A whole bunch of questions

  • I noticed that just by opening my burst wallet (without mining) my CPU climbs to 20%, normally with nothing going on it floats between 1-4%

    I work from home and I don't want to do this on my work computer if it's going to compromise my CPU performance

    I think I will buy a cheap laptop/netbook and some drives to start doing this
    Can anyone point me to some hardware configurations that are used for people starting up?
    I've read USB 3.0 is beneficial
    External USBs, powered or not powered? anyone monitor the latest $perTB ratios?
    Do drive speeds make a difference?
    Can I use a cheap low powered netbook with a 3.0 USB hub and plug in a bunch of TB worth of HDD?
    Or does CPU/RAM power come into play for HDD mining?
    Can I install my wallet on the new setup and use the same passphrase to login so it remembers everything?
    Can I use the same wallet passphrase on multiple machines?

    Thanks for your help in advance everyone. I really want to make this viable for me.

  • I found it is Java that consumes the 17% CPU once Burst Wallet is started

  • admin

    @mrgoldy Java will be using the CPU while your wallet syncs - once the wallet is synced up utilization will return to normal. Prior to the release you're using Java would have been using 100% of your CPU ......

  • This post is deleted!

  • @haitch Java is now using close to 100%
    How long does it take for the local wallet sync initially?


  • It can be manually set to lower processor priority in case you are plotting, gaming, etc., Hope that helps! ~May the Burst be with u~

  • admin

    @mrgoldy I'd expect it to be done soon - 9 hours is on the high side, but it's going to depend on your CPU.

  • @haitch Thank you. Can you close your burst client while the miner prompt is running?