Starting. Cant understand plz help

  • Hi, im very much new; and don't understand at all on how to get started. i've got my BURST-xyz-xa-x-x thing, but I don't really understand on how to get started, at all. Somebody please help im on mac osx. I already saw and didn't understand anything at all.

  • @HoxGM What do you want to do? Plot and mine? I've not any kind of experience in Mac OS but if you don't specify what you want, it gets a bit hard for people to help you...

    You should not expect that people explain it all about Burst in the response of this thread, i think... I mean there are a lot of things to learn and it takes some time to get you to understand it all like Asset Exchange, Plotting, Mining, etc. although it gets easier to learn it all as you go and the support of the community is awesome so what you don't understand just ask and people will help you for sure... 😉

    I recommend you to take a look at all the begginers tutorials (including the windows ones) so you could have a better idea of what is plotting and how mining works, then once you have a better idea of how things work, you go to the MacOS tutorials (to learn how in reality you will be able to make this things happen) and try for yourself... I'm just saying this because i have the sense that the guides for Windows are more extensive and explains a lot more things... 😉

  • Yes, what is need to know is how to plot, mine, and install software. I've checked several, and by several I mean about 20 posts and several youtube videos; of only which 1 was kind of useful, but incomplete.

    I instead decided to start on Zcoin; although I have no equipment, it was to learn some vocabulary. I have learned about Mining, but still dont understand plotting. I also tried StoreJ, but was with little to no reward and saw on forums that payments took weeks, if not months to roll in; Is this the same with burst coin? if I understood correctly you make/earn hourly depending on your storage and amount you gave in.

  • @gpedro Also I do not understand how payments work, to which address and recipent and other vocabulary like that

  • @HoxGM Well it seems you want to learn about everything lol I understand how difficult it is from the beggining to learn about all this new concepts, trust me i have been there xD

    I suggest you to try to learn one thing at a time... My suggestion is for you to take this steps:

    1. Install the AIO Wallet
    2. Setup a Burst account, you will need to pick a passphrase, for that you can use the passphrase generator or pick your own phrase, just remember that you will never be able to change this passphrase so don't lose it, If you pick your own passphrase make sure you have at least 12 words in it so it can be really secure
    3. try to plot from within the AIO client
    4. After you get your first plot, pick a pool and point your reward assignment to that pool, then launch the miner from within the AIO client and you should be mining

    As doubts appear, create topics around here in the forum asking for help to understand them... The tutorials teach you a lot of the basics although i understand things get confusing at the beggining, so first try to learn from it, then ask for help trying to understand a specific topic... The help you are asking in this topic is basically a course over all in the Burst world, and if i or someone do that, I would be writing a post for you during much more than a week...

    Now, regarding your questions:
    With Burst you mine each block (wich occur in average every 4 minutes), and by mining i don't mean you earn in every block, what i mean is that you compete to win a block every 4 minutes (in average)... By mining in a pool, you will be able to join your efforts with other miners mining in the same pool. When you are mining you are basically entering in a lottery with no jackpot, and every nonce you have plotted equals to one ticket, so bigger your plot, better the chances of winning a block 😉

    If you are mining in solo mode (don't recommend it with less than 100Tb and even that is most likely too low for the current days), you will win the whole block reward instantly in every block you win.
    If you are mining in a pool, it depends on the pool terms so you have to choose what id the best pool for you... Most of the pools have a threshold of 300 Burst or 24 hours, wichever comes first, but it really depends on the pool so do your research first and when looking for a pool ask for help identifying the best pool for you and tell how much is the capacity you will mine with, so people can give you good suggestions that will fit your mining power.

    Ask questions and you shall have answers... Don't expect people to explain you all just by saying i want to understand mining but i don't really get any of the tutorials and videos... That show others that you didn't made an effort to understand it and are hoping for someone to do a special course for you and with that attitude you may not find much help... The videos from IMineBlocks on youtube are pretty easy to understand, also the tutorials explains a lot about everything. No one expects you to learn it all from the tutorials and videos but learn the basics, then your questions will flow and you will get help understand them!

    I didn't meant to be rude or anything and i hope you understand but no one will be doing a post that explains it all, you have to put yourself to work, then ask your doubts and everyone will help you for sure 😉

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    @gpedro He's using Mac OS - so the AIO is not available. Will have to run the wallet manually, then use one of the plotters/miners that runs on Mac.

  • @haitch hmm i forgot about that... I have absolutely no experience with macs so i can't really suggest any software...

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    @gpedro Ditto. Hopefully someone with Mac experience can advise.

  • @gpedro Welp.. guess imma have to run windows through mac maybe as an external software or maybe VBox

  • @HoxGM Yes with that it may be a lot easier 😉 After you grasp ecerything you will be able to use the software for Mac a lot easier for sure... xP

  • @gpedro Thanks for the help tho, good idea; a great idea to first understand vocabulary