How many externals to a USB hub

  • What about USB 3.1 Gen2 (10gb)? Someone have tested 10 ports usb 3.1 gen2 hub?

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    ok so please correct me if I'm wrong but what I see is that I have 1 usb 3.0 controller and two usb 3.0 ports going to that controller then the othe usb port I have is 2.0 does that look correct?

    I currently have 4 externals hooked up 2 8tb wd my books to a 4 port usb 3.0 hub to port 2 3.0
    1 wd my book 4tb and 1 wd my book 6tb to another 4 port usb 3.0 hub to port 3
    I currently have my mouse hooked up to port 1 but if all ports are 3.0 I want to do another hub in port 1. all ports are blue.
    at what point will my controller start to bottleneck?

    I'm on a dell inspiron 15 7000 series with a i76400hq and a NVidia geforse gtx 760 (I think may be off on video card cant figure out how to utilize it to much yet) 1tb hard drive and 8gb ram I believe with a easy upgrade slot or two for more ram.

    I'm currently trying to figure out how to scale right now. I'm back to work soon and I want to keep pushing this laptop until it explodes 🙂 I spent almost as much on insurance and replacement plans on this as I did on the laptop and I really regret not getting a desktop instead. If I push it to far and it craps out that's cool I will get a gift card for the price if not its whatever to. I'm a honest guy so I wont do anything to intentionally break it but I will get everything I can out of it haha. so my plan is to scale as far as I can with externals until I hit my bottleneck then burst mine well cpu mining vrm at the same time. I'm not going to get anymore of the eight tb drives because the read times on the 4tb and 6tb are faster (correct me if I'm wrong lol)

    so with all that info what would you guys do to add on to what I have if you had this same set up?

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  • @darindarin How do you obtain these numbers??? from the mining program?

    for example... in my case... my speed is 19.5 seconds for 1.5TB? based upon the mining window messages.?


    11:20:51 New block 380330, baseTarget 172424, netDiff 106279 Tb
    11:21:11 Thread "E:\Burst\plots" @ 19.5 sec (19.3 MB/s) CPU 31.39%
    100% 1506 GB (19.23 MB/s). no deadline Network quality: 0%

  • @darindarin Got it.... nice... may I ask what's your mining efficiency with this config... it looks like you have 40+ TB... I am about to buy 5 extra 8TB HDD and improve my hardware with a GTX 1060 GPU for fast plotting,... but just wanted to know how accurate is the mining calculator... does it really generates any closer or around the 77USD per month according to the calc?

    I still can't decide if moving forward with the Burstcoin or move forward with a GPU cryptocoin like ZEC or ETH I just wanted to confirm how accurate are these profit calcs before investing more cash in hardware.


  • @RogerRabbit i do both.. its 68.1 tb what i have pictured i have anothe rmachine with 41 tb... my payments have dropped significantly .. due to difficulty level.. but that will also make price go up so in all actuality .. besides this recent drop in pricing since difficulty goign up iom earning less coin but its valued at the same price for the most part
    ... do both start burst small and grow it to where you feel comfortable and use gpus to mine other coins.

  • @mrgoldy said in How many externals to a USB hub:

    When mining Burst, How many external drives can reliably and speedily(yes it's a word) go onto a powered USB 3.0 hub?

    I don't want to buy a 10-port 3.0 powered hub if the answer is something like only 3 externals

    I had a really non-optimal setup: twelve USB drives (4 x 5TB and 8 x 8TB) on four PC USB ports (and a couple of hubs) tied to one controller card. I read all of those and five internal HDDs in a like 31-35 seconds. I went to two PCs, each with two controller cards. So I now have three USB drives per controller. PC #1 dropped to 23-25 seconds. PC #2, which is much older and slower in every way, still manages to take about 28-30 seconds. I actually expected a bigger gain when going to three drives per controller. Still, I think 3 to 4 is a target to aim for.

  • so a 49 port usb hub would not be wise ? lol

  • @RogerRabbit said in How many externals to a USB hub:

    a GTX 1060 GPU for fast plotting,...

    what plotting rate are you getting & would you share your config?

    I'm trying to find the best GPU plotter/dollar.