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    @CryptoBuc Ok, so I have been working on Burst Browser very hard and the amount of things that need to be added is very long. I will move the thread over to BurstNation and plan to use that platform more. I will post a list of things that are still waiting to be done and the things which are done.

    DONE- UI design
    DONE- browser engine
    ALMOST - VPN implementation (ASAP)

    • Proxies implementation (ASAP)
      DONE - BURST node (ASAP)
      NEED DL LINK - QORA node (ASAP)
      DONE- minimize and maximize button
      DONE- turn possible to resize the window
    • search function inside initially page (ASAP)
      DONE - preferences (ASAP)
    • history (ASAP)
    • bookmarks (incorporate all burst related sites since the beggining and merchandising site) (ASAP)
      NEED CROWETIC- list of banned countries (ASAP)
    • translations
    • shortcuts
    • user management (tied to a burst address or xapo like account, store user preferences and wich tabs he wants to open when a new session is open)
    • download manager (ASAP)
    • extensions (plugins)
    • developper tools
      WORKING ON WEBSITE - help page (ASAP)
    • print function
    • full screen mode
    • browser function tied to burst blockexplorer (on biz or on xapo like website), Google, yahoo, etc.
    • addons download page
    • plugins download page
    • Merchandising store
    • use google translator embed for translate page option
    • if it was possible to create a plugin to make possible to run firefox and chrome addons it would be awesome
    • Messenger (tied with the user profile and needed to have BURST in the tied account to send messages) with private and public rooms (possibly to tie with multiverse later in the game)
    • addons:
      • shapeshift like (first needed to create service)
      • xapo like (first needed to create service)
      • imacros
      • Search engines Ranks
      • auto captcha solve (first needed to create service)
      • price ticker costumizable (it can be coins, assets or tokens)
      • translator (use google translator) and make voice available
      • search by voice (use Voice recognition software)
      • file hoster and image hoster (first needed to create service)
      • BURST and QORA invoices with QR code
      • portfolio lister that tells you the value of your manual entries or associated addresses with the help of price ticker addon
      • social media (tells the user the notifications he has with the connected services. Facebook, twitter, instagram, G+, pinterest, BURST Forums, QORA forums, Alttech.chat, etc.)
      • nonces calculator and batch plot generator
      • Asset's Information (Average ROI, verified or not, info from burst economy website)
      • BURST News (based on a blog about BURST)
      • BURST mining profits calculator
      • Contact list (phone, email, country, address, BURST address(es), QORA address(es))
    • make bbrowser available in more platforms like linux, MAC OS, Android and iOS
      (List By @gpedro)

    Please bear in mind that these things will take a bit of time to complete. Especially the porting over to other system platforms. I will be on vacation to Berlin and will be flying out on Monday 13th February @ 3:45 AM. I will return on Friday 17th @ 23:30 PM. During that week, I will be unavailable to be contacted.

    Appreciate the reply @JackManMania - It does appear the browser is at least being worked. Which, is good news. What I'm not seeing however, is the link between the updates above and the "rewards from mining from 4 months ago" or what that correlation even is, as the asset owners paid for the browser, not to give you money to buy mining power to then buy assets - I don't think there is a clear understanding of how money went to you for 1 thing and ended up purchasing something separate. Also, those "mining rewards" are being kept and utilized by you and I'm assuming "@gpedro" to further buy your own assets (per the burstnation thread) unless I read that wrong. But in the end, people invested for one thing, you bought another, have kept the rewards for both - have not provided dividends to your holders - ALWAYS seem to have a "reason cough excuse cough as to why you can't give more info and have YET to explain how any holder of your asset not only get's rewarded for investing, but your plan to capitalize on your browser - IF it ever actually gets built. I hope I'm wrong and you can help me to understand, but I'm sorry bruh, but this looks more and more like bullshit...

  • @CryptoBuc Yes, I totally understand your getting at. Our mining rig is in 2 locations and we are actually mining, collecting earnings for our investors. If you want to look at details, you can find us @ the NEWS pool (http://pool.news-asset.com:7080). Our wallet name is BBrowser Mining Wallet. We have miners in 2 locations, just previously mentioned in the United Kingdom and Portugal. @gpedro has 10TB spread across 2 machines and I have my 10TB across 2 machines (a laptop and server computer), hence why it says 5TB or so. Our dividends have not been released yet due to the fact that we want to release at the same time of Burst Browser, so you can class it as a mega release. This has been previously discussed with @gpedro. (If I am wrong please let me know). The only reason why I haven't given much away is the fact that we are working on something big for the community, and that we are trying not to give away any information. Burst Browser is in this big project and it will make Burst more accessable and easy to use. I am sorry that it looks like "Bullshit" to you, but I do hope that this reply does clear up quite a few things. If you would like any information which is from me and me only, please don't hesitate to contact me on the forums or on BurstNation. Thank you for your time out of reading this post.

