[ANN] BurstOcean - Sailing Wealthy! - Multiple Income Streams - BURST Price Booster

  • No dividend for December or January (yet), and no word from @chrispop, has anyone seen or heard anything about what's going on here?

  • Found info on BT forum: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1875821.msg27259047#msg27259047

    Sorry for not giving you guys any heads up. I've just been very busy. The dividends were not paid as crowetic who hosts our burst miners had to stop the mining due to objective reasons. I am now in deals with him to refund me at least a part of the hdds value as they are pretty old now. The electricity fees were very high in last months and the gpu mining production wasn't very high. I will continue distributing dividends from the gpu mining, but the funds from the sold HDDs will be used to buy-back some shares. I will announce you at what rate or maybe I will just distribute them to you through dividends.
    To be sincere guys I have paid much more than the amount raised from initial funding. I have even put a $1k from my own pocket in initial funding to help it get started. Even I am on negative personally I am glad that I could pay you dividends for more than 1 year and will continue paying them from the gpu mining production and as I said above the HDDs will be liquidated and a buy order of BO will be placed. It will not be much, but it will be something. Wink
    I wish you Happy New Year,guys and a prosperous 2018!

  • @ariasentheyn another of the crowetic/402 connected scam assets bites the dust.. slowly, but steadily.

  • Last chrispop answer on bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1875821.msg28078700#msg28078700

    I really not believe what i read, and my answer : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1875821.msg28115664#msg28115664

    I have no other words about this..... so astonished.

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    @cesmak Off to scams it goes ....

  • @haitch is it really a scam? or did he say he would buyback at BURST Value?

    the way I see it, is that you should have held the coins instead, and he was truthful because he sold everything back at USD value,

    maybe if he held 2 million BURST now, and bought equipment, it would be different, but nothing says in his asset, that he was holding the coins for the Future price of BURST.

    Also, they are still dividends I think, via the GPUs

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    @hidevin He's doing a buy back, at 0.27% of what he sold the shares for. So he's walking away with 9.973 Burst per share sold, while his "investors" get 0.027 Burst per share they bought. That, to me, is a scam.

  • @haitch yea, but he sold the shares years ago, when the price was like what? 50 sats or something,

    I don't think he had any intentions of like bitcoin and BURST to skyrocket and now his equipment that he bought with like 2 million burst to buy like a couple of HDDs is like worth a shit ton now,

    but he never had it in his plans to HODL the coin, in my opinion, it's our faults to invest in assets because most assets reflect USD value, and don't expect the future price of BURST

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    @hidevin He sold them a year ago @ 10 Sats. He got over 2 Million Burst, worth around $147K at todays price. Call the Burst price today as 500 Sats - so adjusting for the Burst increase, the shares he sold at 10 (2017) Burst are being bought back at 0.27 (2017 Burst), so his buyback is costing him $430. So he's "only" walking away with 97.3% of the investment - $147,000 worth. Are you willing to give me 97.3% of your earnings ?

  • @haitch oh, so he was still selling the shares in 2017 @ 10 BURST?, now I understand, if more people invested into it, that's really why I don't invest in assets anymore,