• This is the first part of a 4 tier venture i will bring to the table.

    Before i even begin, i need everyone to understand that this is NOT AN ASSET by definition, but an asset will be used to keep track of ownership in the venture.

    I’m starting up a new venture that deals exclusively in BTC. It relies on what i do best … turn money into more money.

    So, how can you join my venture?

    Each ‘’share’’ costs 0.01 BTC , and each sale will be done 1:1 in private with me. For each 0.01 BTC you send me, i will give you 1 TOKEN share on the AE.
    These tokens allow me and you to keep track of your profits. If i made say 1 BTC profit, i will pay a ‘’dividend’’ in tokens on the AE. so your token holdings increase with each dividend, hence your BTC balance growing with it. So again, if i make a 10% profit and you have 1 token, you will get an extra 0.1 tokens as dividend . All of that you can redeem with me.

    All buy-ins done from Wednesday to Sunday qualify for the following week's ''dividend''. Anything after that only qualifies for the one after that.

    You want out, now what?

    There are two options :

    You exchange your tokens back to BTC with me directly
    You trade your tokens with someone else in the community for whatever you agree on

    I will be doing token redemptions ONCE A WEEK , every wednesday. The way it works is simple : you send as many tokens as you want to acc BURST-KZQV-7L7K-89K6-HXFGP , and include a message with your BTC address. I will then send you the BTC that you have to get for those tokens. It’s that simple.

    Is this insured?

    Well, there’s more ways of looking at it. First of all, my reputation speaks for itself, but i will throw in my entire account holdings as ‘’collateral’’ . I make 5-800k BURST profit every week from my assets holding alone, not to speak of my trading. I have more than plenty to guarantee the safety of your funds and steady increase of earnings.
    Besides this, Mr Grey, which some of you know, is backing me with his full support on the venture. He owns 20% of 402, and very large chunks of other assets as well. The man is the true definition of a shark and has been with me since i even came to burst.

    If you’re interested, PM me and we can get this started.

  • @nameless

    Good )
    But there are questions:

    1. How often will be the capitalization?
    2. What will be the planned minimum monthly percentage of income?

  • @emcb

    1. capitalization is every tuesday right before the redemption window
    2. minimum monthly expectation is 4% . earnings can of course be much higher, but i'd rather set a low expectation and surprise people with the earnings 🙂

  • @nameless said in TOKENS:


    1. capitalization is every tuesday right before the redemption window

    Please disregard that point. i misunderstood

    capitalization is to be done non-stop, but if funds are given to me after the weekend, those funds will only qualify for the next week's ''dividend'' payment

  • @nameless
    It's good )

  • One more thing. Profits compound if unredeemed 🙂

  • Who is mr grey?! Always wondered

  • @mathew said in TOKENS:

    Who is mr grey?! Always wondered

    Mr Grey is my absolute largest investor. He doesn't bother reading the forum and doesn't even understand burst as a coin. he only understands the AE and that's all that matters to him

    When i started 402 and started explaining the concept to him, he said : i don't care. here's 20k dollars. now go make me money!

    Mr grey stepped in financially for some people on my request without even knowing who they are or what they do, that's the level of trust the man has for me. i've known him for over 10 years and we've been making money together ever since.

  • @mathew Mr. Grey = angel investor and if he's in, I'm in. We can do this now?

  • @k.coins said in TOKENS:

    @mathew Mr. Grey = angel investor and if he's in, I'm in. We can do this now?


    well, people already bought a bunch of tokens, so purchasing is open. it has been open since i made the ann


    the price i sell assets for is 0.01 BTC now, and forever !!! don't do anything stupid like dumping a bunch of assets or coins at bad prices so you can rush into this. Whether you come on board now or months from now, the price will be the same. all you missed out in the meantime are the ''dividends''

  • This is very interesting, but what happens in the event of a BTC/BTU hardfork ?

  • @Gadrah_ said in TOKENS:

    This is very interesting, but what happens in the event of a BTC/BTU hardfork ?

    i dump the fuck out of the BTCU i get and pay it out as dividend. that's one option...

    but there are others. BTU can also be distributed to all the investors if it happens

    we'll see when the time comes. either way, what belongs to you will be handed out as always

  • I am in baglady needs to grow a bag, will pm you in a couple of days. xxx

  • It's tempting to buy some of your tokens! I might save up some spondulix, and get some at a later point I think 🙂

  • First payout has been made :

    TOKENS (9039657658071420862) Total found assets: 20000, Assets to be distributed: 576.72
    Summary of proposed distribution of 6 [TOKENS] assets to 13
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 83578159 (Mon, 18 Jul 2016 20:09:19 GMT)

    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    401, BURST-JS5F-KTLT-JRXN-8GKHW, 4.171868
    64, BURST-6UVY-U3JU-SYH6-AWRZ3, 0.665834
    46, BURST-5LW6-657H-WXHL-49BCP, 0.478568
    20, BURST-VAX9-BFZ6-XSX5-CW2EN, 0.208073
    20, BURST-ACGB-YGHQ-G9ZL-5XD7U, 0.208073
    6, BURST-USNH-DUG5-YYTW-EXPKA, 0.062422
    5.7, BURST-8K7Z-QXB3-RYFL-5MKSH, 0.059301
    5, BURST-84JC-NCSB-VUVV-2XPHP, 0.052018
    3, BURST-R7VQ-XT32-F998-9FR4N, 0.031211
    2, BURST-SXU4-B88U-BJHS-38K4N, 0.020807
    2, BURST-9NA7-456A-5S6K-AYHA3, 0.020807
    1.02, BURST-MHUV-MAR7-JBQF-BTLMF, 0.010612
    1, BURST-Y77Y-HWGC-XSMF-2BPZM, 0.010404

  • @nameless Thank you 🙂

  • i will definitely be late with today's dividend because for some reason my DB keeps getting corrupted. please bare with me for another 24 hours

  • @nameless everyone is late today XD
    take ur time 🙂

  • got the fucking tool to work finally

    last 2 weeks worth was just handed out 🙂

  • Great, thanks !