    Burst Browser Team

  • I have decided that I will start mining other alt-coins on my PC to increase dividends. I plan to mostly GPU mine coins, but I am happy to CPU mine as well. With regards to leaving the miner running, it will be left on when I go to sleep as my PC will not be in use. This is due to the fact that my electric rate is $0.20 p/Kwh, which is expensive. I had some coins in mind that I could mine, such as Zcash, Ethereum, Monero and Zclassic. I will decide by which coin is most currently profitable. At the end of every 2 weeks, I will trade the coins for BTC and then into Burst. By doing so, I hope to keep the price of Burst up at the top! The mining will take place starting on the first week of March, as I will be on vacation on Monday. I am still deciding whether to cut a maintenance fee for my electric, but hopefully I will have enough money to run this rig in the evenings! Happy Bursting and keep on diggin' for the gold!

    Burst Browser Team

  • @JackManMania What is the current balance of Burst mined on behalf of shareholders?

  • @AndrewDD We currently have 15046.89 Burst waiting to be distributed. Hopefully this can go up with me adding a little extra mining power.

  • @JackManMania 15.046,89 ?Over what period is this? On 29.10.2016 you reported that a total of 16.304,27 had been mined so far...I think this is the part that is a bit confusing for us to understand (at least me)...where have the mined proceeds as well funds gone from the asset sales?

  • @AndrewDD Me and @gpedro decided to invest in Burst casino shares with the money we had from mining. We currently own 130 casino assets, which is what the 63,700 Burst from mining went to. The money that we got from selling shares went to buying licenses for software and most of it went to the hard drives for this asset. We currently share 20TB between us. The reason why I am using my own machine is that because for some reason mining proceeds have been very low recently. Gpedro has taken some Burst for his asset, but the funds are sent straight back within 24 hours. I just wanted to clear that up if you think we are taking Burst for our own use, in this case we are not.

  • @JackManMania Thanks for the clarification, in the end I suppose I do not know what to think anymore about this situation. The real problem here I suppose is the lack of progress on the original project as well a serious lack of communication on your and gpedro's part...the fact that you have unilaterally decided to turn the asset into a mining/investment asset without really telling anyone about it is concerning. A more detailed accounting might help allay these concerns, but in my case I bought into the asset based on your concept for the Browser which had support from Crowetic as well at the time. What this has now turned into is nothing close to that concept, if I had wanted to invest in a mining /investment asset I would have gone elsewhere at the time.

  • @AndrewDD Thank you for reading. We decided to add a mining section do it as the Browser is not currently released to the community yet. We are simply using our earnings to build up a sum for dividends, as we currently have no source of income from the Browser. Once the Browser is up and running and things are configured properly, dividends will become reliant of the use of the Browser and donations which users may choose to give. In the future, we hope to have a system going where anyone can see what we spent money on for the project. Our aim is to be as transparent as possible in the future. So please bear that in mind at the current moment in time 🙂

  • @CryptoBuc @AndrewDD We said way before, that the asset will have a mining farm and an asset portfolio to help give a steady growth and to help support the development of the browser... Like announced since the start this asset will not release dividends until is up and running because in the meanwhile we are making the portfolio grow as long as help pay for all we need to get things going... I agree the development speed is not the fastest but like i said before, that's not my field and the most i can do is help with what i can to get things where they need to go...

    Regarding the money that was raised it was used to pay for things that were needed to get things working and the money spend on the HDD's and assets was spend from what we thought we would not need, so we used for the second phase of the plan wich is Creating a generating income for the asset and to be able to create ways of people to earn money just by using the browser like we told way before (http://forums.burst-team.us:4567/topic/1799/asset-bbrowser-by-jackmanmania/43)

    This being said, this asset will not be a farm with rigs with the only purpose of generating profit, the rigs will be a part of the asset and will help support the browser, sending part of their earnings to the asset for dividends when the release of the browser is ready, but their main purpose is to support the software and the surf mining experience...

    I didn't took a single dime out of those funds, neither did @JackManMania the only money transfered for our personal accounts was the burst needed to buy 4x5Tb USB drives to mine burst for the asset, I even donated another 1.5Tb of my own to the asset, and @JackManMania put from his own money into the asset at least 200k Burst for us to make this possible...

    We didn't disappeared and things are being worked on, nothing of it is a SCAM and that would not make any sense... I'm verified by haitch and crowetic has my documents and @JackManMania documents since we both belong to the Team... It would be pretty stupid run with all these guarantees right?

    I'm really sorry things turned to be a lot slower than we initially projected but a lot of things are on their way, so please bear in mind with us a while longer and you will not regret...!