Plot Optimizer v1.6 with GUI 1.0.3-j6jq (Win) [Not for XPlotter]

  • @rbcarruthers if you used Xplotter or GPU-plotter (direct mode) - you don't need make optimizations

  • Guys do you how how long would it take to optimize 8tb with 12gb of ram

  • @yavuzkelex said in Plot Optimizer v1.6 with GUI 1.0.3-j6jq (Win) [Not for XPlotter]:

    Guys do you how how long would it take to optimize 8tb with 12gb of ram

    As others have explained, if using X-Plotter, there is no need to Optimise afterwards.

    As for the time taken (with X-Plotter). It depends on several other factors, such as your Pc Cpu type (& cores) etc. Suggest Not to use All available Threads, since other processes may require some juice too.

    If you run just one Plot for the whole 8Tb HDD, then it will probably take about 2½ days (± 12h). The risk is that, if there are any problems, you will need to run the whole process again. Alternatively, you could generate 2 or 3 or 4 (smaller) plots for the same drive, one after the other. (Just make sure that the Nonce-numbers don't overlap).

    In my experience, Hard-Drives with more files take a little longer to scan while Mining, so it's a trade-off. But you're looking at (buffered) GPU plotting, so I'm not sure how useful this Nfo is.

  • @luxe Hi! can i know how the plot optimizer will be done?

    i think my optimizer stock at scoop 4065 of 4096

    ive been waiting for 3 hours..0_1500091499851_1.jpg

    do i need to install any requirement programs to end?

    thanks man

  • admin

    @xmagmax The optimizer is done ... it says 100% ... just has not updated the text in the bottom. I always check the 'Delete plotfile when done' ... so i can be 100% sure it is done, once the source/org. plotfile got deleted.

  • @luxe also ram allocation also affects optimize speeds?

  • admin

    @xmagmax In general if you use optimizer or xplotter or gpuplotter in direct mode ... always if you create a optimized plotfile, more memory will speed up the process. Over all, you will need less drive re-position head and write operations if you use more ram. More data can be cached and written on one re-position head + write operation.

  • i see.. i saw a post in the plotting. can i use my 4 gpus to plot hard drive? maybe direct mode will be much faster with multiple gpus.. coz my last drive i didnt know that it can be plot direct,.. i was plotted as buffered
    i have 3x Rx 570 4gb
    1x Rx 580 8gb
    8gb ram

  • admin

    @xmagmax Plotting works in the way, that gpu generates plots in memory and than plots are written from memory to drive. So even if you can speed up the generate part with more GPUs, you are still limited to drive write speed. Or in other words, you can not generate plotsfile faster, than your drive can write data. You may reach better results if you plot to multiple drives at once.

  • @luxe i see,, thanks sir! 🙂