The Canary - Burst Early Warning System

  • @Blago spoiler alert
    ignore neither guy

    dumb luck on that jsfiddle, couple days late and couple burst short

  • 3 words - 5 hrs 41 min 8 sec

    [06:04:45] Start BURST-UP6D-R28A-67XL-DYBJL
    [11:45:53] ignore neither guy
    [11:45:53] END

    password found after 3211632924 combinations

  • @Blago And you almost got 160k trys per second... Very impressive man?!

  • pool for this anyone? 🙂

  • this looks to be so fun reminds me of be young but wife made me behave myself over 15 years ago new stuff is way out my league

    good luck to those trying

  • admin

    @Duncanvalen33 I think everyone gave up. The 1 - 3 word phrases were cracked, anything longer just takes too long.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @kev626 Can you delete that and just pm Haitch who will deal with the right admins that should be reading it only. This gives others ideas. Maybe leave first line?

  • admin

    @Burstde I've deleted the post, but to paraphrase the post:

    @kev626 attacked wallets as a test, using simple methods, and was able to crack a number of passphrases in a short amount of time. The rest of the post is from his original:

    I didn't steal anything. I'm not this "H" dick. Imagine what this would do on a botnet! Bad things! (This is why I will not release the source.) Please please please please please!!! Do not pick your own password. Do not make your own randomness!!! Humans are bad at random!!! **ALWAYS use the 12 word passphrase provided. It is far more secure than you think. The difficulty exponentially increases for the amount of words in the passphrase. Don't generate your own phrase either!!! Song lyric lists, poem lists, lists of all phrases used in all books... THESE WORDLISTS EXIST!!!

    And, NEVER EVER use an online wallet unless you would trust the owner with your passphrase. Even if it has SSL!!!

    Haitch again: My online wallets will be back online this week, I give you my assurance they can be trusted - there are so many people that could DOX me if I performed any fuckery with the online wallets. They're all unaltered released code, over SSL. And, people have me trusted me with their passphrases, and millions of their Burstcoin, and I've never touched one of them.

  • Thanks @haitch and @Burstde.