Reward Assigment Mod

  • @Energy hmm for stand alone all works fine. Try opening wallet through browser like chrome or mozilla at

    also you can try to refresh your cache just in case (Ctrl+F5)

    this is how it should look like

  • @LithStud I have solved it or at least it works for me.
    I added the following line to the <head> in the index.html

    <link href="css/lithstud-loader.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"  />

  • @Energy hmm yea could be that script couldnt insert it automatically, do make a bit of change for it

    <link id="lithstud-loading-css" href="css/lithstud-loader.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"  />

    if you dont mind ant take a screenshot when this line is not inserted and input is not visible from dev tools in chrome or your chosen browser with javascript visible console, i would like to see if it throws any errors 😉

  • @LithStud
    I put a couple of screenshots with the errors that it indicates but I do not think that they have to see.
    But good for me adding that line works perfect

    alt text

    alt text

  • @Energy yeah both has nothing to do with mod. well firefox one maybe could affect the mod but it would affect every single other modal in wallet too 🙂

    If you remove the line the passphrase field is gone again? Its just to make sure thats a reproducable thing 🙂 If i can reproduce it in my enviroment i can try and fix it 🙂

    Still, once i get back home from work expect a bit of a reward from me, not much as i dont earn from these things, but just a token of gratitude 😉

  • @LithStud Yes, if I remove the line and the passphrase disappears.

    Maybe it's a permissions issue or something on my windows 7

  • all good for me!? running your latest git

  • @Energy hard to say, will need to browse the web a bit to see if the way i inject that file has some kind of limitations in some scenarios, ahh the world of coding always pushes you to learn new things 😃

    Edit: So looked a bit around and it seems IE doesnt like javascript creating link tag in head area of html 😃 but that should only afect IE, other browser shouldnt have such reservations 🙂

  • Marked this as an issue on github with possible solution, so when i have time to get it into code i might ask you to test it if you dont mind @Energy 😉

  • @LithStud Yes, no problem

    At least now we know how to solve if someone has the same problem and can not find a better solution.