[Scam Asset - don't Buy] BTCDragon Asset

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    I am just asking for transparency of where the money has gone and where its been invested, I get you are busy with family etc but when it raises concerns you should show transparency.

    OK while we are all asking questions, how about you pop back over the wall and ask for some proof of this statement by Focus?

    Great @Matthew, first off his numbers are incorrect, he collected a hell of a lot more than that.


  • @RichBC I will ask him that but I just want to say I am not trying to get in between anyone or become enemies with anyone, I simply just want to find out what has been going on and what is true or not.

  • @mathew OK great. It's all very well to criticise someone for providing inaccurate data, but when one side has said "Ok the total amount of Burst that was raised from sale of assets was 30,666,075 Burst" then just spouting "hell of a lot more than that " just does not cut it.


  • This is a screen shot of all the Ask orders placed on the asset owners account go thru it , the transactions , as im not going to screen shot them individually and work it out
    alt text

    and also there was a buy for 10,000 assets which i did forget to put up and add to it which did equal 1,000,000 burst , but a hell of a lot more , thats the transactions and the amounts .
    As for Focus i have stated publicly my opinion , so it hasn't changed and dont need to say anymore on this.

  • @emcb with the sale i have said in dribs and drabs, meaning like i said a couple of 1000 here and there i did say every 3 days or so but not as a given and even if i did say sell 10k not that this would happen just using as a example) a week it would take around 40 weeks and also the buy back this would be like a savings plan as such , so that is say BTCDragon decided to break away from moneypot , be used then , so there would be no sell of in a short period , it would actually be over a period much longer. and the 20% that the casino holds for promotion/advertising and such will get to a point were it would cover day to day running of the casino .

    ill be back later as i need to go to work ..

  • @Bitdv
    I meant to reserve 10-20% of the assets not to income from periodicals trade, and income only from dividends.

  • @emcb ok sorry for the miss understand there and understand what you are saying , and yes that is a option for sure , didnt really think of that , but good idea !!

  • For me personally, the more sites and Casinos supporting BURST, the better for BURST as a whole..I love Everyone trying to do their best for the BURST Community..I managed to buy back around 2.5k total so far..

  • Hello @haitch do you received any update from @Bitdv in regards to this asset?

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    @Ip85 Nope - I'll try emailing him again, see if I can get hi on FB