• Hi guys how, it been going?

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    Love that progress bar. 😉

    Somebody was hitting the pool the other day, seems to be fixed now. Happy bursting!

  • Update!

    Pool Info

    • Type: GoPool/PoCC
    • Mining URL: Pool.BurstCoin.ml
    • Mining Ports: 8080, 8880 or 2052
    • Set recipient: BURST-85W6-5P5V-7VLZ-GZJEF or 16623383385195351940
    • Fee: 00.00%
    • Deadline Limit: 12 Months
    • Payout: 250 Burst or set your payout, 50/50%
    • DDoS Protection: CloudFlare + UTM
    • Asset ID: 14111531369712118954 ( Ran by the BurstCoin.ml's Miner )

    You can now set your payout! Send unencrypted Arbitrary Message from your mining wallet to BURST-85W6-5P5V-7VLZ-GZJEF to change your payment thresholds/intervals, will use one Burst for network fee.

    now = Will send payment every time a block is found if you have a positive balance, but will use one Burst for network fee. Not recommended because of network fee.

    daily = Forces a daily payout if you have a positive balance at the time, when the payment is made.

    weekly = Forces a weekly payout if you have a positive balance at the time, when the payment is made.

    0 = Reset to pool's defaults (the number zero)

    If you need any help let me know. I'll try to help ASP!! 🙂

    The asset is ran by a GPU rig miner, paid monthly.

    Asset Name: v2Pool
    Asset ID: 14111531369712118954

    Happy Bursting!! 🙂

  • @tate-a , when I look at your front end countdown, consistently your pool is 6-10 seconds behind two other pools I monitor. Do you think that is a disadvantage for your pool. The other two are already hunting for a block before your pool flips over. Time sync issue?

  • @tate-a , block 496069 BabyV had an 8 minute DL that came and went to someone with 10 minute DL. Is your pool connected to a multitude of peers? Looks like we're mining in our own little world.

    Edit: the block was won by the POCC 50-50 pool. I think that the POCC has an advantage over other pools. They are the ones developing all the new software. I moved to your pool because I was solo mining (80 connected peers) and missing good DLs by over 3 minutes, only in the last 10 days, probably scooped by the same POCC pools although I never looked into it. But my DLs were winners by a lot and didn't win. So I popped over to your pool to break the loosing streak. Your pool was hitting about 1 block a day. I figured I could add at least that to your overall record. Now I see you've been scooped by POCC. There is only one thing to do until the bias is resolved.

  • As of block 50200 burst has officially been forked to PoC2. Regarding this you need to get all of your miners PoC2 supported, the pool is no longer supporting PoC1. Update your miners to the latest version to support PoC2. And then optimize or replot your plot file to PoC2.

    Need some help? Contaced us on our discord server: https://discord.gg/2fnMMW4

    PoC2 plotfiles are detected by not having 'staggersize' in filename.
    A PoC2 file name will look something like this: 00000000000000000000_0_000000

    Here you can find a PoC2 plotter: https://blackpawn.com/tp/
    Or at the bottom of the page you can find the TurboSwizzler, to optimize your plot file to PoC2.

    Linux plotter PoC2: https://github.com/PoC-Consortium/engraver

    Blago Miner: https://github.com/JohnnyFFM/miner-burst/releases
    Version: v.1.170900 and up

    creepMiner: https://github.com/Creepsky/creepMiner/releases
    Version: 1.8.1 and up

    Jminer: https://github.com/de-luxe/burstcoin-jminer/releases
    Version: 5.2 and up

  • @rds We have 756 peers, with 3 wallets.

  • admin

    @tate-a For current Blago miners, use Johnnys modified version: https://github.com/JohnnyFFM/miner-burst/releases

  • Miners needed at http://burstcoin.ml