Scrubs moving to BITSHARES Platform

  • @Stillicide
    Vague rumor mongering "Seen a lot of tom foolery with people wanting to jump ship off BURST"
    Insults "Before you guys pack up the flea circus"

    Are those not your words?

  • @iKnow0 How is that a vague rumor dude i JUST read it on 402 and UNI...and "packing up the flea circus" is just a expression.

    Excuse my languge i thought i was being pretty tame. Just wanted some answers if ANYONE had them on when all this was happening. Time, Dates, Instructions, Eat the shit.

  • every time i think 402 is "eating the sh!t" it gives me a [email protected] but i am also nervous as all heck about them.. wondering if i did the right or wrong thing. i do believe @nameless will probably give us instructions " a few days before the 20th" .. if the dividens are still coming in i think good odds we get the instructions..

  • @Stillicide As I said before, If you require clarity, then direct your questions directly to the asset manager or in the Asset thread. Kind of makes sense that they would know as its their asset.

  • @iKnow0 you are right im going to reach out directly. Just wanted to know if there was anyone else i missed considering i JUST read the AD post on moving as well.

  • Hope this does not become a trend considering i signed up for BURST and learned the BURST platform. Now i am basically being forced to use another platform and not get payed in BURST witch is what i originally signed up for

  • Granted I don't follow 402 really or BTS but I thought part of the "problem" with this asset was it doesn't deal well with the volatility and the large pumps? Well BTS just got pumped HUGE... it got up to over 1 Billion market cap when it was in the 100 million rage not long ago (like a week and a half ago). So how is it really different? How has the BTS asset exchange reacted? Maybe this asset shouldn't be linked to a cryptocurrency?

    Again, I really don't know much about the specifics here... just thinking out loud.

  • @burst1 you shoudnt even have to think about it and neither should i. Liked i said my hands are tied in the matter in order to keep generating BTC income i have to conform.

  • @Stillicide thats why i sold mine, and had my buddy do the same.

    i do not think you were entirely wrong in starting this thread, the info is scattered all over and not getting any Real response besides jokes

    it got ppls attention.

    and i agree, with @burst1 with that huge pump what makes it any different?

    its like trading on polo yo KNOW you should not see on red but to save a deeper hole sometimes you need to or your out a WHOLE lot more..

  • WOW. I just looked at the BTS chart closer... end of April it had a market cap in the 30 million dollar range (you know where BURST is right now)... a month and a half later it cracks 1 Billion market cap! Crazy what is happening in crypto. But the pump (or call it what you want) puts anything that's happened to BURST to shame... to date anyway. 🙂