Mining on more than 1 machine with the Win Client

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    From the bitcointalk thread by user drbobbo:

    "I just noticed something, perhaps this is obvious and just me who don't understand how this works. I have plots on three machines (53 Tb + 10 Tb + 12 Tb). All plots are generated for the same account. Each machine runs a miner and all three miners are pointed at, but in the pool, I only see 53 Tb as ~capacity. Are the other two machines not mining, or is it just the pool which does not show the other two, but they are still being used?

    Is there a better way to set this up? The computers (win 7) are physically in different locations so it is not trivial to share drives between them. I could mine with one account for each machine (just set up three burst accounts) but that means I have to replot 22 Tb of plots, which I hope I will not have to do ....


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    Blago's miner sends the plot size to the pool. If you use the same account, probably the pool shows only the highest number.
    Blago's miner has a proxy mode for that situation.

    If you use the Win Client for plotting, you should use different drive letters during plotting on each machine or another account for each machine. The reason for this is that the Client for Windows calculates a range for plotting by drive letter.

    You should check, that your plots don't overlap!