New H's Assets.

  • @haitch Cheers for that. Have started moving the funds over to STEEM POWER to increase the return on Vote Selling and Delegation. Was going to drop it into Hashflare ZEC, but as the Revenue per H/s has dropped by about 50% over the last few days, I am seeking clarification in a post I put up this morning in Other Altcoins on the current returns from any other users on the forum before I invest any more in Hashflare ZEC mining

  • @haitch How often are you going to make payments on this asset ???
    Last month dividends were no longer paid and I did not say anything because there are problems with the other assets but this month has already passed the first Monday of the month and I see that there is no explanation, I do not think I can bear more disappointments with this coin.

    I'm worried because I think that the forum is being allowed to die, there is only one active admin

  • admin

    @energy My apologies, I intended doing it last night, and got tied up in some other stuff. I'll get the payment out tomorrow.

  • admin

    Payouts going out shortly. It's a small total compared to recent payments, but many of the assets I hold have not been paying out much, if at all. I intend to follow up with those asset owners to find out what is going on.

    As the payout is low, I have excluded myself from the payout to improve it for the asset investors.

    Payout Amounts:

    NewHassets (4362757949333215171) Total found assets: 2000000, Assets to be distributed: 231715.8
    Summary of proposed distribution of 3060 BURST to 123
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 115167841 (Wed, 4 May, 2018 11:04:01 GMT)

