The online wallets.

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    The online wallets have all been replaced. Originally the online wallets were four instance of the wallet, two each on two Windows VMs. They are now each on an individual Linux box. One wallet per VM, one VM per physical host.

    Hopefully this will make the online wallets more stable. Additionally the wallet used to create the downloadable DB is no longer also servicing requests. This will prevent the outages that could potentially occur when the zip was being created, and avoid the load/corruption potential on that wallet.

    Also, the new online wallets include the Recent Asset Transactions add on to show your activity on the AE.

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    @haitch apparently I had the wrong UI folder installed, correct, newer, one installed.

    This one doesn't have the Recent Asset Transactions currently, looking at putting it on the ones other than 8125.

    For asset owners, it has the dividend module, but it's moved from "Burst Services" to "Asset Exchange"