[ANN] Kohinoor Asset- Safest Investment Asset !! - SCAM! Do not purchase.

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    @RichBC 50% i decided to invest in burst asset exchange that include buying low selling high and take dividends. i had studied many assets too deep i will only invest in their by contacting issuers and with my experience where i found quality and i will remain in contact with issuer to deal with asset likely so there is lot of work i will do with my own assets too till now its almost one year luckily i never got scamed here and earned alot in burst AE thats beyond my imagination so its my confidence i will do great in burst AE. here is no history so i am unable to post screen shots.
    i still know when mikethemug asset comes out he first publish in casino i bought some of it and then he publish here and it got ruined no one know him much the value gone too much down and then i saw his comment like peeps are going to regret who didnt buy it thats where i catch him and invest all my burst in mikethemug then again before payout that asset is not sold out even half he gave one more statement i sense him what he want to say and deposited more to buy more coz i know this is going to rock out but cant imagine in that way. then on payout day i saw he gave more than 100% ROI on first divi my whole investment even more he gave back to me community gone crazy they are buying it hard price gone above 30 in seconds and thats where i exit and sold all of my assets i bought at 10. so thats how i work after that day i never invested a single penny in burst only playing with profits and multiplied it many times.
    50% i will choose to invest outside burst above i provided screenshots what i will do to take a bit idea of how it works!! first screenshot is casino investment its better than lending in all way what i do of still money to generate some passive income and if you check out burst prices or any other crypto between exchanges you found there is price difference its simple buy on one exchange and sell it on other its easy profit .
    thats all i will do with investment i will even provide screenshots of whats happening when i do trading or investing.

  • @dvndr007 I am sorry to say that more you write the more confused I get...

    Please answer why you posted this in the OP?

    [No Asset will be issued for next one month only performance will be noticed

    and yet you have 10,000 shares for sale?


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    @RichBC its again a misunderstanding actully lolz it doesnt mean like you think,
    It means no assets are issued after first set if first set is completely sold out then for next one month i will not sell any share only performance how asset income with 10k shares are noticed.
    and after checking out asset performance second set of shares should be think of to sell only if required. i hope now you got it ?

    Below the screenshots of one trade between exchanges polo and bittrex please check.

    0_1496927252709_Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 6.26.04 PM.png 0_1496927266568_Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 6.28.21 PM.png

  • @dvndr007 said in [ANN] Kohinoor Asset- Safest Investment Asset!!:

    @RichBC its again a misunderstanding actully lolz it doesnt mean like you think,

    Yes I can see that now, and not your fault, however for me just another reason to not invest, something as important as that should not be open to interpretation.


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    @RichBC Thankyou for your comments that will help many investors when they checkout asset structure!!

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    Total Burst We Have 4250 --Investors Burst 2640-- Total Profit 1610--Burst Payout 1400 -- Reinvested 210

    KOHINOOR (7509020767882905849) Total found assets: 1000000, Assets to be distributed: 264
    Summary of proposed distribution of 1400BURST to 4
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 89740626 (Wed, 28 Sep 2016 03:57:06 GMT)

    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    150, BURST-6HQP-JFU2-PMV9-566SY, 795.45454545
    100, BURST-N996-XNNG-PVR2-63XMN, 530.3030303
    10, BURST-WKZ8-K7CG-XAV7-9TTAS, 53.03030303
    4, BURST-VCQU-HWZ6-6JDM-3D2MM, 21.21212121
    Amount paid, Account, TX
    795.45454545, BURST-6HQP-JFU2-PMV9-566SY, 10260718594446964644
    530.3030303, BURST-N996-XNNG-PVR2-63XMN, 8522550452529824341
    53.03030303, BURST-WKZ8-K7CG-XAV7-9TTAS, 4889594594872242985
    21.21212121, BURST-VCQU-HWZ6-6JDM-3D2MM, 3791219231675212387
    ------------All transactions processed------------

    As We All Know Basic thing behind every investment is what output we have from investment ,so i decided to invest whole amount of investors into burst assets untill first set sold out and whole profit we have is distributed within investors every weak.
    Summary- what investors get before first set completely sold~
    1- Investors get whole profit earned from their burst every weak .
    2- Investors get their whole amount back if first set fails to sell out.
    3- If first set sells out completely then all first set holders get same amount of assets for free.
    3- you can check out anytime not even a single burst is cashed out from asset account and neither deposited, their is only investors burst played on asset exchange.
    and as you all know i will not buy back shares too early, so those who invested early will get massive profits every weak and more than who invest later.

