Harrygon’s assetmine asset

  • First things first :)

    My real name is Kevin and I’m living in Zürich Switzerland. I've been around this forum about a half a year now and I really like the community. Like many others, BURST is my first altcoin, I’ve been pulled in from a YouTube video and after several searches on google, I finally found this forum I’m pretty addicted. about 2 weeks later 9 TB where plotted and ready to mine. If I do something I want to do it right and I will never play with someone BURST!

    The assetmine asset

    asset id: 8788580230271293840

    Total assets: 100000
    Price per share: 10 Burst
    Total: 1000000 Burst
    Release: 10 * 10000 shares (as fast as possible)
    Dividends: 2% of initial realese price (payed every 2 weeks)
    Wallets: assetmine & buyback

    assetmine wallet

    90% from the asset sales will be held in this wallet. I will invest in a few different assets witch I think will pay good dividends and will continue to grow.

    Assets I will invest:

    • hsasset
    • Casino
    • btc dragon

    Assets I’m interested in:

    • Projekt Futuros
    • Burstocean

    There is also a current asset portfolio to start with.
    It allows me to get these assets as cheap as possible.

    asset portfolio


    buyback wallet (hosted by haitch)

    10% from the asset sales will be transferred in this wallet and I will weekly add the payouts from
    http://pool.burstcoin.biz where my 9.1 TB miner is located.
    This wallet is here just to build trust.

    This asset is made to give you a good profit and help me to grow my asset portfolio. I will pay 2% dividends every 2 weeks (initial realese price). Every burst leftover will stay in this wallet and will be used for the buyback. 50 weeks after the release I will stop paying dividends and will launch the buyback. The funds cumulated in the buyback wallet will be transferred to the assetmine wallet. Every share will be bought back for 15 burst each 150% of the initial release price. I should be able to buyback at least 50% of the assets released. The rest will be bought back with the asset dividends from the assetmine wallet. I calculate with 30 weeks but I have in mind to invest my own money to buyback the whole bunch after 50 weeks.



    greez harrygon

  • @harrygon Best of Luck :)

  • Best of luck with your asset. :)

  • @socalguy thx

  • @harrygon What exactly is haitch in control of with the buyback wallet?

  • @kmaxkmax he holds the wallet i will transfer 10% of the assetsales + the weekly income from mining to this wallet as an insurance. i just have the assetadress.

  • @harrygon Is this asset for sale now?

  • fascinating strategy for the economics of this asset. brilliant!

  • @nameless thx love to hear that

  • @kmaxkmax not jet i will launch it next saturday 1 april 17

  • @all if someone interested in presales just let me know

  • good news guys we expanded the portfolio. 6 tokens from the brand new @nameless crowdfund arrived. there is also a little gift to my first 10 shareholder. cya


  • really ? 1 of april ? i would recommend a different date man... this way it sounds as an aprils fools joke :) .

  • @potkas at first i was scared xDD
    @nameless give this man a cookie ;)

  • @harrygon But the idea looks ok and worth to try and invest burst in this!

  • @potkas thx alot for ur trust

  • quick update

    I tried to list this asset on bn, 72h no reply yet. This is not the way i do business.
    so this will be a team.us exclusive asset. like all my following assets :)

    now the important stuff

    first release now live
    i'f got a few cookies from @nameless i will send them to my first 10 shareholders.

    cya harry

  • Update

    first shares sold in less than an hour amazing :)

    10000 burst sent to buyback wallet

    new assets

    100 casino
    500 hsassets
    18 futuros

    I will release the next bunch right now if we can sell them till the next payouts at Monday i will pay a bonus dividend

    cya harry

  • update week #1

    assets sold 15'271 u are amazing guys :)

    buyback wallet balance 24'715 BURST
    miner earnings 2714 (2 weeks)


    100 casino
    500 hsassets
    468 futuros

    verification almost done last email sent just waiting for the confirmation from @haitch

    have a nice weekend

    cya harry