[ANN] Kohinoor Asset- Safest Investment Asset !! - SCAM! Do not purchase.

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    @dvndr007 So basically you lied when you said you'd buy back if 11 investors requested it. And because I called you out as a lying, scammy, thief, you're stopping all work on the asset for at least a week? Does that sum it up correctly ?

    He's saying you did not meet his 2 day deadline so he's going to keep his asset open for whatever reason.... - Didn't I see he only had like a thousand shares of NewH??

    Pff, let him out.

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    @Rossman01 He's posted random and contradictory nonsense - he has 24 hours to present a straight forward, non contradictory business plan, or he gets air locked. I'm done.This "asset" acts like a Ponzi, and want to continue to promote it on my site, while attacking me. Fix it, or fuck off.

  • @haitch not meaning to be an ass or anything, but I think he's actually complying with your wishes now, so it seems a bit rude to still tell him to fuck off. If anything this motivates him to actually do that very thing, and leave you to rot. Don't let your frustration cloud your judgement. some sign of appreciation should be welcomed, even after all that happened.

    He's telling you he will do a free market buyback, at which the lowest priced shares will be bought first, every week. those who do want to stay with the asset can send over their shares to named adress, as not to confuse the buyback. I think he is actually making sense right now.

    I think all we can ask for now, is a bit more details on how the buyback will work @dvndr007 ?

  • He's telling you he will do a free market buyback, at which the lowest priced shares will be bought first, every week. those who do want to stay with the asset can send over their shares to named adress

    hello the nameless gipsy with a dildo up his ass selling walnut farms, are you John Wayne or is that me?

  • woo hoo another wallet!

  • @dvndr007 fuck man, i thought you didn't cheat your investors?

    I was probably wrong.

  • Can me mark this as scam now ?
    There are no buy back orders since 08/10.
    On the Homepage is everyhing removed.

    I asked via mail about transfer and never got an answer.

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    @Zaziki Yeah, think it's time. Moving .

  • @haitch I have had a couple of emails which I will share, make of them what you want.

    Hi you can see all markets are in negative we are in loss. And right now my throat get infection if you need I have proof too I am not lying so I am stopping all processes from now no swapping and closed other asset too and returned all investment their and I returned all investors full amount in kohinoor too by checking their wallets and considering everything!! Only little percentage left I ll do it later when I am OK. I am using only mobile for now!!

    To which I asked about the " I returned all investors full amount in kohinoor" as I have not received anything.

    The reply was.

    To all small investors I returned till now I don't have burst right now in future I ll do when I have liquid burst but now I can't even able to check Polo or bittrex accounts

    That was three days ago, I have since asked about the return of the rest of the Kohinoor Shareholder funds, and am yet to get a reply.

    I see that the website is closed as are most of the Kohinoor Wallets, which have had the description changed to CLOSED ASSET DONT BUY!!

    There are a number of payments from the BURST-9YMA-AYJS-4VMW-244QT Wallet on the 13th which still has 1,303 Burst. A couple of these tie up with the Accounts of shareholders, most do not but could be Buybacks?

    13/10/2017 08:48:12	Ordinary Payment		4'250	1	BURST-NGGP-LZ2G-BPC2-8DKGE
    13/10/2017 08:23:28	Ordinary Payment		880	1	BURST-D8ML-KNN8-8AL7-GEANK
    13/10/2017 08:20:18	Ordinary Payment		600	1	BURST-9M64-NSA3-WVZH-3FQKF
    13/10/2017 08:16:01	Ordinary Payment		360	1	BURST-RKW5-ZVFT-JU69-6X4JC
    13/10/2017 08:12:09	Ordinary Payment		160	1	BURST-UJ9B-B93H-BPP9-4SNWK
    13/10/2017 08:13:54	Ordinary Payment		300	1	BURST-7DZS-T2QJ-RG8B-5638M
    13/10/2017 08:04:39	Ordinary Payment		2'500	1	BURST-YXHF-7S8F-69VX-4XLUL
    13/10/2017 07:58:47	Ordinary Payment		2'500	1	BURST-HV2P-CQWA-FG25-8FRLV
    13/10/2017 08:02:21	Ordinary Payment		1'500	1	BURST-UJVB-DL99-38HE-ABCXQ
    13/10/2017 07:41:53	Ordinary Payment		1'100	1	BURST-VCQU-HWZ6-6JDM-3D2MM
    13/10/2017 07:35:36	Ordinary Payment		1'500	1	BURST-FKHT-J2EN-SZZE-2LEYT

    I will pass on any further info I get.

    I continue to be your ever faithful Sherlock AKA Rich

  • @RichBC I transfered my shares to that new account as it looked like it's not going to sell and thus far I received 5.02burst/share.

  • @Hyzi0 Thanks for the info. Was there any dialog ahead of the 50% buyback or did it just arrive? Is yours the Account that ends in UL?


  • @RichBC It just arrived. Hopefully he will return others at least this 5 burst once he sells stuff from exchanges.

  • i'll be doing the swap see what happens.

  • @ZapbuzZ Worth a try but the new Account also says CLOSED ASSET !!


  • @RichBC

    so his sore throat is keeping him out of polo and Bittrex? cause they work on mobile i use them all th etime on mobile

    I truly believe those funds did not exist on polo or bittrex and is why he would never show any proof of it out side one time... i asked several times , no one seemed to be worried about that tho

    now it seems the funds are not there, im sorry but the excuses ppl try to use once busted like this is pretty lame.

    Hope you guys get your shares back...

  • Actually I got a buyback from him a few days ago. I received 600 burst which i used to buy 60 shares earlier.
    I think he is honest.

  • looks like the dude got frightened away.

  • @ZapbuzZ Last email I had was now nearly a Month ago. Have sent several since then with no reply.

    So unfortunately for most Shareholders this one looks like another loss......


  • @RichBC Dis bullet to dodge was easy.

  • @Marc Well thank you for that helpful comment.