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    @daWaIlet @daWallet I think your the dev of the AIO wallet. Can you please update the wallet so it has the pools new wallet address, and ports. Thank you.

    Pool address: BURST-85W6-5P5V-7VLZ-GZJEF
    Ports: 8080 or 8880
    URL: http://pool.burstcoin.ml

    I get a lot of people trying to mine on the old wallet address, and somebody has told me they got the info from the wallet.


    Do you have any idea why ninja interface take so long to load every other block? If you have any suggestion, it would be much appreciated. Ninja also has the problems:
    Unable to get mining info from wallet, and: dl '613' NOT confirmed! [ 10m 30s ]
    Nonce was committed to pool, but not confirmed ... caused by connection Timeout, currently '25 sec.' try increasing it!
    Error: Failed to submit nonce to pool due ExecutionException.

    And it's not like the server that I'm running ninja on is a piece of junk, it is a Dell PowerEdge r410, with 2 Xeon X5670 12 cores, 64GB of DDR3 1333Mhz, and 4 1TB SSDs in RAID 10. I all so have 250 / 250 Mbps Dedicated bandwidth. And it seems the more miners we get the worse it gets, and the servers load is only 10 to 25% load. At peak bandwidth is about ~5 / ~75 Mbps.

    Heres some stuff from ninja log:

    sock 382 has hung up/closed! shutting it down...
    sock 399 has hung up/closed! shutting it down...
    closing websocket! sock=399
    sock 461 has hung up/closed! shutting it down...
    closing websocket! sock=461
    Can't send websocket payload: Broken pipe
    FAIL: GET /pool-payments.json
    Internal application error, closing connection.
    Can't send remaining buffer: Broken pipe

  • 3,094,832 Burst mined on the pool.

  • Thanks for the bonus payout the other day. I really like your pool and hope you get it situated. I earn very nice payout for the amount of mining space I have in there. Do notice a lot of low connection percentages on my end. Hopefully ya get it squared away and I can move one of my bigger miners over. This is definitely one of the better pools as far as earnings to mining space.

  • @dillion I have contacted @haitch if he has any ideas if there's a way to fix or to help with connection problems with the pool, but he has not responded yet. What do you think of the black look of the pool, that was by high demand. I may change it because I'm not exactly crazy with the all black colors. I was trying to add the mining ports to Current Block Info, and chage the URL to Set Reward Assignment to point to the online wallet. But every time I chage the URL from: To: http://wallet.burstcoin.ml/rewardassignment.html it would mess it up. The UI is written in hexadecimal, and it is a pain to modify

  • I think the black background looks pretty slick and makes it a little bit easier on my eyes when looking for miner stats from phone. If you changed it wouldn't be no big deal to me tho. I prefer working good over anything.

  • Anybody want to have a live voice chat to night at about 7PM EST on Discord.


  • @Tate-A I've been noticing quite a lot of 'got no confirmation from server! busy?' messages recently, do you know if there are any issues at the moment?

  • @tinycoins said in Ninja.BurstCoin.ml:

    I've been noticing quite a lot of 'got no confirmation from server! busy?' messages recently, do you know if there are any issues at the moment?

    Yeah I think it time to add more severs to the DC.

  • New pool server, I need to add to the data center.

    2X E5-2470 v2 = $720
    Dell PowerEdge W420 with H710 = $475
    192GB (12x16GB) PC3-12800R DDR3 1600 ECC = $990
    x4 WD SSD 1TB = $1200


  • ​Just redownloaded ninja burst db and the public wallet

  • It seems that 1.2.9 multi OS wallet is having problems with getting enough peers, so I've updated the pool to 1.3.6 CG and now we have about ~600 connected peers.

    Just a reminder mining ports are: 8080 or 8880 Do not mine on 80 or 8124 may cause issues with your mining, thanks.

  • ​It seems the firewall mess up. Should be fix now, good thing we have multiple ports for redundancy. If this happens again try 8080, 8880 or 2052. Just added 2052.

  • @tate-a Would you consider updating your support for dymaxium on the following website?


  • This post is deleted!

  • @crutsy said in Ninja.BurstCoin.ml:


    I've been running the wallet for a while, 1.3.6CG. 1.2.9 has stopped working a while ago. I need to find a better pool code, ninja v2 runs just okay. Ninja v3 runs like shit, when I try to set it up.

  • @tate-a , Why does 1.2.9 not work. I have 8 of them running and one is driving a pool?

  • @Tate-A Glad to hear! I think they will be releasing the new pool code pretty soon. I think some may already have it.

    @rds 1.2.9 is outdated my friend. Please upgrade. Especially if you are running a pool. You have been around a while so I would expect you know whats going on. If not read up on the burst advancements! 🙂

  • @crutsy , I do know what's goin on but I'm too lazy to upgrade. Everything is working fine.

  • @rds It won't be in the near future if you don't upgrade...

    What pool are you running? Will you be supporting dymaxium? If so you need to upgrade.

  • @crutsy , i run a private pool. when it stops working i will have to upgrade. So far I thought the fork won't be for quite awhile.