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  • Update:
    Forked the code with follow changes:

    • Extended the UI [ added more stats, changed the boxes layout, added console and passphrase generator, for creating strong sentences (complete client side, there is no communcation with server for security), further you can also change the passphrase later on text file.
    • Added how to start tutorial with important steps
    • Added charts for network etc.
    • Added clean how to start mining tutoral for beginners
    • Implemented and optimize different sockets tranfers and rate limiter
      Server Upgrade:
    • Added Total 10 CPU'S
    • Added Total 50gb RAM

    Mobile Balance Checker:
    You can also use your burst address with or without prefix, it will removed it automatically.

    0_1518036824129_UI.PNG 0_1518036827359_UI2.PNG

  • Update:
    Adding a miner specific view, where all important datas will be collected and appears, its necessary to login (make sure there isnt a space at front or end) and reloading the page.

  • Pool Update:

    • Overhauled the gui, after some problems with the total memory usage, its total decrease 75% now, after removing and rechanged the functions. 0_1519383011366_asd.PNG
    • Offering now, to download the pending list: 1hour or 24h updated as csv. file
      Notice: Burst Guarantee also still on 0.5 burst per block
      Discord Update:
    • Loyal (BurstNeon Mod) implemented a discord bot : Burst Help, where you can easily setting up everything for start mining, also checking your pending balance, for using the pending command, write -getbal + numeric id

  • Update to Version 4 :
    Glad to say that the whole functional website is done, takes month to implemented and optimize everything. The new web code is now online, what has change?

    1. The website gets an own detailed block explorer
    2. Adding a pool block history for the last 100 blocks
    3. Extended and optimize the specific miner view (added max. approx time to next payout, table of the latest payouts) and the login in system
    4. Reduced the total memory usage to a minimum
    5. Optimize the rate limiter system

    Further wanna thanks Loyal for the great work, on the bot system on discord.
    0_1520895278657_asgasgsag.PNG 0_1520895282198_asfasg.PNG

  • admin

    @mrwho Damn - nice work!

  • Thanks Haitch.


    • Fixed bug, that the account-names disappear, if a new round on Historic Shares started.

    • Updated the color schema and layout design


  • Update second Part to 4.04.2018:

    • Forked the original uray code and making it compatible to node 6.8 + ( and higher )
    • Spliting historic and current shares and run it in two different payout processes and merged it as final payout.
    • Created a static payout:
    1. Rounds will not be reseted after payout
    2. Shares will be further overwrites after X rounds
    • Added Total Pool Volume Notice

  • Update 1.05.2019

    • Added a Burstcoin Monitor for BurstNeon
      • Allows to follow all submitted deadlines, shares, pending amount, base target and time reporter.

  • Update 29.05.2018

    Discord Update

    • Added Bot Feature: faucet (1th Burstcoin), Block Reporter

    For more information visit: or Discord

    lovely regards,

    BurstNeon | MrWho

  • Update:

    • Added a Wallet Stuck Finder, which automatically swapped to next wallet, if one is behind

    • Extended the account monitor with:

      Added Tabs: Payout from Pool and mined Blocks
      Added Wallet Balance
      QR Code


    lovely regards,

    BurstNeon | MrWho

  • Major Update:
    The payment system has changed, after weeks of coding and preparing on testnet, the system has been successful integrated. There is also a method for saving your balance against corrupted files or failed api calls.

    How it works?
    If a block is found, amounts will be collected [80 % historic shares | 20 % current shares] and added to threshold balance, after 100 blocks will the amount paid. If your account address is ready for a payout and which value you will be get, can you see under the "Next Payments Section",

    it also shows, which block the amount will send and how many block left till the payout.

  • im on the pool now,,and do i need to make an account on the web site to see all the movements or ??

  • @bytheseaster No just copy your Burst Address minus the word BURST and paste it in the Login Entry Submit or Reed Solomon Entry function on other pages.

  • Nice job on the design

  • Hi All,can anyone plz tell me why i get fast block or corrupted file and even server error 200 a lot?

  • G'day, please upload or message me a screenshot about it. lovely regards

  • @mrwho !0_1532102243000_Screenshot (3).png

  • @bytheseaster i was looking at my plotts with Turbo Plotter and all are OK

  • Patched against the error flood was tested and is now implemented, lovely regards