New here hoping to use my simple decent laptop to start out.

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    This page has 3 different functions, you will only need the 3rd.


    -> 'Set reward recipient' !
    Passphrase -> Enter your Passphrase (Your Login to Wallet)
    Recipient -> Enter the AccountID of your choosen Pool (e.g. BURST-32TT-TSAC-HTKW-CC26C)
    Click on Submit and wait for 4 blocks.

    Just to understand, you passphrase leads to your burst address, so you do not have to specify that.


    If you want to know your current reward assignment .... thats what function 1 is for.


    With function 2, you can check a account for its reward assignments, so if you enter a pool account,
    all the miner accounts will show up.

  • @luxe Went there and did step 3 ( I presume that is what I had to do only) well I put my passphrase that lets me log in into the wallet top and my burst ID buttom and clicked submit. I was taken to this page with a bunch of numbers and all of them went o the right. I did see the blocks area on the wallet and figured the last ones made where the 4 I needed to wait for sicne I cant really tell. in any case inmidiately after that I went to start mining and still says my account is not the same one to the other so I closed the miner.

  • @luxe Yea I even now just tried changing my rewards assignment when you go into minning I even used up the last burst I had for that I followed the instruction changed it and started minning and still says error does not match and I have checked over and over to make sure I am using the same account not getting it mixed up with any other. IDK what im missing starting to feel like this wont be happening at all for me.

  • HI guys. I'm new here. I have a problem with my wallet address. I accidentally closed the browser of the burst wallet, when I opened it again with my phrase another account ID or address came. What happened? What about the funding I got in the previous account?

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    @belijone - double check you don't have a leading or trailing space or newline on the pass-phrase, that will cause you to be looking at a different account - the phrase must be EXACTLY as entered the first time.


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    @haitch said: Login to the wallet using the pass-phrase that coresponds to the numeric ID starting with 142079809 .... Thats the only passphrase you need, forget the other one(s) even exist. then goto and enter the values Luxe showed you. Then wait for four blocks to be mined, then start your miner.


  • @haitch so even when I log in I can open another account instantly if I say just miss a space? So I need to place the spaces as well?

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    @belijone yep - a single space or a newline or any white space changes the pass-phrase, and references a totally different account.


  • @haitch the new account has no public key and I was able to fund this one. It says ....

    Warning!: Your account does not have a public key! This means it's not as protected as other accounts. You must make an outgoing transaction to fix this issue. (Set account info, send a message, buy an alias, send BURST, ...)

    So what am I going to do if I want to keep this one? I already made a name on it. I don't know to whom to send a burst. Please help.

  • @belijone the message is now gone. I think it's fixed. Thanks for the help.