Scrubs moving to BITSHARES Platform

  • Hey guys,

    Seen a lot of tom foolery with people wanting to jump ship off BURST and i for one am worried with people messing with my money.

    Before you guys pack up the flea circus and leave can we get a ETA instead of ominous, lack luster announcement posts of leaving to go to different platforms.

    I am heavy invested in all assets who are contemplating jumping ship and its frustrating having to lurk on the forums waiting for the big move from multiple assets. Any way investors can get a solid ETA instead of being in this limbo of move or not to move.

  • @Stillicide Yeah If this could be elaborated on I would appreciate it!

  • @Stillicide @kmaxkmax Looks like June 20th for 402, I'm happy I was able to get out right away.

    Not sure about the others

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    its looks like asset exchange is started by weak people and they are done with burst and leaving it in hard times .

  • @Stillicide can you be more specific, which assets exactly are you referring to?

  • @dvndr007 this makes no sense in English, can you explain in detail what you are inferring?

  • @iKnow0 Idk man what set me off was reading ADsactly's post about moving witch i must of missed. I know crow has mentioned it but like i said we are in limbo. 402 i didn't see the date.

    So idk you tell me is there anyone else i missed?

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    @iKnow0 you can check out i dont want to call names of who left burst bcoz its pumped and shifted on another coin bitshares and fun part is that coin also get pumped now where to go lolz

  • @Stillicide yeah im glad i dropped all mine as well...

    nameless finds his posts funny about the asset and his attitude towards the move so i got out of all mine associated with them

    I cant for the life of me understand ppl here applauding the move in his thread, i guess i do not get it.

    I was about to leave BURST cause of ppl like him and others but i said heck with it, this coin is pretty good

  • @Stillicide So you were informed by two asset managers of their intention to move their assets, seem very fair and upfront to me. You are the investor, is it not up to you to stay informed about such things? If you require clarity, then direct your questions directly to the asset manager. Vague rumor mongering and insults are not they way to go, unless you wish to see the price of Burst collapse and your investments with it.

  • I could be missing more i dont know. Thus why i made the post to have them come to me rather then fish around all day for other people's agendas other then my own

  • I fail to see where i rumor monger and i insulted no one.

  • @iKnow0 these are not rumors

    the asset issuers of 402 and adsactly both said they were going to the BTS platform

    and crow has mentioned he "may' move to that platform.

    @Stillicide IS going off of info these members have posted and is NOT making them up

  • @Stillicide
    Vague rumor mongering "Seen a lot of tom foolery with people wanting to jump ship off BURST"
    Insults "Before you guys pack up the flea circus"

    Are those not your words?

  • @iKnow0 How is that a vague rumor dude i JUST read it on 402 and UNI...and "packing up the flea circus" is just a expression.

    Excuse my languge i thought i was being pretty tame. Just wanted some answers if ANYONE had them on when all this was happening. Time, Dates, Instructions, Eat the shit.

  • every time i think 402 is "eating the sh!t" it gives me a [email protected] but i am also nervous as all heck about them.. wondering if i did the right or wrong thing. i do believe @nameless will probably give us instructions " a few days before the 20th" .. if the dividens are still coming in i think good odds we get the instructions..

  • @Stillicide As I said before, If you require clarity, then direct your questions directly to the asset manager or in the Asset thread. Kind of makes sense that they would know as its their asset.

  • @iKnow0 you are right im going to reach out directly. Just wanted to know if there was anyone else i missed considering i JUST read the AD post on moving as well.

  • Hope this does not become a trend considering i signed up for BURST and learned the BURST platform. Now i am basically being forced to use another platform and not get payed in BURST witch is what i originally signed up for

  • Granted I don't follow 402 really or BTS but I thought part of the "problem" with this asset was it doesn't deal well with the volatility and the large pumps? Well BTS just got pumped HUGE... it got up to over 1 Billion market cap when it was in the 100 million rage not long ago (like a week and a half ago). So how is it really different? How has the BTS asset exchange reacted? Maybe this asset shouldn't be linked to a cryptocurrency?

    Again, I really don't know much about the specifics here... just thinking out loud.