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    Name: BurstVest

    Asset ID: Deleted by admin
    Asset Issuer: BURST-TX7W-YTB2-EZY7-APA7J
    Supply: 1,000,000 (1,000,000 will be sold on the market. All profit from sales goes into the asset)
    Price: 14 (Has 2 decimals to break into 1 burst per .01 shares. All assets will be the same price from the issuer! NO increase!)
    Asset Decimals: 2
    Dividends: Monthly
    To promote the asset, the first payment will be extra from my personal wallet.

    This is the official BurstVest announcement thread. BurstVest invests it's funds into current and future assets and reinvests profits while maintaining dividends to shareholders.

    The purpose of BurstVest is to simplify investing in multiple assets and reinvesting profits by packaging it into one asset. To put it in simpler terms, BurstVest takes investor's funds and allocates them to assets. The revenue from those assets is split into shareholder dividends, some of it is reinvested, and 0.5% is taken as a maintenance fee. The most unique aspect of BurstVest is that it reinvests 35% of it's revenues creating a larger dividend each month. No matter how many shares are sold, the dividends will keep going up for as long as the burst asset exchange exists.

    Shares will be sold 100,000 at a time on the exchange.

    Burstvest will allocate it's investor's funds like this:
    20% BURSTize ID:14692463117907261266
    15% WorldMine ID: 11783342878931880450
    15% BurstGames ID: 9245423647144851863
    10% BURSTeam ID: 14092376023955917604
    10% BSilver ID: 11249475790449858086
    10% ByteEnt ID: 1800253871016293364
    10% BURSTaker ID: 15208279992621279224
    10% Retained in the wallet for future assets. Wallet Address: BURST-TX7W-YTB2-EZY7-APA7J

    The profits from the asset investments will be distributed:
    60% Dividends to investors
    35% Invested in more assets
    3% Put into the wallet for future assets(Future assets will be determined by majority on this thread in the future)
    0.5% Maintenance fee

    Any funds sent to the asset will go directly into buying an asset immediately.
    Don't have any burst? Throw some faucet burst at the exchange and you can get .01 shares per burst! If I go to the faucet and get 5 burst, I can get .05 shares and watch the profits roll in.

    Just in case anybody missed it. The price of the asset in future releases will be the SAME. No increase whatsoever because that would cheat people who are late into buying it. HOWEVER, Any late buyers will not receive dividends from the previous months.

    Any amendments to percentages will be addressed in this thread. I will create a reply stating the new percentages and ya'll can give me an up-vote or a down-vote.

    If you still aren't convinced, you can check how many of what asset the wallet currently owns by going to the exchange and clicking on the account ID (Who owns it). Anyone can see how many of what asset the wallet owns. There is the proof that this asset is legit. I have a reputation on this forum and I will not force anyone to spend there money here. I only want to offer this as a long-term investment.

    Announcements on purchases and dividends will be made here. If you have any questions, please ask below!

  • https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/1111/scam-burstvest Some explanation to this, I advise caution @administrators

  • admin

    @ddos WOW! Welcome back - long time no see. How you been ? Going to explain to your investors about your multiple ID's and multiple Assets you churned out and how you stole thousands of Burst from them?

  • As the value of burst makes upward jumps, you see many new scam attempts. This last week I have noticed many things I would stay away from. Like a new member or multiple new members trying to buy burst with 3rd party services.

    Good time for an official scam nation meeting on youtube... jackwagons