    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    59905.9, BURST-PQ2H-36MV-ZMWA-4WJUN, 791.1072702
    30826, BURST-HRE6-EJVS-75KV-GFD3K, 407.082987
    14517, BURST-8BZA-X4LU-HSN6-DWGGA, 191.70906775
    13222, BURST-USNH-DUG5-YYTW-EXPKA, 174.6075149
    11239.9, BURST-YL9U-AG9R-G4CP-2ALUF, 148.43223466
    10502, BURST-J32X-KSGN-25A4-BXZ3M, 138.68765099
    8782, BURST-SP8N-FB45-CYE7-7PABT, 115.97361941
    7900, BURST-SDAC-FFUD-SMCB-D3Q74, 104.3260753
    6840, BURST-URF6-SARN-LJFW-EJTNR, 90.32789305
    6335, BURST-X3DK-Y3GV-QY2E-G8R8H, 83.65894773
    6185, BURST-NNK7-5EKB-49CK-HN9SG, 81.67807288
    5859.8, BURST-VNQF-KHQQ-3XEL-89WGT, 77.38353621
    5444, BURST-QJCB-HTHG-UFK2-5AF6Q, 71.89255113
    4808, BURST-QEBC-D6EB-NQ8H-CX248, 63.49364178
    4686.8, BURST-VRGW-HGA6-HFBN-97KMB, 61.8930949
    2200, BURST-YUHJ-6284-85Q5-42KZP, 29.0528311
    2000, BURST-CKK2-QZZM-ATUE-D8DT5, 26.41166463
    2000, BURST-NNDA-FQUB-4VPF-2BBK7, 26.41166463
    1866, BURST-PEAS-CEXY-N63L-CBTMG, 24.6420831
    1844, BURST-BLVP-VMYL-H4ZN-2VTHU, 24.35155479
    1500, BURST-W9VQ-RQCA-GJ5Y-B6D97, 19.80874848
    1400, BURST-PJHX-42PV-QVKC-7Z8ZN, 18.48816524
    1336, BURST-VPUD-DSJR-8TEH-3LFRX, 17.64299198
    1242.3, BURST-PFTG-3J78-ZMZ7-83R64, 16.40560549
    1200, BURST-SEMD-3ZTR-YESW-8T342, 15.84699878
    1148, BURST-ZFJX-M6C2-Y8PK-GS5WU, 15.1602955
    1000, BURST-9ACT-NLV6-C3EW-993DX, 13.20583232
    1000, BURST-Q8K4-J6AS-RY6X-7N529, 13.20583232
    1000, BURST-9GFJ-XN64-BJC2-42CZ4, 13.20583232
    950.7, BURST-YVM6-F388-G9ST-6S5Z9, 12.55478478
    800, BURST-8K7Z-QXB3-RYFL-5MKSH, 10.56466585
    621, BURST-GLLM-MUYG-7PR3-HV4NK, 8.20082187
    580, BURST-ENMR-N9T7-22XA-CFQ4K, 7.65938274
    550, BURST-P97X-X2PE-ZSP2-DFTWF, 7.26320777
    516, BURST-5Z7H-8AVH-GVF2-A5MVN, 6.81420948
    450, BURST-2RZ4-89FK-5TQX-ET3BK, 5.94262454
    449, BURST-4KQY-WWV6-C69K-78P5H, 5.92941871
    440, BURST-5ZRC-MP73-PFRP-34CAD, 5.81056622
    440, BURST-ADSK-8EQM-C9DH-7A7FD, 5.81056622
    403, BURST-XN74-BMV5-LNLF-F577B, 5.32195042
    399, BURST-ES5N-MTPD-F4RD-A5B5A, 5.26912709
    380, BURST-VCQU-HWZ6-6JDM-3D2MM, 5.01821628
    357, BURST-5LZ4-GKD4-XJTV-DMXMR, 4.71448214
    350, BURST-R992-RURV-MCW5-8R676, 4.62204131
    324, BURST-K6VZ-WS7K-2FTP-HMUW6, 4.27868967
    321, BURST-SYCN-VZ5V-5KDC-CTBXT, 4.23907217
    290, BURST-JMV3-R7J8-AHTK-5LVUP, 3.82969137
    258, BURST-X2K5-7JG5-W724-ENLCB, 3.40710474
    249, BURST-S2ZT-789R-W2D8-2RQ85, 3.28825225
    239, BURST-JMGU-9TT8-389G-2QJ72, 3.15619392
    206, BURST-3P9Q-SU3H-ZJX8-DU59U, 2.72040146
    200, BURST-Y4US-W9GF-ZBHP-ASYGJ, 2.64116646
    200, BURST-J6NB-GNA3-PZ4Q-8DPNY, 2.64116646
    200, BURST-S94A-Z3T5-TDZT-AK6NB, 2.64116646
    200, BURST-V4EC-7VVD-LCKD-9S932, 2.64116646
    183, BURST-2GCY-QHEM-Z4A5-C2WFT, 2.41666731
    174, BURST-W5D3-JEPB-WXY8-FS8HN, 2.29781482
    165, BURST-ACLZ-C2SH-J4ZT-EVNL4, 2.17896233
    150, BURST-TWTS-VEYX-UDWT-3373X, 1.98087485
    150, BURST-X7MV-H4U3-JWD8-HLUFB, 1.98087485
