POOL IS BACK ONLINE http://burstpool.ddns.net/

  • @RichBC It happened when I was asleep! Normally I wake up in the middle of the night and check the pool. But woke up before it forked and slept till morning. It took me 14 min to fix it so too bad I didnt wake up earlier.

  • @tross Yes bad timing. I checked when I got up this Morning and sent you a PM on Bitcointalk, then waited a couple of Hours, and had just reassigned to ninja when you put things right.

    What we and all the other pools need is a little App that monitors the network and detects when a pool has gone down or forked and then sends an Alarm to the Pool Operator. It's easy enough to see by just looking at the Pool Screens, so an App ought to be possible. Unfortunately not the sort of thing I can do....

    Thanks for all the effort you have put in on the Pool payments, difficult to tell with the downtime if things are better? let's see how it goes today.


  • admin

    The Burst Observer Code by Luxe does send emails out in case of a Fork or stuck Node. Check it out.

  • @Stark your external disk is one of those like media center to connect to the TV? You probably have to change the permissions on the disk proprieties and you could even have to format that disk... I have to do that xD Any question just PM me or open a new topic on help section, i will try my best to help you!

  • Pool closed till wallet problem fixed!

    open miner works fine again!

  • burstcoin goes high it is now 600% higher since i met her lol

  • Looking for a couple more miners! We are getting blocks pretty regularly and over night European time it gets better!
    Come one come all!


  • Do to circumstances not under my control this pool will be shut down
    Friday 0900 Central European Time.
    Sunday around 14:00 Central European Time it should be up and running again.
    Sorry for your inconvenience!

    Ok I found a work around for my server! Last minute but later than never!
    The pool will be temporary shutdown and then moved to different
    location. The outage will only be brief.
    The current configuration of the pool code didnt quite work to my
    satisfaction and need to be revised and maybe tried again. The pool will
    be reconfigured and restarted in new location. Any surplus balance on the server
    wallet will be distributed when I can review the last 12 hours of mining.

  • ok when i get back to Germany on Sunday I can find what the heck happen!
    I already have a good idea and its a bone head mistake!

    This pool code is driving me nuts! No matter how I configure it it freaks out on me. The first 48 hour I come back will be for testing till I find something
    that will work. If you mine during this time expect some weird stuff and at own risk.

  • ok thanks for info.

  • Teamviewer didnt restart when the server restarted so make sure thing are configured right before you use them!<<<lesson learned
    If I ever find myself in that situation then its plan B which I already figured out!

    The pool is open to mine! I will be slowly changing the config to meet the standards I would like to have! It will be a slow process cause each conf change must run flaw free for at least 300 rounds.

    So come out give me another chance! Round 2 Fight!

  • Ok my site is mining but website down am working on getting it up!

    POOL IS MINING! Website down!


  • @tross this is a Uray pool, right? If only I can understand how Uray pool works, i would love to join your pool.

  • @jervis you join it like any other pool!.

  • @tross I mean, i dont understand the payouts at all. the numbers are confusing. I can't see where is my earned burst and where is the burst being paid to my wallet.

  • 0_1476325330241_upload-487c6d8d-3eab-4782-8831-064629fcf656

    According to the recent payouts, these were my payouts on the pool website.

    But my account transaction history shows these highlighted payments above never got to my account.

    I am missing 1526.57 in burst payments from this pool unless I am missing something?

    My burst account ID is CJNP-KCEQ-6545-2FF4M


  • @CoinGeek I will review my wallet transactions. Blockchain problems and new code is bad mix. It could be it was sent and came back and spend somewhere else. Looks like 1077.20 was a winning block I normally check all large numbers but must of been gone.
    I want a fair pool and be a fair operator so I do what I can to put stuff right!

  • @tross Its was a big fork, i saw it at this time yesterday (50 mins between blocks and then many fast blocks)

    13:12:46 #283351
    13:17:41 #283352
    14:08:41 #281235
    14:08:46 #281236
    14:08:52 #281235
    14:14:57 #281250
    14:14:57 #281258
    14:14:59 #281262
    14:22:53 #283371

  • @Blago Something is up cause I look on nw observer and what as the pool switch blocks one by one or small groups..Seen it yesterday too
    But was also changing code, had a power outage and windows updated ruining my burst day!