the difference between shares earned and actual burstcoin payout

  • what is the differential between the share you earn and the actual burstcoin payout. I have watched myself earn thousands of shares
    but the payout is a lot less than that???????

  • @johnnewman Because the block reward is now around 2000 Burst so the "big shares"are percentage equivalent of that amount and pool rules ergo your reward that you actually receiving.I hope thatcis clear enough.

  • @johnnewman most pools payout 60%/40%. 60% for the current share and 40% for the historic share. If you solo mine you get all the block reward, but in a pool you have to share. The 60% is shared with all miners that reported a deadline for winning bock, (the better your deadline the more of this you will earn). The 40% is shared will all miners based on their last 50 deadlines.(The larger your plots, the more of this you will get).

  • thanks for that, but what I really want to know is if I have say 1000 shares, how much would that pay me in burstcoins?

  • @johnnewman Which Pool are you on, makes a difference as to how shares are presented and then turned into Burst when the Pool wins a block?


  • My pool can confuse people just ask Rich but this is how I think it works for Lexicon/uray pools.

    Each round your best dl receives shares and if the current block isnt won it goes to historical shares (All rounds)

    Let say the pool wins a block!

    60% of the block is paid on the Current round. 1937 (Block reward) * .60 = 1162 burst.
    So 1162 burst will be paid to the Current round. Each round has a total share let say its 8000 this winning round.
    You have 1000 shares what are they worth. 1162 / 8000 = 0,14525 burst so 1000 shares = 1000 * 0,14525 =145,25 burst.

    The same is done with historical share(all rounds) but there are other small factors they could change the payout. It will add your current and historical together during payout. You might receive less cause you just started.

    If you got a lot of shares then it must be good! It dont matter if its % or shares the number is not fixed it changes every round!