybe some one has already done this and we can find it.

  • Lee from imineblocks says, the RX 460 / 560 should reach 100k nonces/min.

    looking at the benchmark is 4321

    That being said, does a Radeon R7 240 with a benchmark of 966 ( should reach ~ 22k nonces/min?

  • @FireRooster I think RX560 should be your better option, since A8-76xx have an IGP equivalent to R7 series GPU already. I did try to plot a 8GB Ext.HDD using my ASUS laptop which also have A8-7600 cpu. I tried by using CPU to plot first, no success. Then plot by GPU (using IGP), no success ether. The system always crash before it finish, even I'm in an A/C room (25 C) and my laptop is on a platform with 2 fans blowing from below.
    Another issue I found is it take way to long. Even with the GPU, it took over 48hrs just to map the plots, didn't even begin to write the nonce yet.

    RX560 with 2GB is quite plentyful and not expensive (PoW miners don't use anything with less than 4GB). It's powerful enough to plot faster and mine Burst faster than R7 240.

  • I have a HD7870 with 2GB and plot with 20k nonces/min. the gpu isnt the bottleneck.

  • @Zyrem When you Optimize with a GPU it will start out very slow. Initially it shows you your real speed of Nonces per minute and then takes a dramatic dive. If you plot Buffered it will write to RAM and then to Drive and not do that.

    Toward the end of Optimized plotting you will be using the full speed of the GPU. The other thing to remember is that you can only write so fast to the Drive.

    GPU is meant really for multiple drive plotting from what I understand. It is the only way to really use the higher end cards.

    I have a 6 Core that does about 14K per minute using 10 of the 12 Threads while I mine and write to the drive simultaneously. It buffers and Plots Optimized with XPlotter too. Soon as the drive Writes the next set of Buffered Nonces are about ready to write.