Bitcoin over 2000 USD!

  • Since it has gone up in price the bitcoin have gone up all the coins, you just have to take as example dogecoin that for 3 years it did not vary the price and look like this now, not to mention the upload that I hit nxt in less than a month.............

  • Yeah BTC mooning and everything mooning with it..Nxt gonna give out free ignis in third quarter so I am sure peeps will stock up on that and Burst seems to have stabilized and is on the upper..

  • daWallet mentioned it and I'm starting to believe it!

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    @nixxda what exactly? The video is 20 minutes long? 😉

  • @daWallet crypto price bubble is in imminent danger of bursting! no pun intended
    But then, it might go on like this for some months...! I love the profits! But am always thinking of ways to "bring it home" quick!
    Or as he says (i think): reduce your exposure!

  • Time to buy? Or wait for dip?

  • @BigBear @nixxda I also believe it can exist a period of stagnation in BTC soon although I am of the opinion that BTC fall in price will only exist if panic sell (or in other words, the term desbelief used in the video 😉 )... If no panic sell happens BTC should only fall like 250-300 USD and stabilize, then continue to go up for some time again... if there is panic sell we may see drops as we see in the video. And btw @nixxda I believe it was @luxe posting that video instead of @daWallet, provably the reason @daWallet don't know the video ;P hehehe

  • As long as BTC continue to be the "door" for fiat into crypto and viceversa, I don't see it going down considerably in value (i.e. loosing half of value or something of that kind). If other cryptocurrencies begin now to be not only accepted as a way of payment but also we see cash dispensers for not only BTC and so on, then this could be the beginning of the end for BTC, otherwise it will continue rising...

  • Finally good news!! Keep growing amaizng coin!!

  • Bitcoin recently broke a new record. Its cost was 7882$