    150, BURST-SJCX-YCJ6-JG2L-H9XHQ, 1.98087485
    149, BURST-QW7D-PYMR-PXLL-8EEU2, 1.96766902
    135, BURST-7QN4-YHZ9-TBZP-2ZZWW, 1.78278736
    132.6, BURST-KWSL-BXAE-ENKZ-BM3R8, 1.75109337
    112, BURST-39YB-KPCC-LDYL-FABL3, 1.47905322
    110, BURST-XL74-QAAZ-MTDX-4HWVV, 1.45264155
    110, BURST-T5AW-PVFV-FBJB-F2B3F, 1.45264155
    110, BURST-KTUE-VN66-PVW4-GTUC6, 1.45264155
    101, BURST-EXJ2-W6ZY-AWUW-A8ZDC, 1.33378906
    100, BURST-3RSJ-5NT7-FB3K-GMJSK, 1.32058323
    100, BURST-RJGZ-L7TW-AHHG-5FW53, 1.32058323
    70, BURST-5CYJ-N253-WHMY-7XUN4, 0.92440826
    70, BURST-9NPV-Q5ZX-V73C-9RYSM, 0.92440826
    69, BURST-Q5ZC-QHNY-D34K-GM5TY, 0.91120243
    61, BURST-KAX7-CGMU-2X7B-CMFBH, 0.80555577
    57, BURST-NFRM-M264-AVHV-6P9W8, 0.75273244
    54, BURST-LFGS-3NC2-WS28-9BHH3, 0.71311495
    50, BURST-7J3F-DXSW-EKHQ-58Q7K, 0.66029162
    50, BURST-N6SW-ZX6E-FKQ4-G65UV, 0.66029162
    50, BURST-AG36-RA9D-2ZN8-9VAP2, 0.66029162
    50, BURST-L4BJ-LLHL-S8UB-HWXZV, 0.66029162
    48, BURST-HUR3-JSAM-WY2Q-53AMY, 0.63387995
    47, BURST-DATR-JJYD-NEXR-2DFJ7, 0.62067412
    47, BURST-NUGJ-QHEC-DF5S-64HVP, 0.62067412
    40, BURST-YDZE-BTHA-QP7P-9U7XP, 0.52823329
    33, BURST-EFG6-5GN7-YG26-472C3, 0.43579247
    32, BURST-VHJA-QEFD-GJUF-EQ93A, 0.42258663
    32, BURST-5474-ESTR-7F5C-4BMHP, 0.42258663
    31, BURST-7LGM-QA9K-LPHD-GN4AW, 0.4093808
    31, BURST-3MN8-QWK6-77ZD-8LWK3, 0.4093808
    30, BURST-DUZ8-PRYC-3EGP-6V5R3, 0.39617497
    30, BURST-2BKH-4MHY-Q5YW-5C7D5, 0.39617497
    30, BURST-HXWG-DMBT-2Q4H-B3GRF, 0.39617497
    30, BURST-SRDW-7P9W-66UP-77HRQ, 0.39617497
    30, BURST-44ZH-WW3H-6QNR-42WEJ, 0.39617497
    24, BURST-LS4K-MN64-PWCM-6BYC6, 0.31693998
    22, BURST-BSL5-Y27Q-PEVD-E4NUS, 0.29052831
    20, BURST-GRFE-84ZU-NU9Q-96K84, 0.26411665
    20, BURST-UTMZ-6GGV-ZHGX-8ATP9, 0.26411665
    20, BURST-L8C7-JVLF-MALZ-A4ZWN, 0.26411665
    20, BURST-RA8A-ZG7U-9AX5-5RFVT, 0.26411665
    20, BURST-9M64-NSA3-WVZH-3FQKF, 0.26411665
    20, BURST-FLFT-MRRF-GKM9-6RRPT, 0.26411665
    20, BURST-HV2P-CQWA-FG25-8FRLV, 0.26411665
    20, BURST-73VC-7KDZ-PJWY-D4PGV, 0.26411665
    18.4, BURST-7LY2-R35G-YR8E-H3YKG, 0.24298731
    15, BURST-558A-QVJS-7B3S-G4H43, 0.19808748
    10, BURST-RTZM-6LDG-JSW3-3WNZG, 0.13205832
    10, BURST-9W8T-24GJ-T28W-GAQBF, 0.13205832
    10, BURST-XYPG-R5PX-XDKG-9F4M6, 0.13205832
    10, BURST-FGHZ-Y7GP-5BTN-256ZJ, 0.13205832
    10, BURST-TXBC-MWY4-GUNC-A54AN, 0.13205832
    10, BURST-CARV-JN94-DA7B-5BEK3, 0.13205832
    10, BURST-BRXP-KX93-6RBQ-8YZ95, 0.13205832
    9, BURST-8FYZ-NRNZ-SGK7-B992B, 0.11885249
    9, BURST-UM9T-NJ9G-3Y9Y-GQDDE, 0.11885249
    7, BURST-XDK7-DKP7-4P6F-6RGPY, 0.09244083
    5, BURST-AM8X-RLQ4-LQ7Q-ALBGB, 0.06602916
    5, BURST-Y2PS-M4V3-FJL5-C5V58, 0.06602916
    2, BURST-UG55-975D-2U97-6MRY2, 0.02641166
    2, BURST-MQKN-83XL-2APB-5U7NR, 0.02641166
    1, BURST-GD65-3EWG-DNYX-7Z732, 0.01320583
    0.4, BURST-T8KL-75TU-77LA-EMAD4, 0.00528233

