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  • Update:

    • 1.0 Added List about Assets on pool
    • 1.1 Added Iframe of asset and table
    • 2.0 Change rows and columns color

    Future plans:

    • Sortable Pending List
    • Change ui design / overlay

    If anyone else have asset on the pool, send me a message and added to list.

  • Update:

    • Pending List now sorted by Account-ID alt text

  • Update:

     Added shares guarantee (to support smaller miners on pool), all miners who havent set a deadline on the winning block and previous block, get 1 burst on the pending amount.

  • Update:

    • Burstneon gets a new layout and extended code, you can take a look and help to improve the layout with suggestion here
      alt text

  • Performance Update:

    • Increased website & server performanced

  • Update:

    • Added Last Payment Distribution (shows best miners payments last 100 entries)
      alt text

  • @MrWho I've been using the beta for the last couple of days and I love it - I think it freezes less often on Windows chrome than the current one! Having all the center columns white background looks great. The distribution charts are fun.

    Only thing is the update log no longer shows this thread in a mini browser, which was cool.

    Small suggestion: shorten the link 'Miner Assets on Pool' to 'Pool Miner Assets'

    Put it live! And congrats on a record number of miners, it's no wonder word is getting round that we are the best pool.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  • @MrWho One last thing, a link converting shares to potential earned Burst would be useful for new miners, but I bet that's hard to implement so don't let it delay you getting this up!

  • Thanks for the powerful feedback, give it back to this points

    • The Update Log & 'Pool Miner Assets Frame will coming back soon, currently need to many resource so I need to increase the performance of the frames if the performance stable.

    • Pool Miner Assets will fixed tomorrow thanks for this.

    • For the freezing would be amazing, if some miners give feedback (current browser and system specs.) so get an average of performance in different system.

    • The converting system is one thing thats longer ago of the to do list, its variable on different factors, so If I have more time definitely will thinking about it.

    Whats the further plans?

    • One part is to give, like ninja pools, all miners a unique color which is bind with the charts.

    • To make the layout more userfriendly and adding more explanation about how it works.

    • Sort the pending list in two ways (numeric id and sort by value)

    • Adding more data for statistics fans

       * total pending
       * first submitter etc.

  • @MrWho Can you expect how this works please?

  • i like your pool aswell, worked well for 150 GB --> 500 GB --> now 2.5TB

  • Thanks, sounds good, implemented a burst guarantee, means every miner gets as guarantee / minimum 2 burst on the pending list, means every 8 blocks gets payout, to support small miners too. @kolture_klash which part exactly?

  • @MrWho thats nice. Am a pretty small miner and was wondering why am getting "big" pay outs from 200gig. Plotting 8gb though.

  • @MrWho , I just started mining BURST, I started mining with just 500GB HDD space on your pool. But, I haven't got any payouts yet(I guess the minimum payout is 15). I was wondering if I am correctly mining or not. Am I?

  • Joined your pool about a week ago. First time mining burst, starting with 309 gb planning on upgrading soon. Haven't won any blocks yet but hopefully soon.

  • Welcome to Burst ! Yes the payout minimum is 15 Burst, otherwise goes to pending list, you get for guarantee all 8 blocks a payout. So only have to wait. Lovley regards and nice mining time.

  • is this pool working? not showing up in browser

  • ok it is now lol

  • @MrWho Another suggestion for the beta: would it be possible to have our knicknames in both the current and all shares column? Neither are working at the moment.

  • Yes, will be added soon, currently working on the overlay take some time, will change it too. lovely regards.