    NOTICE- I have an important meeting out of station, so busy for next 3-4 days so i payout early before payout time, will rock it out when i am back^^
    0_1498238002101_Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 10.22.28 PM.png

  • nice payout thanks i buy more on sunday!

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    @Rendavu Most Welcome Sir!!

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    Haahaa I Am Back and we are rocking out Cheers!!

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    We did extreamly great this week we got more than 100% ROI exactly all invested burst are paid out in these two dividends and we are persistent in this. But due to sudden increase in burst price above 915 sat, all assets i bought suddenly devalued coz of panic selling , so i decided not to sell those assets at low price for payouts and keep some bursts equal to invested burst to play for next week.
    So we have unbeatable ROI in whole asset exchange and at this price hike that shows this asset rocks out in every condition and in future this asset is going to create a New History in Whole Burst Asset Exchange.

    Investors Burst --8670 -- Total burst we have including assets value--13700 -- Burst for Payout --5000 -- 15% for me --750 burst --Payout for investors --4250.

    KOHINOOR (7509020767882905849) Total found assets: 1000000, Assets to be distributed: 867
    Summary of proposed distribution of 4250BURST to 6
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 90471068 (Thu, 06 Oct 2016 14:51:08 GMT)

    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    500, BURST-N996-XNNG-PVR2-63XMN, 2450.98039216
    200, BURST-ACGB-YGHQ-G9ZL-5XD7U, 980.39215686
    150, BURST-6HQP-JFU2-PMV9-566SY, 735.29411765
    10, BURST-WKZ8-K7CG-XAV7-9TTAS, 49.01960784
    4, BURST-VCQU-HWZ6-6JDM-3D2MM, 19.60784314
    3, BURST-U857-NR4V-4P3D-BCA9K, 14.70588235

    Amount paid, Account, TX
    2450.98039216, BURST-N996-XNNG-PVR2-63XMN, 3623399950582423207
    980.39215686, BURST-ACGB-YGHQ-G9ZL-5XD7U, 18428247821114324024
    735.29411765, BURST-6HQP-JFU2-PMV9-566SY, 4252490225622208293
    49.01960784, BURST-WKZ8-K7CG-XAV7-9TTAS, 9602585012724258846
    19.60784314, BURST-VCQU-HWZ6-6JDM-3D2MM, 15595856855929376147
    14.70588235, BURST-U857-NR4V-4P3D-BCA9K, 11024214395403343208
    ------------All transactions processed------------
    0_1498238068090_Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 10.20.32 PM.png

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    Graphs Created of Two Weeks Performance!!
    1_1498238336064_Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 10.22.28 PM.png 0_1498238336063_Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 10.20.32 PM.png

  • @dvndr007 Are your numbers correct? Did you paid 102% ROI in 2 weeks? Seems too good to be true if you ask me LOL

  • @gpedro reasons why is because no one invested yet and he already have funds in this ( most likely )

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    @gpedro said in [ANN] Kohinoor Asset- Safest Investment Asset!!:

    @dvndr007 Are your numbers correct? Did you paid 102% ROI in 2 weeks? Seems too good to be true if you ask me LOL

    its 100% correct you can check my previous payouts i posted its same, and its even bigger payout this week but due to price hike and panic sell makes me to pay low if price settle down then next week payout will be more impressive thanks!!

  • @dvndr007 How do you invest? Trading? I don't understand how such good profits can be a safe investment... I'm pretty sure you have to be taking big risks!

  • @dvndr007 This is great Drama in the making imo so far as I see it. Conctrary to that I invested MM Money just for all the bolded text BOLD text , the fancy Excel pics and and generally the work so far.

    People reading this should not make the mistake that 100% payout each week will continue forever, no?

  • @Marc it won't

    it's like hsassets, if only a few invested into it, the first ROI would have been 100% because of his big portfolio

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    @HiDevin said in [ANN] Kohinoor Asset- Safest Investment Asset!!:

    @gpedro reasons why is because no one invested yet and he already have funds in this ( most likely )

    you can check out asset account as well investors account not even a single burst taken out all are invested in asset exchange and profits are payed out !!

  • @dvndr007 sorry, I meant that you have a lot invested into this yourself, providing a big ROI for investors 😛