• So today will be a dividend day?

  • @bandarfjb today i lock in numbers and start exchangong coins. As i mentioned some will be delayd to get best return (also i havent checked prices today so maybe there is no need to delay 😉 )

  • UPDATE: Started transfers were possible. Amounts to be sent is now recorded in google sheet. will post with more details a bit later.

  • @LithStud fantastic news watching closely, love your work on the mods

  • @dagentlemang yea Bittrex fuckup caused me a major pain 😕 since now i will need to juggle around to finally convert into burst. XQN throu yobit, EGC and NET to Cryptopia (EGC allready sent as a test before sending bigger amount of NET), BITB on Bittrex. Yobit and Cryptopia doesnt have BURST so there all i get will be converted to DOGE and sent to Polo for BURST exchanging and then finaly sent to Assets wallet (alot of exchange fees i would rather not pay but such is life eh 🙂 )

  • @LithStud I Remeber speaking to you About the bittrex fuck up, I'm very sorry to hear it, I know awe to well the issues when dealing with a swing trade, you're doing fantastic the fact that you said you're converting to doge tells me you've researched your fees well

  • @dagentlemang yeap 🙂 not to mention speed 🙂 afcourse there is loss between buy and sell but it still is less than BTC fee to send lol

  • Update: So trying not to loose on polo for doge conversion so placed transfered doges onto sell order (if id doesnt sell untill tummorow i will just sell it and be done with it). What that means? Welp dividends at latest gonna be tommorow 😃 BURST for XQN is in wallet allready, for BITB it should be done soon as well.

    EDIT: Oh and i forgot to mention, all for staked coins been sent for conversion (yes even EGC since i didched Bittrex and decided to sell it on Cryptopia where minimum amount for selling and buying is just 500 satoshis)

  • So while waiting for doge to sell (or my own lending btc released in wich case i will use it to buy burst) made myself dividends payment script so i wont need to to that by hand woot 🙂 you can see it in assets wallet couple 1 burst incoming transactions as a test for that 😃

  • UPDATE: And so here is first payout. It aint world shattering like some other assets, but thats why its long term 🙂 Hope it help to lift the mood of the midweek 😉

    Total BURST: 7557.670875
    For Shares: 5290.36961250
    For Bonus Shares: 226.73012625
    For Reinvesting: 1511.53417500
    For Safety Net: 529.03696125
    Per Share: 0.11295037
    Per Bonus Share: 0.02632111
    Dividends | Account | Tx ID
    276.36815030 | BURST-S94A-Z3T5-TDZT-AK6NB | 7392543836424853202
    1566.87717707 | BURST-BRUQ-MY7L-UTL3-FH3AX | 4123461043214980346
    271.08088800 | BURST-8KEN-S28F-2YEP-6R72B | 5366539095032403605
    696.35740000 | BURST-44FY-YB7W-BDCJ-32ECU | 4476303649313293402
    1339.81728894 | BURST-DNCF-Y7C9-BU42-6E8AG | 14515400094668767953
    225.90074000 | BURST-GGPX-PP5S-LAGP-CBGCU | 4403745659176543255
    146.23505400 | BURST-GAJL-VWKN-2XPB-H39R9 | 12256458732296634757
    159.14707133 | BURST-67Y3-BX2L-JXVF-HKU9G | 9797132703211381440
    222.12893240 | BURST-X7JB-G8M6-YKKC-CEG2M | 5407502159860331952
    217.20356151 | BURST-SQTE-BHMX-QAH5-935X4 | 13215355295110540138
    139.27148000 | BURST-ESRB-Y6LK-43ND-CX2TZ | 7589095029093494120
    21.68647104 | BURST-UB27-C5V2-VTLT-BRTPY | 9807162848381735611
    28.23759250 | BURST-CYZV-LA84-VQZK-5QEJD | 5468437456061869459
    38.06427469 | BURST-N9G2-3QXF-Y5GV-HN7AM | 10476643138648408265
    69.63574000 | BURST-HPRW-9UJL-UC7E-H7ANS | 636941943446718829
    16.37780365 | BURST-NGRK-M5WM-A7C2-BFJ9T | 3708204489998945900
    7.79357553 | BURST-HTWV-XHL5-ZUH9-BZAVQ | 5749327015892481225
    11.14171840 | BURST-VPER-97FN-LWLD-5LVSL | 18330528329900805381
    13.92714800 | BURST-E9PL-YHJ8-B288-FP92H | 2267581699782388806
    11.40798737 | BURST-DSUM-WRW8-EVFG-42ZZU | 4953195665434666052
    6.77702220 | BURST-9MBD-2VMT-6TP4-98586 | 8944783971836673931
    3.95326295 | BURST-2KRN-GAAZ-TMHP-95K4B | 13244555484071595029
    4.85686591 | BURST-HE6X-AA5F-63N2-9GQBN | 4126963906785811204
    5.64751850 | BURST-VAWC-ZSG7-JJSK-AV932 | 4844043784255842917
    3.38851110 | BURST-EFPL-6MYS-SY2V-2ATZP | 15395947639173371284
    2.78542960 | BURST-2XLE-PNGZ-SZY3-6BSLC | 7426720297239121545
    2.82375925 | BURST-8L9F-X5H3-RTVG-BYKBM | 8581865515335618180
    3.38851110 | BURST-RDQH-SNSH-2WDE-6WXVN | 13969921817424190366
    1.58130518 | BURST-3LEF-2UMY-GXT9-9V7TV | 15271334908219952074
    0.11295037 | BURST-QHCJ-9HB5-PTGC-5Q8J9 | 6402059514223072178
    0.33885111 | BURST-2HXJ-47ZW-C6LM-BHTA6 | 869725069270699723
    1.39271480 | BURST-9JWJ-8CHK-652U-9J2FL | 7714498552001871079
    1.39271480 | BURST-KAX7-CGMU-2X7B-CMFBH | 15810835183731881522

