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  • @Zeus said in Burst Games Asset:

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing great!
    BurstCasino is finally ready to be released, I need that everyone that holds assets for Burst Games to transfer the assets to the BurstGames Assets Account (BURST-SL72-3EBK-JE2Z-CKRTG), in exchange, you will receive the same amount of the new Burst Casino Assets.

    I have paid the dividends in advance (today) this month as the current version is not online and there's no way we will make more of what we already have made for this version. I know it's not much but this is just for a week of the month (as the website was only available for a week).

    More info about the new asset coming soon in a post I will release (and share the link here).

    BurstGames (9245423647144851863) Total found assets: 1000000, Assets to be distributed: 1000000
    Summary of proposed distribution of  41425BURST to 34
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 69848997 (Wed, 10 Feb 2016 22:29:57 GMT)
    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    850000, BURST-SL72-3EBK-JE2Z-CKRTG, 35211.25
    97633, BURST-QJPB-7464-5E5B-5NFHJ, 4044.447025
    20998, BURST-YZJ6-LYBY-WAC6-BQYGC, 869.84215
    10000, BURST-KKZA-XK7H-8YZ5-BKR87, 414.25
    6881, BURST-GGPX-PP5S-LAGP-CBGCU, 285.045425
    4000, BURST-X93Z-ZP4U-QPGS-7C4TQ, 165.7
    2733, BURST-79PK-DGC2-M4XP-HUAVB, 113.214525
    2167, BURST-3BT5-6RGK-3TQL-GUAJ9, 89.767975
    2000, BURST-N8KB-DKKW-9C4W-AF289, 82.85
    1000, BURST-4954-VWHX-NSNE-6GLE8, 41.425
    826, BURST-GLJG-RGQ3-RVDR-HXNQF, 34.21705
    682, BURST-8Q7P-TYJT-HV3E-BGZWS, 28.25185
    303, BURST-R7BP-7668-XM5Z-BBV4Q, 12.551775
    157, BURST-2ZZK-28H7-YKBV-6K9LH, 6.503725
    130, BURST-2CYU-BZCC-5J3J-33CG8, 5.38525
    100, BURST-JNM5-4ZUU-QDVG-HUZGH, 4.1425
    100, BURST-HE6X-AA5F-63N2-9GQBN, 4.1425
    50, BURST-GAJL-VWKN-2XPB-H39R9, 2.07125
    50, BURST-NV6W-M49T-9H4Y-8ZE26, 2.07125
    47, BURST-4EJ2-QWR4-EBQT-EW8BM, 1.946975
    30, BURST-G7U8-UAC2-P4Q5-EJ5FY, 1.24275
    25, BURST-WT7J-2LPQ-ALRU-CGLUH, 1.035625
    20, BURST-LU3K-L8T7-3C66-63W5K, 0.8285
    15, BURST-2AN6-WE2Q-SELX-B4KFL, 0.621375
    14, BURST-SKAL-5HDP-U7B5-G926K, 0.57995
    10, BURST-YDZE-BTHA-QP7P-9U7XP, 0.41425
    8, BURST-MKWC-BBMJ-G83Z-7L9YX, 0.3314
    5, BURST-MCB6-9Q8J-75QC-G7NDC, 0.207125
    5, BURST-N2BP-WPSP-8JLY-FXEH6, 0.207125
    4, BURST-JU7W-FC93-UAMS-CZYC7, 0.1657
    3, BURST-3S3M-J8PP-ZY25-3R9UD, 0.124275
    2, BURST-3P63-43TE-XK5J-DN5ZS, 0.08285
    1, BURST-RDQH-SNSH-2WDE-6WXVN, 0.041425
    1, BURST-QRSN-NEY4-5Z9H-3BBDM, 0.041425

    The new Asset: https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/2204/burst-casino-asset

  • admin

    Wow looks promising, i personally think 100.000.000 BURST is quite ambitious ...

    did not know that deep link feature ... nice!

  • @luxe for now I completely agree, that's why I have released such a small part, I'm planning to build an empire here! lol joke, but yeah I have many more ideas for BurstGames, this is only the beginning, I don't want to talk much about my other ideas for now as I haven't looked all that just yet, I want to start only with the dice part, test everything well and after some time start working on the other parts 😃

  • admin

    Ok, nobody can know what you have in mind ... so investors need to know, when and under what conditions additional amounts will be released. For example if you say you will release amount x for every additional game or something. Or do you mean 2. release and 3. release are different games?

  • What exactly is this asset? I don't see any information on how the dividends will be paid? What is the asset based on?

    Never mind I found it xD

  • I want to thank everyone that acquired a share of BurstGames and believe in this idea! Also want to let you know that we have started some of our tests with the community, we have found and resolved some issues with the wallet and the database. I hope this continue going as great as it's going and we get this big idea to the roof.

  • Keep up the good work, Zeus! Do you have an approximate time for when the next batch of assets will be released?

  • Hello guys, sorry for the wait it was a crazy weekend, and Monday, I still was a little drunk/hangover hahaha

    So for the second release, it will be available when all the tests are done, and the site comes available for everyone.

    The 2nd release will have the same Initial Cost, 100 Burst.

    I also wanted to explain a little bit more how and what is that you are gaining while buying shares in my company.


