Mining Errors:

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    As requested, a list of the most common errors and their causes, these are the ones I can think of. If I've missed any please PM me and I'll update the list.

    Wallet Errors:

    • "Error 5": This is one of the most common errors we see. Error 5 is caused by using the wrong passphrase, and almost nothing else. Please don't say you're sure it's the correct passphrase - Error 5 means there is no such account, the passphrase you're using for this action has never been used to create an account - therefore it's not the correct passphrase for your account. There could be an extra space at the beginning or end, if you're copying the passphrase from notepad you can get a newline in the middle if the passphrase is line-wrapped, or a newline at the end if your highlight goes onto the next line. There is only one other cause, but an Error 5 is 99.9% of the time "Wrong Passphrase".

      The only other possible cause is you're using a wallet that is broken, and does not know about your account.

    • "Cannot reassign reward recipient before previous goes into effect": You've done a Reward Assignment, then tried to do another one. The first one takes 4 Blocks before it becomes effective. Be patient and wait for the first one to complete.

    • "You may be on a fork, you have mined the last X blocks": This is normally a false warning and can be ignored. Cause not yet determined.

    The All In One Windows Client.

    • "Script Error": Your version of Internet Explorer is out of date, or you're using a version of Windows the AIO won't run on. Install all available Windows Updates to get your OS up-to-date.

    Xplotter Errors:

    • "error creating stream for file e:\burst\plots...": Your drive is formatted as Fat32 or exFAT - Xplotter REQUIRES the drive to be formatted as NTFS - reformat the drive as NTFS, and it's preferred to change BlockSize to 64K when formatting.

    Mining Errors:

    • "DL Not Confirmed": The miner sent a deadline to the pool, but did not receive a confirmation. Normally this is a pool load issue, priority is given to processing submitted nonces, causing the confirmation to be delayed. Check the pool and see if the DL is listed. Less common, but can also be caused by the confirmation just getting lost. Work is being done on the miners to re-submit nonces that don't get confirmed.

    • "Your deadline is good... for the previous block!": The pool received a nonce from you for the previous round, your miner hasn't seen that there is a new block, or the pool has moved onto a new block and your nonce was in the queue and hadn't been processed.

    • "The deadline for your nonce is REALLY BAD": This normally indicates a corrupt plot file. Check the log to determine what the nonce was and which plot file it came from - delete and recreate.

    • "Your Burst account's reward recipient (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX) does not match pool's account (YYYY-YYYY-YYYY-YYYYY)": As it says, your reward recipient doesn't match the pool. This is either because a) You've done a Reward Assignment but 4 blocks haven't passed yet or b) you're mining on the wrong pool.

    • "Your Burst account's reward recipient () does not match pool's account (YYYY-YYYY-YYYY-YYYYY)" : Note the blank reward assignment - this indicates a problem with the pool wallet - please inform the pool owner.

    • "Woah there! At least give me a couple of seconds to service other miners!": There's a problem with the pool server clock, please notify the pool owner.

    • "json format error": There's a problem with your miner.conf file. Double check the syntax, or use JSON Checker

    • "Warning <file1> and <file2> are overlapped": Your nonce calculations are wrong and you've ended up with the same nonces in two different files, wasting space, or, using the AIO you've moved files around or changed drive letters. In either case delete one of the files and replot correctly.

    • "File <filename> name/size mismatch": Your plot file actual size does not match the description of the file in it's name. Use the Plotschecker tool in the "Burst Software" section to fix it.

    • "File <file name> Error opening": The plot file can't be opened - normally means you're still plotting the file.

    • "stagger (XXX) must be a multiple of 8": One of your plot files is bad - delete and replot.

  • i keep getting a "error readFile"

  • admin

    @falconCoin Restart the miner, but every time I've had that, it's been an indication one of my drives is about to fail.

  • @haitch yeah i found the culprit... that is second one that failed on me... im using it now to plot some 15 gb files for googleDrive and play with that for a bit and see how that works lol... time to get more drives i see

  • @haitch Thanks heaps. Now I can work bugs out quicker than ever.

  • what abour error 1014?

  • @sayem314 same 😞

  • admin

    @sayem314 Can send me a screenshot of the error - don't know what this offhand.

  • Need help, when I press "Start Mining" it only reach till RAM line. Is it alright to uninstall it and reinstall? Will my hard drive plots still be usable? Thanks.
    ![alt text](0_1496715633942_2b742ba3-fbaa-4f90-87cc-458f6d08fffd-image.png image url)

  • @GhostEmployee

    same thing i am getting... right now its only on this one pool

    unplug your HDD's and see what it does? mine gets to "paths' error

    go to a different pool and all works fine so DO NOT format your HDD's yet

  • @falconCoin Can't unplug it. It's a partition on the only drive I have. Do you mean remove it from the plots? Please advise. Thanks.

  • @GhostEmployee

    try another pool and see what it does, sorry mine is on externals

    @daWallet @haitch @Lexicon @Blago any ideas?

  • @falconCoin Miner try to resolve address of pool, but pool is down/unavailable - miner stuck.
    You may change a pool.

    *also update your miner -

    added avx2 support (more 30% faster than avx)
    added reconfirmation unconfirmed deadlines
    Wake Up! changed to 3 mins
    some code refactoring
    little bugs fixed
    fixed miner crash if you mining at Ninja-like pool v3 (bug with the v3 code)

    miner-v1.170601.exe - for all CPU (x64)
    miner-v1.170601_AVX.exe - for all CPU with support AVX
    miner-v1.170601_AVX2.exe - for all CPU with support AVX2

  • @Blago

    thanks will download now

    think @haitch and i figured out my issue...

    @GhostEmployee give that a whirl what Blago just told us, we are using his awesome miner! thanks again Blago

  • Cool. Now working and I'm earning (some) burst... Thanks for the help.

  • "Your Burst account's reward recipient (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX) does not match pool's account (YYYY-YYYY-YYYY-YYYYY)": As it says, your reward recipient doesn't match the pool. This is either because a) You've done a Reward Assignment but 4 blocks haven't passed yet or b) you're mining on the wrong pool.

    i have this problem And I can not fix this problem help me.0_1499548389361_Безымянный.png 0_1499548482610_Безымянный.png

  • admin

    @vor121 You're the second person I've seen with this error today, and I don't know why. You've got the correct pool address and port, but you're hitting the wrong pool instance- in your case the .biz pool instead of the burst-team pool. Try updating to the latest version of the Blagos miner, if that don'tt rk, look at switching to BIZ or some other pool..

  • 504 Gateway Time-out
    Online wallet why don't working?

  • admin

    @vor121 It's being DoS'd - more transaction requests than it can keep up with. New firewall hopefully going in next week to deal with it.