[ANN] THE NEW Talon Power Asset

  • @darindarin OK from this little charade I can see a Dividend has been paid, and the inner circle asked to post here. Would be much more useful if one of you could just post up the complete list of payments made to all Shareholders and a brief commentary of what is going on and what is going to happen next to this Asset?


  • What happened with the Discord?
    Can someone send me an invite please?

  • @darindarin @RossDaddy01 @litebit @ado @baafster @ariasentheyn @BlackR4ptor @Ambro
    So all very quiet since the payout. Has anyone got any news on what is happening?


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    @richbc There's some sort of swap going on - I've emailed Talon to ask for info, but he's probably still pissed at me so not optimistic about getting a response.

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  • @haitch Thanks, that is what I have heard. Swapping a worthless Asset for a currently Worthless coin, spose that is a fair trade 🙂
    Let me know if you get a reply, although we are both on the naughty list, so not holding my breath.
    Perhaps one of the Guys I have tagged can post something, but I guess they need to be prompted to do that, so we will either get no answer or they all will answer. 🙂


    BTW the Forum is still very difficult to use, had 3 goes at getting this posted.

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    As for the forum, currently on the verge of tearing my hair out. Swapped it over to a non Cloud Flared VPS based proxy last night - worked great for a couple of hours, was lightning fast, then the wheels fell off again. I can't find any issues with the forum server or the proxy, it works great - then it doesn't.

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  • @harrygon Thanks for the info on the Swap. So are you holding Tallon Power in your Asset and plan on making the swap?

    Have you sufficient information on the future plans for the Asset and the Coin to decide if this is a good move, or do you think there is no choice?


  • @richbc i spoke to him a few mins. According to him the asset is still running and never closed. There ist just a swap for talon coins atm. For the moment i will hold the asset. I really have nor read or informed me about his new coin. As i have a little spare time the next few days i will give the coin and his disscord a closer look.

  • Sry for posting the screen talon. But ppl need to know whats going on

  • Start BURST asset.
    Raise thousands of dollars worth of BURST.
    Create own coin.
    Swap BURST asset for coin.
    Pure genius.

    In his defense though, just because I'm super nice guy. Here in the states the hammer is coming down and it is fucking coming down. The IRS and the SEC have declared war on crypto and especially things like ICOs or "assets." The good old days of crypto are over for us Americans. The IRS just hired a private firm that is going to be doing nothing but working on identifying wallets to owners. These muthertruckers ain't playing games. Seen recently one old innocent dude who made a small fortune trading. However he screwed up his paperwork somehow and received a 4 year sentence. A 4 year sentence!!! This was in Atlanta Georgia if IRC. Going forward I don't think any American's should risk trying to operate a asset. The laws are extremely murky ATM and anyone who tells u this or that is probably full of chit because most CPA's can't even get their head wrapped around this yet.

  • @dillion , screwing up paperwork is at most a fine and penalty. Fraud is jail time. It had to be more than a "mistake" to put him in prison. Any links to this event would be appreciated.

  • @rds Yeah if it's the same story I saw, he kind of was buying and selling just crypto and someone in county hall said to him that he didn't needed a license because he wasn't doing trades involving USD so he kept doing it, and after a couple of years he got a subpena and in court he was condemned and everyone was saying he was taken as a very harsh example of how they plan to deal with crypto from this point forward...

  • soooo i finally said screw it and opened a new account to address all your questions...

    if you want info and not half info like harrygon stooging then please visit the website

    for all your updates...

    1.) the asset is not closed, if you want to sell your assets feel free.

    2.) asset will only be mining

    3.) there will be no buyout, well it is still running why should there be...

    4.) of the bit over $7000 USD that was invested over $11,0000 was paid out... the lending platforms which the holders voted on investing in, have all but closed.

    1. again it was voted on to pay out 90% and no reinvest as i pushed hard to get more mining equipment as did @darindarin but it was voted take out profit so we did. we wanted antminer S9's

    6.) my discord is not for everyone... it is for a team of ppl who dont want the drama of the other discords or this forum. if your a asset holder and were kicked out then please check out the site for all info and you can contact me personally there if you have any questions.

    7.) I WILL NOT be coming back here to argue with any of you.

    the asset paid out at almost a double rate then it took in.... the lending platforms are down and everyone knew the risk.... you can read the ANN above for the terms of what we were doing. Because of all the changes since we opened, i am no longer taking any chance to be involved with anything that could be considered a security.

    I can NOT be responsible for ppl day trading the asset, this asset got ZERO from what ppl were trading it for. we did NOT get any new funds to do anything with. the shares we did sell we invested and paid $1000's more out than was taken in.

    when BURST price rose so fast everyone Sold to get more BURST and that hurt the asset share price, NOT ME.... I did NOT buy and sell the asset.

    when i do finally close the asset the remaining hardware will be sold off and those funds distributed among the remaining asset holders at the time as stated in the ANN

    with that being said.... i have been asked to release some shares for more hardware. and i will at the Rate of 1 Burst as they were when this was opened

    if you need any other info on the swaps then please go to the website and/or contact me their as i will not be coming here answering questions and fighting with the goofs here that have caused so much FUD...

    many have asked about the swap and the possible arbitrage for it on the WAVES platform and then staking desktop wallet. that opportunity ppl will have to figure out on their own.

    so there you have it....

  • @talonpower

    Their goofs in here? Oh my

  • Big things happening with Talon Power...

    Discord room is now moved and open to the public.

    Falcon made the room totally open and will not be moderating it.
    Discord room

    As always we can check for updates on the Talon Power website

    Hope to see all you folks over there 🙂

  • Too little, too late, in my book. Talon already very effectively drove away most of his initial investors who might have had a passing interest in anything he is involved in.

    Not sure why anyone would be interested in the asset now, as it only has a 8tb drive backing it.

    And why would anyone want the coin or the waves asset? No roadmap, no purpose, no community, and led by someone who only wants unquestioning followers in his herd while only holding out vague promises of "trust me, it will all work out".

    No thanks.

  • a lot of issuers have suffered recent market crashes you all best hang tight.