• @socalguy ouch I think I might not have said or worded my phrase right, your content is and has always been, creame de la creame top notch, I meant zero offence 0000 will delete immediately

    Edit: - - - - - edited a few key words. Instead of deleting as I didn't want to take anything away from what was said. - respectfully G-

  • @dagentlemang I took no offense so no worries. ^_^

    I just think the tail is going to be chased around and around on this topic. No one is going to be happy. We just need to hire someone from the outside and be done with it.

    For the record, I think the only thing wrong with the older logo was that it just needed to be fixed in some areas.

    but whatever, my notifications for this thread are turned off, I'm out..
    alt text

    alt text

  • Perhaps we just need to be faced with more design proposals if changing the logo to a better one is the desire of many...

  • BTW guys I am not a designer, but because of a friend of mine, once I heard about this book. Trade Marks & Simbols of Yasaburo Kuwayama. Maybe someone gets inspired. You can see the pages corresponding to the letter B. Interesting stuff 🙂

  • Apologies for the spam, not my intention. But maybe we should hire this guy:

  • @haitch A crowdfund is the way to go. Might I suggest from the crowdfund funds, hire three people on to do the logo, then let the community vote on the winner.

  • Surely someone has already thought of turning the B into two hard disks (yes I did this in MS paint, lol): 0_1485997493404_Burst2green.jpg

  • @sevencardz It looks a bit like tits when you do that 🙂

  • @socalguy

    @socalguy said in NEW BURST LOGO PROPOSAL - VOTE NOW !:

    @daWallet mentioned that this updated design is due to nobody else making a serious proposal for a brand new logo. From what I am seeing on this thread we still are not seeing a serious proposal for a new logo.

    A professional graphic designer is going to ask a lot of questions about designing the logo and which direction s/he should take. If we are going to hire a professional, I think we as a community, need to figure out some key questions first.

    Questions that need solving.

    • What types of logos are there that fit nicely within the crypto space? (Wordmark, Letterform, Pictorial, Abstract)
    • What are the key points about Burstcoin that the logo should convey?
    • What are the best colors for the logo? Colors can represent different emotions.
    • What fonts should we consider? There are thousands of them out there.
    • Should we let the community design the logo or hire a graphic designer to do it?
    • How much will the new logo cost? Will the designer accept burstcoin?
    • Where will our logo be displayed? Websites, storefronts, phone apps, clothing?

    This morning, I fixed a few areas of the older logo and made a newer design.

    alt text alt text

    If you don't like the older logos, then create a better one for us. Or, make a pledge to donate Burst for the creation of the new logo.

    alt text

    I like the first one, I like the extra gaps, just cleaning up the existing logo is perfect.

  • @Propagandalf Well, we do want the logo to be eye-catching and memorable...

    But yeah in all seriousness, I like socalguy's edits.