• -UniBURST payout complete-

    ** Anyone who hasn't spoken to me, and would like to, please do so... here's the discord channel...

  • -WorldMine payout complete-


    Anyone is still free to reach out to me on my discord to discuss things.

    Thank you @crowetic ,
    see you on discord.

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    -BURSity payout complete-

    ** - after many attempts to come to a conclusion with haitch on what he would like for his portion of the asset, since he covered part of the payouts with his pools... Until recently when he started taking the fees from his pools as well...

    I've been unable to come to a conclusion with him... So I'm going to just come up with a value of the asset and set a buyback at a price that seems reasonable.

    Anyone is still free to reach out to me on my discord to discuss things.

    You misspelled: "After one discussion where my resolution of the Burstity asset swung to many different proposals........"

    I can post the whole discussion if you want.

    1. Initially you wanted me to cover the whole Burstity buyback, a potential cost in the 20M Burst range, in return for 3 months of Ninja fees and some hardware.

    2. I declined that one.

    3. Then it was you were taking it private, and significant investors that you personally knew would get to keep their shares. To benefit from the hardware all your investors paid for. I declined that one on moral grounds - I'm not sticking with an asset that treats other asset holders like that.

    4. Your buy backs are a joke. Less than 50% of Fiat? Less than 3% of Burst, Less than 10% of BTC ? Congrats on screwing so many people.

    "crowetic 2 months ago

    ASSET GOAL - The goal of the asset is to be the highest paying asset on BURST AE, to be a long-term wealth generation mechanism that will provide solid returns for investors for years to come." Closed/Private ?

    Can't find the "minimum of 3 years" posted 2 months ago ....

    I believe this is known in the profession as a long con .........

    Me: "I asked you for a more detailed plan on Burstity, then you went silent until you posted on the forums about how you were done and the buyback prices"

    You: "only the people who hold a significant portion, and know me personally, are going to get the proposal to go private."

  • I agree @crowetic burstsity is on you. Always has been and you have been shady about it this whole time.

  • @haitch - you're going to continue to be a damn moron aren't you?

    Gotta keep up that public image, as publicity definitely means more to you than honor.

    @crutsy - you DO recall that haitch's pools backed a portion of BURSity, right? Or do you forget all about that.

    So whatever, if this is how you want to be haitch, and keep lying to keep up that precious public image which will be destroyed once all the things I've said show themselves to be true, and yours and everyone else's lies continue to show themselves.

    You know damn well what you said up there isn't true, and we even talked about these points later, and I reiterated the fact that those posts are incorrect.

    But, guess it doesn't mean much because I offered to STILL HELP YOU AFTER YOU HAD THE THEFT.

    You can now consider that offer OFF THE TABLE.

    Thanks for doing exactly what I asked you not to do, and also lying through your teeth ON PURPOSE about our discussions.

    This community sickens me and I'm done here, anyone who feels like they would like to have a conversation like an ADULT, can come talk to me. Anyone who wants to be like haitch here, can continue to do so here.

  • @crowetic So post us something to back your word? Everyone is supposed to believe you while you give us no evidence at all that what you are saying is true?
    Whatever haitch did doesn't change your funny buyback % and the way you handle it.
    This community sickens you and we are sick of you as well, so good thing we part our ways.

  • @crowetic I'll keep it short and sweet.

    I am very aware of @haitch backing a very small part of burstsity with a pool. He has held up to his end of the deal the whole time. He is not going anywhere or trying to close it down.

    You on the other hand have wrapped 4 assets into 1, one of them being dead... And thats only bursshity

    You should be concerned with your image. People here see right thru your BS. You bashing someone with a sterling rep in the community is proof of this.

    An adult would not run off and request people to chase him to another arena where you probably won't answer either.

    Crow the community is sickened with you, I have been personally for months.

    So one more time very simple what have YOU decided on YOUR buyback?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @crowetic I am too late to be here?
    no more swap?