  • Thanks for the payout, Haitch!

  • cheers @haitch

  • @haitch said in New H's Assets.:

    @evok3d With the fiat value of Burst increasing all assets have gone down in Burst value. We asset owners do the best we canwith our assets, but ultimately the market/community dictate the price/value.

    Im not sure that makes sense. I invested 200K burst to start with and now i have 15K burst. so in all i would have been much better of just holding onto my burst coins than to have ever touched an asset. I am also very concerned that you had bitconnect as a part of your assets! they were obviously a fraud / scam organisation. What made you think this was a good team to endorse?

    Loosing control of your assets due to negligence, following bitconnect and loosing 90% of my original burst investment does not aspire confidence. I just wish i could get my 200K burst back. Not sure why people said investing in assets is a great idea on the forums. It clearly is not. It seems the value keeps on dropping my 200K burst is now worth ~5K lol. its really not okay. Sorry to hassle you like this, but i dont know what else to do.

  • admin

    @evok3d The bitconnect component of the asset was paid for out of my own wallet - there were no asset funds involved in it.

    This asset is a collection of investments in other assets, so I'm dependant on their performance for the performance of this asset. As I posted earlier, many of those assets have either failed or stopped paying out. I'm following up with the owners of the assets to understand expected future performance.

    To the best of my knowledge there was no negligence in the asset account being compromised - I can't say with 100% confidence that I did not somehow leak the passphrase, but I've not been able to find any action I performed that leaked it.

    I understand the disappointment in the asset performance - I'm also a large holder of the asset, and in the last payout I excluded my account from the payout to increase the payout to investors. I'm doing what I can to make this asset rewarding for investors, and unlike many other assets it is continuing to payout - albeit not as well as it was.

  • Payout this month?

  • admin

    @ariasentheyn No, not enough earnings to make it worthwhile - fees would chew up to much of the dividend such that it is.

  • @haitch Is this asset going to make some more payment or do we give it for finishing?

    I can understand that the assets that supplied this have failed but I think a lack of respect with investors does not bother a minute the day of payment and say, "boys the asset only generated X burst and not worth making a payment"

  • admin

    @energy Apologies for the lack of updates.

    In the past four months the Asset has earned a total of 6,200 Burst, with 2/3rds of that coming last month from BURSTize.

    I'll pay it out when I get a chance, and exclude my own holdings in the asset from the payment.

  • @haitch I do not know what others will think but it's not about you not taking your part, it's not about that.

    I have very assumed that between one thing and another will be very difficult to recover the investment but at least see a little interest, is the only thing I ask

  • @haitch said in New H's Assets.:

    In the past four months the Asset has earned a total of 6,200 Burst, with 2/3rds of that coming last month from BURSTize.

    I'll pay it out when I get a chance, and exclude my own holdings in the asset from the payment.

    Anything updates here?

  • admin

    @ariasentheyn The asset holds very few funds - I'm going to be making a payout from my own funds by the end of the month.

  • I'm happy to wait till Christmas given the small amounts make it easier. save some transactions too. be more in one payment for Christmas beer (cheer)

  • There hasnt been a payout for a very long time. I lost 200K Burst and no payouts the asset is worth 400 burst... I wish i could just get back what i put in. Worst mistake ever was to listen to all the people saying invest your burst into assets. This has been such a disappointment.

  • admin

    @evok3d There will be a pre-christmas payout, from my own pocket.

    Assets were good investments at one time, but with the price increase in Burst and the number of scam assets, I also find it difficult to recommend to anyone to invest in them now, with a few exceptions.