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  • Update:

    • Released new Burstneon Cockpit / Layout for the beta version.
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  • since the difficulty hike burst neon has been the best paying for my 22tb rig so I give a block

  • Hi, I am new to burstcoin mining and I only have 359 GB of hard drive but I have been mining with your pool for almost a month and I have not won any blocks yet. I want to upgrade to 1tb in a couple of weeks. Is it normal that I haven't won a block in a month? I guess I am just looking for some encouragement, will it be worth buying a hard drive, will 1 tb give me enough to get me to win a block?

  • @tuvix2 It's a lottery - you may get lucky and forge a block with 359GB quickly or it might take you many months. The only thing you can be certain of is that if you double your capacity, you double your chances! This is one of the few pools that guarantee a payout of some Burst to the smallest miners - I think it's 2 per round - and there is no limit on the length of deadlines accepted.

  • Thank you for the reply. You are rite that this is the only pool that gives you coins just for participating. I started about a month ago with nothing and now, without running 24/7, I have 117 burst coins. I am going to invest in a 1 tb drive and see if maybe I can make some coins.

  • i got a block just before i hopped again 🙂 i am block trotting the globe

  • Update

    • Written and implement TargetDeadline 40 days to the pool to reduce the server utilization.

  • @MrWho I actually really loved the fact that this pool had no target deadline.....

  • It make no really a different, with the burst guarantee of minimum 2 burst per block small miners get more then if the sum of deadlines with month and years.

  • @MrWho okay then! 🙂

  • @MrWho I think you might want to consider setting some criteria for the guaranteed shares else there might be a problem of spamming the pool with numerous addresses just to earn the 2 burst which becomes something reasonable over time. Maybe like setting a mininum mining capacity before one earns the guaranteed share.

    I happen to create 10 new addresses with 1 gig of plots each to test how the spamming might occur and surprisingly, the spam plots earned more cumulatively than my 250 gig plot file and each spam address brought in an average of about 15 burst every 2 days totalling about 500 bursts mining an average of 3 hours or less a day for more than a week. Imagine there was about 100 spam accounts with 1 gig plots it could easily amass up to 7k-10k bursts a week doing practically nothing. I think this might also be responsible for the recent increase of the total pool miner in just 2 days putting more load on the pool servers.

    The bursts paid to my spam addresses would be refunded to the pool address and the spam accounts deactivated from mining.

  • Great, thanks for testing and notice me, will rewrite the system and test it further, it only will be better, if guys like you notice me about glitches and bugs ! lovely regards.

  • 1-2 hours down, implement new ddos protection for further secure against flooding. thanks for be patience.

  • Pool is back, Beta Neon, further protection, fixes will implement tomorrow (dont need further maintenance), thanks for be patience, lovely regards.

  • @MrWho Is the pool up now? I can't seem to open

  • Yes, seems that the code have some problems to load.

  • @MrWho Alright!

  • I added a temporary pool site until reload the whole code.

  • @MrWho What is the temporary pool?

  • Complete down, please change further the pool, will not coming back till next days. Have some weird issues. lovely regards.