[ANN] BCapital

  • So lesson to learn here. Be aware of who you endorse and trust... This is really sad. At least this guy should just give back the Burst he took from the investors, if he is alive of course.

  • @vExact i think endorsing and trusting this guy was not an issue , he was vary active in the community and did not " scam " the asset holders per say .. he just poof vanished one day all the $$ is still siting in the asset wallet not stolen. who knows what happend . but i think this could be a valid argument to have a deadman's triger in place for an asset if some thing beyond anyone's control where to happen... ,,, looking into the wallet history there are clearly lots of assets tied to this asset wallet and has regular burst flowing into it from Div payout's mostly various assets ran buy crow.

  • @Gibsalot This is sad, I think if we do an asset we should give our login to a trusted member of the BURST ADMIN community IN CASE of accident or we die, we are human after all..

  • @qibucks I like what ccminer did in case something like this happens. He has a bussines partner, so that there is an insurance on that side. @Gibsalot is right, we never know if something can ever happen, and in that case there should be an action taken in advance to at least be able to liquidate the asset.

  • I'll be doing my best to reach out to him myself in the coming weeks, I think he did attempt to give me the information for the account, but the encrypted note that he sent to me had expired and/or didn't load by the time I saw it as it was during a time that notifications were not working correctly for me in the chat.

    So this is partially my fault for not seeing the message in time.

    I've replied to him there, and I'm going to reach out to him in other locations as well, and potentially call him as well.

    I will get this asset under my control, then likely merge it with one of my other assets, as I'm starting to have too many assets, and mergers are going to start happening.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.

    As far as what happened, I can only guess personal issues, as b457 was a very active member and had never done anything negative to the team or community, and I don't think he would deliberately take anything. I'm pretty sure the encrypted message that I didn't get was the information to the account.

    I'll make sure this gets handled as soon as possible.

    I'll also say this, if the asset isn't able to be gained control of by myself, I will go ahead and figure out a solution for it regardless, so that no one gets burned here, and as everyone here should know by now, I always hold up to my word.

    The investors here have my word that I will handle this.

    I'll make sure to get something figured out by the end of February, one way or another this asset will be figured out for everyone.

    Thank you for your time!

  • @qibucks I think that would be a great idea

  • @crowetic Feb is ending. Any news?

  • @Jman I would consider this one a scam. It's been quieter than the News Asset.

  • @crowetic Did you manage to get in contact with b457?

  • @Jman You should try to PM crowetic on Burstnation.