  • BTW thats how it looked like to me 😉 and i suppose a bit of a boasting 😃 where the Tx ID is before sending there is a button thats replaced upon succesfull transaction.

  • Thank you @LithStud

  • Weekly Summary (2017.02.05)

    Information Website: yasa.rimvis.lt
    Detailed Logs and Statistics: Google Sheet

    Total shares sold: 46838 (0 since last week)
    Market movement: ~10298 shares changed hands.

    This weeks gains (1594 Burst from dividends + asset shares).

    News: So Month 1 has ended and dividends been paid out 🙂 Now Month 2 has started. Some might have noticed my decreased activity in forums and chats. That was mostly due to me being bedridden with flu for last week and a half. Now i am back and catching up with stuff i missed, didnt notice, thought of when in bed with fever. Thus this weekly summary a day late 😛

    People wanting to support asset directly can buy shares by direct exchange of staked coins to asset at the current share price (20 Burst)

    Have questions? Something needs clarification? Let me know!
    -- LithStud

  • @LithStud why is it that only some got a bonus?

  • @iKnow0 the bonus was an incentive for early adopter who knew that they wont see dividends for at least two months. So it was a one time limited offer. Look up first post about this 😉

  • @LithStud ah ok. thx

  • UPDATE: Just noticed that block explorer i was using to monitor NET wallet is stuck and thus chart in yasa.rimvis.lt didn't reflect correct amount of NET being staked, so changed the place i am getting the info from.

  • Weekly Summary (2017.02.12)

    Information Website: yasa.rimvis.lt
    Detailed Logs and Statistics: Google Sheet

    Total shares sold: 46838 (0 since last week)
    Market movement: ~306 shares changed hands.

    This weeks gains (23.44868687 Burst from asset shares).

    News: In the last week most notable news would be NET price decrease (at this moment of writing buy order at 4 satoshis). I am keeping my eye on it, this might be just an effect of BTC price increase and i hope it wont go lower. In better news XQN seems getting back on its feets at its new home and has reached 129 satoshis price!
    Still hasnt decided how to reinvest ~1500 Burst, might wait for next month or some over income to increase this amount and be able to get a more sizeable amount of coins.

    People wanting to support asset directly can buy shares by direct exchange of staked coins to asset at the current share price (20 Burst)

    And for couples - happy upcoming Valentines Day 😉

    Have questions? Something needs clarification? Let me know!
    -- LithStud

  • A thought: Just throwing here a thought for investors, what you guys think if i bought some assets that are liquid enough for a period of times when there is a small amount of BURST for reinvesting but not enough to impact staking coins (like current ~1500 BURST). I would go for those that are paying daily and try to acquire shares through buy order (when selling back doing a sell order would in some cases even make some additional burst, but i am not very experienced in that). So thoughts, and if we go that way suggestions for a good asset that we could flip the shares easy 🙂

    The day is Monday - International "Work again?!" day.
    -- Pondering LithStud

  • So i remembered i have an old laptop laying around with busted screen 🙂 Thought to myself why not to try and put couple of wallets on it so they could run 24/7 or untill laptop crashes hehe 😃

    I must say having to wait till windows update finds all thats changed since 2012 is a painfull thing to watch 😃