Share buy backs - Whats reasonable?

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  • @jumbolin huh?? i have not issued any assets.

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  • @socalguy Looks like he was back for less than a day lol... check out his recent posts, nothing but semi-coherent vitriol being spit at all the wrong people. @iKnow0 I like your plan, and think that 5% maximum should go towards the rebuy... as was pointed out already, you don't want to take too much away from the div payouts.

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  • 50% to buy backs at 80% of issued price. As shares are bought back divs will increase for all. Say no one is selling into your buyback...once you post enough buybacks to cover each issued asset then can start paying more earning to dividends...

  • Really depends on amount of shares you plan on issuing too and at what price. If your issuing over 100k shares then I'd like to see 50% to buy backs that way it doesn't take a million years to make the asset completely liquid at only a 20% loss

  • the fairest buyback i can think of is what the asset was originally issued at.

  • Iknow0 I know my plan probably sounds outlandish as all F* especially to someone as you that is a expert but think with me here for a second.

    If this coin were to ever run from this current 400-450 to 1k. Then if it were to run from 1k to 2k.....The last thing any of us are going to want to be holding is a bunch of asset shares.

    What is the biggest thing missing from the exchange other than plentiful quality assets? Liquidity IMO

    Our exchange is so small that it is really up to the asset itself to provide liquidity. Sacrifice in the beginning to build up the liquidity for investor assurance.
    If the coin does run and the assets are dumped their dumped right back into the asset thus increasing dividends for all remaining holders.
    Wouldn't make much for a big dividend payer to start but with investor assurance of buy backs at 80% it could make for a nice trading asset.

    oh and please don't take away decimals on the price. No decimals on the shares.