    • When you buy a Burst Games asset, you are buying a long-term company.
      -Burst Games is the first gambling site for Burstcoin and we are here to be the best one, adapt and evolve over any circumstance.
      -Burst Games is NOT a Dice Site; it's an entire casino that will have many more gambling games, including but not limited to, a lottery, scratch cards, black jack, slots and more.

    How incomes are calculated

    1. With Ads
    2. For the dice game, and most of the similar games:
      Player 1 deposit 1000 Burstcoins, then he bet 500, from that he lost 250.
      Player 2 deposit 500 Burstcoins, then he bet 50 and won 100,
      We have 150 Burstcoins in revenue.

    Thanks everyone 😃

  • Hey @Zeus when will the second round of shares be released?

  • Hello everyone, the second release is available(Sold Out)!
    The website is ready to use for everyone, I'm currently creating a new thread in announcements to make it more formal.
    Thanks everyone for your support and help during the development time.

  • OMG @Zeus , second release is gone!, at least I got a small amount. Loving how this is developing. Good job.

  • Hello, guys, I wanted to announce that for the first month (well, week and a half is more accurate haha) 100% of the revenue will be for the asset holders. We are doing great, even counting that for this entire week we have found some bugs that weren't able to be found before the first release.

    I solved almost every issue reported to me and managed to increase by a lot the server response time, I did an updated yesterday night, maybe some of you were aware of it, but when you enter the site now instead of taking 2+ secs it takes only some milliseconds, a big improvement for the loading time.

    I don't talk numbers right now as you know this could change at any time, players can win/lose more and we could decrease/increase the revenue for the current month.

    Thanks everyone for the great support 🙂

  • Hello everyone, I'm excited to announce that I have sent the FIRST dividends to BurstGames Holders, we have generated a total of 185'885.87 Burstcoin during this week and a half.

    Pretty good for the launch of the website and that counting the bugs I solved during this time and the restarts and people that were unable to play for some time.

    Note: for this month, 100% of the income has been paid to the holders.

    Amount paid, Account, TX
    158002.98844002, BURST-SL72-3EBK-JE2Z-CKRTG, 14560876284455249266
    19881.79486421, BURST-QJPB-7464-5E5B-5NFHJ, 15725152703039897294
    3903.23147207, BURST-YZJ6-LYBY-WAC6-BQYGC, 2522254617614538644
    1348.78786367, BURST-GGPX-PP5S-LAGP-CBGCU, 9161761283191456946
    806.37289865, BURST-X93Z-ZP4U-QPGS-7C4TQ, 8653391984976336810
    463.97112841, BURST-TX7W-YTB2-EZY7-APA7J, 7876750244043897966
    418.24320469, BURST-3BT5-6RGK-3TQL-GUAJ9, 1352881682386182907
    362.47744407, BURST-CMZW-KFUE-4AQG-8HAQV, 8569629723433249182
    185.88586875, BURST-N8KB-DKKW-9C4W-AF289, 12136098554275380467
    158.93241778, BURST-JPMC-43FN-S76X-6RX3W, 16356583926415837289
    144.24743415, BURST-EEHS-98Z3-BFS4-AGXFW, 12913412276527559378
    117.47986905, BURST-WSG9-3MFN-BRDY-6CFDM, 1160949842973711272
    31.22882595, BURST-R7BP-7668-XM5Z-BBV4Q, 1332348656475838561
    24.16516294, BURST-2CYU-BZCC-5J3J-33CG8, 8274398886302556645
    18.58858688, BURST-JNM5-4ZUU-QDVG-HUZGH, 11413782634697685490
    9.29429344, BURST-NV6W-M49T-9H4Y-8ZE26, 6028728705021848909
    3.71771738, BURST-LU3K-L8T7-3C66-63W5K, 1619925555727998662
    1.85885869, BURST-YDZE-BTHA-QP7P-9U7XP, 13862309093626381307
    1.30120108, BURST-MDX5-7DDU-YL5W-GLQPA, 5723660811753707801
    0.92942934, BURST-PW75-93YE-62X6-C9ZJ8, 1341509007305753485
    0.18588587, BURST-RDQH-SNSH-2WDE-6WXVN, 6113934993297225423
    0.18588587, BURST-QRSN-NEY4-5Z9H-3BBDM, 16041828538653657305
    ------------All transactions processed------------

  • Received, thanks. I think I can speak for everyone that you have done a great job. Let's continue this and see burstgames become the best cryptocasino there is!

  • @BurgerBaron Thanks a lot Burger, I'm constantly updating my todo an updating my code to make it better at each level. Also I'm constantly adding more ideas to my TODO list that will make BurstGames even better.

  • Hello everyone, this month BurstGames was at a loss, so no dividends to pay, don't worry this can happen at first as we don't have that many players ^_^

    In the meantime, take a sneak peek at the new version that is coming to town 😃

  • Can't seem to reach the site?

  • @BurgerBaron Hello burger ^_^ the server is down for maintenance, we will be back shortly 😃

  • @Zeus When I try to reach the site it says "502 Bad Gateway". Is this happening because of the maintenance or I need to access the site on a different port?

  • @Miky hello miky yeah it was because of the updates I've been doing, I added a message in the front, so people don't get confused, sorry about that.

    Burst games will only be available to withdraw what you guys have earned; Burst Casino is pretty close, and I will only activate the site for withdrawals, maybe tomorrow morning, depending on my work. Thanks, everyone ^_^