• WE are a small group of Danes (Denmark). Who want to give the danish ppl Burst. Denmark is green = Burst is aswell. Danish ppl also want to decentralize. but power in DK is not cheap.we can make promotion Video and buy solarpanels for our mining rigs. hopefully we can make a change and bring another country in to Burst- 14days billbord campain in Copenhagen for about one 1 burst pr Danish citezenship.

    apx 5000000+ Burst we looking to create the first 14 days and will be put on 65 Railbords in the Danish Capital Copenhagen.

    besides that we will try get to the media fast as possible. we are CC-traders, miners, green enviromentel entuisasts, hard Workers, we seek to fill the dream of many ppl so we will also invest in small windmills and other assets along the way but with all that power supple and not huge rigs yet, we still able to mine diffrent coins with our rigs at zero cost and therefore with the next solar panel we starting to sell the power back to the big guys on wall street (GOLDMAN SACHS) they are huge invester in DONG(danish power Giant).

    aswell as we will find investors in DK besides ourselfs we have some former business contacts around the globe almost. these come from former jobs. through all of the staff.

    we have a salespitch team that will try to get investors from all kinds of the danish society and then the techguys will connect the business to coin payments if the owner agree.

    and ofc ask qustions if you wonder somethings. we will try to get alot of attention in the Media soon. why you might ask ?

    there is no current wireless/NFC mobile apps working with all danish banks.
    therefore we will advertise for Burst mobile-apps atc. aswell as a way to be in total control of your bank and how you Choose to invest and gain some insted of the bank making loans on your acc. balance. or stay safe and keep your Burst in the pocket.

    i think i has a bright furture in Denmark. so we will start pulling som of other cc around to finaly stay with Burst. atm we runing eth-etc Nexus. bcn, xmr, aeon, and i finish plotting around 1tb allready an more to come. we also waiting for some 4TB to arive soon.

    Find the Crowdfund RIOTintoDK

    to get back to the windmills we looking into its quite a nice way to invest in nature. RIOTintoDK Green Energi investment Idea

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